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  1. PSA- "Janus balances on C-CEX.com" Hi, Janus community and speculators, As everyone knows, Janus tokens were swapped from NXT blockchain to Ardor blockchain, which constituted an immediate deactivation of the $JNS token on the NXT blockchain. See here the official announcement of Jelurida: https://www.jelurida.com/snapshot-instructions. We expected in a normal way that the respective external exchanges such C-CEX.com, upgrade their wallet and at the same time, they would support the new Ardor Platform, where the real Janus tokens are right now. After a long conversation, mainly with the owner of C-CEX.com, they decided not to upgrade to Ardor wallet. We explained that position affects Janus users since with the current JNS NXT version you can not send/receive/withdraw unless they perform the upgrade. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a resolution we can reach with C-CEX.com and the way they handled deposits was, not ideal. According to their wallet, roughly 200k $JNS tokens are on C-CEX.com: https://nxtportal.org/accounts/14891815879764517044 After a meeting with the whole Janus Project core team, we decided that the best solution and move forward would be to OFFER the coverage of all 200k $JNS on C-CEX.com for users. That being said, if you´re one of the users affected or you have a friend who has $JNS tokens on C-CEX.comas well, please email us at bjorn@janustoken.com or private message us on slack https://ardornxt.slack.com ( email is better) and provide as much unaltered info as possible like screenshots and we will hopefully get everyone affected taken care of. We do have ways of checking for altered photos, so please don't ruin this for the next user, let's make it easy and good for all. Thanks, everyone. Stay tuned! --------------------------- Yours in business, -The Janusproject Team
  2. HOW TO BUY JANUS ON THE ARDOR PLATFORM: ARDOR CLIENT 1- Download client: https://www.jelurida.com/ ( ardor platform). Keep your passphrase safe store; 2- Install client and create the account; 3- Check your ARDOR ID/address; 4. Switch child chain on your client to IGNIS, BITSWIFT or any new child chain in the future ( left side of the client); 5- Go to the Asset Exchange; 6 - ADD the Janus ID [4348103880042995903]; Note: be sure it’s the correct token 7- Buy/Sell Janus. Check this tutorial: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1677509.msg27386393#msg27386393 EXTERNAL EXCHANGES ( in progress...) 1- Go to the Asset Exchange; 2- Click transfer on your JANUS ASSETS; 3-Send JNS from the ARDOR CLIENT to your JNS address on the external exchanges; 4- Some exchanges will ask you for public key or ENCRYPTED/UNENCRYPTED MESSAGE ( fill that space before sending); 5- Buy/Sell JNS; 6-ENJOY. IMPORTANT: Your ARDOR ID/address on the client will act as your JANUS address to receive the token in your private wallet. Similar to ERC20 tokens equivalent. -------------------------------------- Yours in business, -The Janusproject Team
  3. RT @Janus_Token: Hello @DeepBrainChain when will you reveal the public method to contribute to public compute nodes on your chain? We would…

  4. JANUS - Status Update: Janus is looking into being listed on the AEX exchange. Since they already have support for Ardor and Ignis, it should not be difficult for them to add Janus. You can buy and sell Janus using IGNIS and the BITSWIFT child chain currency on Ardor’s decentralized token exchange. You will also be able to buy and sell Janus and any other asset token(Nxt and Ardor’s ERC20 equivalent) with the EUR pegged AEUR tokens as well as any other child chain token that will be launched on the Ardor Platform in the future. This is the backbone of a new decentralized interconnected blockchain economy, welcome to the Ardor platform! One of the Janus community has submitted/is submitting an application to AEX.com for Janus listing @qiwoman can confirm this, her husband is fluent in Chinese. We are hoping since they should have both Ardor and Ignis that it would be an easy add. In the event this actually does occur, it would not be unwise to give them some volume, we have a lot to offer new users, especially this coming year. The volume would definitely help, and C-Cex right now is basically frozen. Scrapers We are working on some last minute user side improvements for our first media scraper site launching most likely the last week of this month. I mentioned this in the past, but our new media site will be catered towards politics, and include an action based utility token model. It will be very apparent to anyone in blockchain that uses this site. The current workload for JNSHash is this: 1. Get town electrical approval for minimum 400 amps service up to possibly 800 amps (if they agree); 2. Sign the new lease, paint the cement floors for dust protection, install all the outlets and racks + rigs, get internet connection and switches programmed; 3. Load balance all rigs/racks/equipment and install cooling fans on opposing sides of the new building; 3. Bjorn has myself, Tj, a new veteran electrician, and several family members working on this; 4. Begin mining and keep scaling hashpower up, begin JNSHash and scale this up as well. If everything comes together this coming week we should be starting payouts by months end, our team is in a frenzy to get this going again. Asset Id on ARDOR platfom: 4348103880042995903 Check out the latest news of Nxt Ardor community at: https://www.nxter.org/nxt-news-january-2018-ii/ Yours in business, -The Janusproject Team
  5. UPDATE: Ardor v2.0.11 is released! If you are still on a fork, upgrading to this version will automatically fix it. Download it from https://www.jelurida.com/ (Ardor downloads) or https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/ardor/downloads/ Android mobile client is also available now! ------------ Yours in business, -The Janusproject Team

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