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  1. Our 3 whitelist polls have ended. Of the three, only one passed successfully. DrugDiscovery@Home received nearly 91% Yes votes and will be added to the whitelist shortly. @Rob Halförd - (Gridcoin) @Quez Both Xansons and CPDN failed to make the cut, having significantly higher No votes than Yes's.
  2. I mean the entire project description and forums are in Russian. There is no English translation available @Gunde. How can we even read or understand what we are crunching for?
  3. Uh....this site is entirely in Russian @Peppernrino
  4. Are you sure that "buddy" isn't you? Seeing as you literally asked permission in the channel before copy/pasting it here? A tad suspicious, one might say.
  5. This is a public service announcement. The #GridCoinIRC Twitter is no longer a source for community posts. Erkan has admited that he is the ultimate judge of content on that account, and he has censored 2 of my recent attempts to post to twitter. Below is a transcript: Erkan has made it quite clear that this account is his and in no way represents the voice of the community or its users. Erkan is not an official source of information. He is not a developer. He is not an admin. We need an official Gridcoin twitter that is not being actively censored by a hostile community member.
  6. Huh, what a coincidence. That seems to be your address @erkan. Maybe be a little more transparent when you tell people to send bounties straight to your personal wallet next time.
  7. Do you have any proof of this rather bold assertion? Are you accusing other BOINC teams of manipulating Pentathlon or other challenge results?
  8. Notably please read these lines: * For version 7 blocks, 1 GRC and 0 Mag equals to 800 of weight. * For version **8** blocks 1 GRC equals to 80 of weight. * `netstakeweight`; GRC natural; Estimated weight of the network. I wouldn't make any conclusions based on this value.
  9. The 6500 GRC bounty for fixing the superblock delays is being paid out today! As of the time of writing, 6200 GRC of the total 6500 GRC bounty has been approved for release. Currently the payout will be: 80% (4960 GRC) ~200 USD to @iFoggz 20% (1240 GRC) ~50 USD to @Marco Nilsson Thanks to all our developers for their efforts not only on this issue but many others in the Gridcoin wallet.
  10. As I pointed out in my comment on @dutch's post, his numbers for staking are purely speculation and do not reflect reality. V8 will make it easier to stake POS blocks by nature of the magnitude component being removed. There is no way to predict how much GRC will be needed to stake on a daily basis when V8 goes live. Netweight is not static and constantly fluctuates. Additionally, why do you feel that you need to stake every other day? Why not stake once a week? This would cut your required balance to a third. Better yet, you could stake every two weeks and only need 1/7 the balance of staking every other day with no impact to your POR payouts.
  11. Could you share these calculations? What are you assuming for balance? How frequently do you want to stake?
  12. @Rob Halförd - (Gridcoin) Leiden has been voted off the whitelist with 92.4% in favor. When can we expect the whitelist to be updated?
  13. I've fixed some of the issues posted both here and on the Github issues list in my recent PR. See here:
  14. I can't speak for @C.M, but I'm fine with either location. Both send a notification to my email and then get put on my to-do list. I'll be looking into making a PR for some quick fixes tomorrow :)