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  1. RT @Janus_Token: In case you missed it, Janus token users will soon have access to the JNSHash in December. https://t.co/pzFhdZQly2 $BTC $Z…

  2. One of our upcoming sites is very important to the growth of our teams' online presence. It's not been mentioned much on this forum (mostly in slack), but is related to mass media and also has some tokenized reward aspects we are incorporating into it. This will open many new doors for us and in turn options for JNS users plus more coins. I (bjorn) personally, did not initially plan to have so many large announcements all come at the same time, but this is what happens when a team is split into varied industry sections. It just so happens the launch of JNSHash will be around the same time as the aforementioned scraper site; www.trademimic.com will not be far behind as well. 2018 will be a year things take a very productive, and action driven course. New update #2 showing current JNSHash mining operation progression (in case you missed it). The third and final video will put this side business at 200 amps, depending on the success in this business and market activity we will expand mining and if financially feasible, allow all token owners access to hashpower. Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/ugBPPBnmfvc Watch also video 1-2 to see the jump in progress (there are no team prompted ads these videos are strictly for coin users). Finally the OP for our thread now updated too! - Yours in business, - The Janusproject Team
  3. Our medium-sized mining operation just added several more rigs for Bitcoin Gold, those who own more than 100k Janus tokens will end up receiving a nice chunk of early mining rewards as our way of thanking everyone. Stay tuned for more! -The Janusproject Team
  4. Hi Janus community, As the mining farm portion of our business grows we will look into adding the addition of hashpower based on a per token basis. This time period is essentially an early adoption period, and our goal is to find new ways to add market driven token value. It is not outside the realm of possibility to create an exchange similar to what Bitmain does with Hashnest to push per JNS value to levels more acceptable for mainstream investors. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/janus/ Remember, when the Ardor platform launches, all your tokens will be migrated to it on launch. This means all holders can capitalize on this opportunity, it also means during the Ardor launch, that Janus tokens on NXT will be temporarily frozen during the snapshot. If you want to take advantage of this make your purchases accordingly. We have placed 2 sell walls to help with building the mining operation JNSHash on both the NXT AE (at 1.99 NXT per) and on C-Cex https://c-cex.com/index.html?p=jns-btc at 1799 Satoshi each. Ardor is positioning itself in a very good light for the future and business/technological use. Especially with all the cracks being found in other platforms (Ethereum, for example), it's not absurd by any means to foresee a migration to Ardor after a successful launch and code observation. Come join our slack if you have further questions, we have over 3000 people in Janus slack. Janus (JNS) is almost one year old, congratulations everyone who have taken part, and welcome to all our new users! Yours in business, -The Janusproject Team
  5. Our upcoming mining operation, JNSHash, is going to be open to Janus token holders who own 100k JNS or more and mining payouts will vary based on 4 tiers. Further information will be coming out this month to allow people time to absorb the information. The office has grown much since we posted this first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn29aBQgS0Q Within the next 7 days video part 2 will be posted showing current progress, and then followed up by the final mining rigs coming at the end of November. Janus tokens are the only method to obtain hashpower from this mining farm. We have placed tokens for sale to allow token holders a chance to fill their wallets with the required amounts needed and posted tier structure in our slack. The more funding we get the more we expand which is why on our twitter, forums, and slack you see portions of the deliveries we make. If you want to reach an alpha level farm we appreciate all team token buyups that occur. We realize Bitcoin is mooning but I assure you nothing goes parabolic forever, and as a long time trader you can nearly count on segwit to stop the rise on btc. We welcome all new people to our diverse project and look forward to a bright future with our current and new community members. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/janus/ -The Janusproject Team

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