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  1. http://dynamiccoin.org DynamicCoin DMC Dynamic Block Reward changes on the fly every 15 seconds based on market price of coin to create a stable and non-volatile price. Block Reward ranges from 1 DMC to 1,000,000 DMC but will always be 1 if price is less than $1 USD If Coin price goes down, the block reward decreases to reduce supply and increase demand If Coin price goes up, the block reward increases to increase supply and reduce demand When coin price reaches $1 miner incentive and ROI increases exponentially. for every $0.01 USD price higher than $1 the block reward will increase by 1 therefore increasing the block reward for the miner while on the same time increasing supply. e.g. if the coin price is $1.10 the block reward will be 10 DMC, if the coin price is $1.50 the block reward will be 50 DMC. HOWEVER, as the block reward increases so does the supply of the coin that will therefore create increasing supply and therefore decrease demand. those constantly 2 opposing forces of miners pushing price up constantly while on the same time increasing supply and reducing demand creates a stability that does not exist in other crypto currencies, therefore allowing the coin to be utilized in places where price stability is crucial like FX trading, merchant processing and international remittance. Miner increasing profitability over $1 ensures a constant upward price pressure by miners as they wish to maximize their ROI. Block time is 15 seconds so transaction time is very fast. Block size is unlimited to prevent dropped transactions and is only limited by the network bandwidth Total number of coins is unlimited and there is no end of life for the coin. however, due to the unique block reward mechanism inflation and deflation are minimal as supply constantly meets demand. there can never be a large influx of coins to the market unless demand exceeds supply, ensuring constant price stability. POW is 2xSHA256 to prevent existing SHA256 hardware from mining it and allowing CPU mining so everyone can mine DMC. DMC was open for miners worldwide from day one. DMC is open source and hosted on GitHub Website: http://dynamiccoin.org Block Explorer: http://explorer.dynamiccoin.net Github source code: https://github.com/DynamiccoinOrg GitHub Executables for Linux, Windows, Mac: https://github.com/DynamicCoinOrg/DMC/releases Android Wallet - in Development. assistance will be appreciated Contact: [email protected] Sample dynamiccoin.conf gen=1 addnode=ns1.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns2.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns3.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns4.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns5.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns6.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns7.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns8.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns9.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns10.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns11.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns12.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns13.dyn2miccoin.net addnode=ns14.dynmiccoin.net addnode=ns15.dynamiccoin.net addnode=ns16.dynamiccoin.net Ports: main 7333 testnet 17333 POOLS none - developers and miners invited to develop. EXCHANGES https://www.coinexchange.io/market/DMC/BTC?r=ada8f5f0 SOCIAL Twitter https://twitter.com/DynamicCoinOrg Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DynamicCoin Chat http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=DynamicCoin.Org

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