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  1. Hi everyone, Our team is wrapping up some fixes and changes for the ETC casino ETCBets.com Major items are: 1. Parabolic game up and running with several upgrades and fixes; 2. Auto bet enabled on Parabolic; 3. Several mobile UI changes; 4. June launch of promotion bonuses and contests. More details will follow soon, remember the site donates 10% monthly income to the two ETC development teams (5% per team). Let's make this business a big success for ETC use case and entertainment. Get registered today and test out dice while waiting for the second game and upgrades to go live later this week. Follow the Twitter account for up to date news: https://mobile.twitter.com/ETCbets -The ETCBets Team
  2. Janus Projects Elaboration It has been brought to our attention that our whitepaper does not supply enough detail for potential investors to evaluate our plans. This detailed post is an attempt to provide such information so that investors can gain a more thorough understanding of our plans and thus better judge our ideas. We have been asked to be brief and not bury our readers under walls of text, so for the sake of brevity and clarity, this update will (for now) focus on the primary two projects we intended to give priority: Content Management and Social Fintech. Content Management Content Management systems allow non-technical users to publish content on the web. There are lots of generic content management systems freely available, but when you look for content management systems which are application-specific, there are quite a few market niches where there are few competitors and where the market situation is favorable. For the purpose of this document, we will focus on two areas: Realty: Realty (ie: the buying, selling and renting of real estate) in all its forms is a huge market which by definition is decentralized (ie: if you are looking for an apartment in New York, you don’t really care what the market offers in Los Angeles). It is this geographical separation, together with the involvement of local real estate agents, which makes this market an attractive one. Our strategy for realty is twofold: Sell software to realtors: Market analysis shows that there are approximately 400.000 realty agents in the US and the EU. In a market of this size, you don’t need huge penetration numbers in order to be able to sell your product profitably. We have a basic version of a realty software package in place and will be porting it to our new technology platform. Once that process is completed, we will be using our industry contacts to analyze and expand the functional coverage of the product in order to arrive at a package which is explicitly aimed at realtors and their typical workflow requirements. Build focussed websites: Realty, like anything else is changing with new niches appearing every few years. We believe that by focussing on such niches, we can build an appealing service which lends itself to monetization. If we manage to gain traction in such niches, this would pave the way to expand into more mainstream areas which in turn offer even more revenue and profit potential. We believe that by combining these two approaches, we can target a market which is generally resistant to centralization (and thus domination by a single party) and offers ample opportunity to build a profitable business. Automotive: Automotive is another market which is heavily decentralized and has many small/local players in each community. Generally speaking, many automotive companies, especially the smaller/local players) are using very little in terms of automatization which again makes this market an attractive market to target. Our strategy here is to build a software suite targeted at the workflow needs of typical smaller automotive firms and push this into the market. Social Fintech/Trading We plan to build a site and platform that allows experienced forex traders to set up account profiles. These traders will have their own private ‘rooms’ that will allow them to connect people to their trades, charts, and calls all in one place. Private chat will be enabled, and each follower who signs up to them will gain access only by paying a monthly subscription fee. The day traders will no longer need to worry about collecting payments from each member as our site will handle this and take a small percentage fee. We will offer people numerous methods to expand their following, full social media integration and privacy that can only be unlocked through subscription. Advanced traders will have a link that directs their social media followers to our site and their private rooms. This will enable our team and users to promote user acquisition on a very large scale. Traders will be inputting their TA/charts and market indicators to predict where they think the markets are moving, paid subscribers will have access. Traders will be scored using an automated process based on the success of their calls, and potential followers will be able to see these scores and current followers recommendations prior to signing up for each signal callers private rooms. Our team has some experience in the development of forex trading bots. We plan to create an in browser gui to configure various trading strategies and put traders in the position to backtest these using a multithreaded approach which will dramatically shorten the time required to backtest trading strategies when compared to packages such as MT4, etc. This will be marked as part of a professional package within the social fintech site and carry a higher price but should prove extremely valuable for end users. There are more options that will be added over time until our business becomes the primary source for all interested parties to convene. We will of course run heavy marketing and gain user feedback, then apply suggestions when appropriate to further make the entire user experience amazing for all our users. We have achieved great milestones so far, yet the future for us as a team and company holds this and much more. We invite you to our multiplatform, and diverse industry tokens, community, and team. - Team Janus