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  1. We're happy to announce that Kreds is now available on @Crypt0Zone. A Mining Profitability Calculator and other mining tools service, where you can easily calculate your $KREDS mining earnings. https://crypt0.zone/calculator/details/KREDS -The Kreds Team
  2. UPDATE: We have been online in Telegram all day and after much digging and testing, we believe that we have isolated the issue preventing to successfully take over the blockchain. Having said this, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused everyone. We believe that we are close to a fix but will take a break at this point because: 1) We have been at this since early this morning (EU time) and we're pretty exhausted; 2) Some of us have to get up in a few hours. We will continue to work on this over the weekend. We urge everyone to downgrade to which still works correctly and we will set a new fork date/block once we are 100% certain (well, as certain as possible in a blockchain like an environment) that the upgrade will go smoothly. We expect this to be sometime next week but we will release more news on this matter as the situation evolves. Once again, apologies for the annoying issues, you can be certain that we are giving this issue top priority and that we will evolve our procedures to preclude something like this happening ever again. The Kreds Team
  3. Hello, everyone, Approximately 500 blocks remain to reach the hard fork block 60,000. Our team strongly advises all to upgrade to the new version before that. The new version can be downloaded here: https://github.com/KredsBlockchain/kreds-core/releases/tag/v1.0.0.4 Again, **this update is mandatory for ALL**. Thank you! The Kreds Team
  4. Hello, blockchain enthusiasts, We ´re pleased to announce that we have launched the Kreds WebWallet as a part of our network ecosystem. Check it out: https://kredswallet.com Announcement: https://goo.gl/Uq1LYr -The Kreds Team

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