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  1. Bottlecaps Pools Updated 10-4-2013

    Our little Bottlecaps pool is still free.
  2. [POOL] cap.smartmining.net - PPLNS - VARDIFF

    Two weeks ago we announced our little new CAP pool with 0% fees for the first 14 days. After the test phase of two weeks we wanted to change the fees to 1%. It seems you like mining with us but you don't like the fees. You've showed us what you want and we've learned from you. We'll run the Bottlecaps pool without any forced fees and rely solely on your donations. Happy hashing!
  3. Orbitcoin v1.4.2.1: Staking Bonanza

    The pool wallet also crashed - with staking disabled via stakegen=0 - but was recovered automatically within an hour or so by one of our self-healing scripts. We're running v1.4.2.0. Can update to v1.4.2.1 if this is an issue.
  4. Here's a brand new pool: cap.smartmining.net. We're running the latest 2.0 client from Tranz's repository. You can help testing the client by pointing your miner to our stratum servers. Pool reward system is PPLNS. Stratum with VARDIFF. No fees for the first two weeks, will change to 1% on 06/19/2014. Happy hashing!
  5. Orbitcoin v1.4.2.1: Staking Bonanza

    Pool orb.smartmining.net has been updated.
  6. Orbitcoin v1.4.2.1: Staking Bonanza

    orb.smartmining.net has been updated.
  7. Our HBN pool is now running on new hardware with much better performance. Check it out: hbn.smartmining.net
  8. Orbitcoin Under Attack

    orb.smartmining.net has been updated.
  9. HBN Version 1.4

    Great work. Update from 1.3.6 ran flawless. It seems that timestamps in Coin Control are shown in UTC while timestamps in transaction list are shown in user's time zone. Would be cool if both were the same.
  10. Preparing HBN v1.4

    v1.3.5.0 looks very promising. Not sure if this issue has already been mentioned: when I change the label of the first address in the address book then the label of all addresses is changed.
  11. In case you're looking for a stable pool: hbn.smartmining.net - VARDIFF - Stratum - PPLNS - Fast payouts - Full transparency - Only 0.5% fee
  12. Orbitcoin v1.4.0.2

    We've upgraded our pool to v1.4. orb.smartmining.net
  13. We have migrated from v1.3.2 to the 1.4.0 chain. Mining v1.4 is now possible. orb.smartmining.net - VARDIFF - Stratum - PPLNS - Fast payouts - Full transperany - Only 1% fee Your v1.3.2 balances have been moved to the v1.4 chain. For withdrawls you'll need the v1.4 wallet.
  14. Hobonickels HBN Information

    In case you're looking for a smart pool have a look at hbn.smartmining.net.

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