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  1. The person I was sending the GRC to deleted the wallet.dat file. She wanted to use the client on another computer, so she uninstalled everything and reinstalled on another machine. She did not transfer wallet.dat
  2. And this is the case even if the address was previously valid and the GRC were sent when it was still valid?
  3. Seriously? There is no way to get it back simply because the address changed (unbeknownst to anyone)?!
  4. Her client is fully synched. We did notice, however, that her address now shows up as invalid (ran validateaddress in console).
  5. Quite a while ago, I sent 500 GRC to a friend. That payment was never received. I posted about that issue on this site and got some ideas of how I might go about solving the issue, however nothing worked. It turned out that the address the GRC was sent to was invalid, yet the GRC still left my wallet. So where did it go? This issue, in combination with the clock problem, has made resulted in lost currency and an inability to generate any income. WTF is going on??
  6. I have updated everything, downloaded the blocks and rebuilt the block chain twice, updated everything on my system, tried changing clock settings... basically everything I can think of. The issue persists and I have not staked anything for over a month now. Prior to this, I lost 500 GRC as a result of making a payment that was never received. Now I'm starting to wonder if this whole clock issue had something to do with that.
  7. Does anyone have an insight into why, when I run diagnostics, the diagnostic result is "FAILED" because the clock is off? It's telling me that my clock is 47 years off (24,747,692 minutes) and that I need to update the system time. Everything else checks out. My system time is completely up-to-date. This was not an issue in the past, and I have not changed any of my clock settings. This seems to be affecting payments. I have not received a payment in a month.
  8. Quez, That was actually my first thought. Unfortunately, she deleted everything before that could happen.
  9. Apparently she switched to Linux, but doesn't know how to use the Gridcoin Wallet with it. Tried looking on the Linux Guide, but it makes zero sense to someone who is not already very familiar with Linux. Did a Blockchain Download, but that didn't produce any results. I'm thinking I'm pretty much just going to get the computer myself, erase everything, reinstall, and hope that things come together. I'm hopeful that Gridcoin will, sooner than later, move to a less technical format. It seems this sort of thing just makes people frustrated and they give up. I am grateful, however, for your attempts to help out; there's no doubt that the Gridcoin community is solid.
  10. Thanks for your input, Erkan. I'm not sure what all of this information means: Transaction ID 0105f2517ef5ae3904d671a8a0d6b3059b471a3002da36312b66f1bbf45069d5 Block Height 751220 Confirmations 9112 Timestamp 2016-12-09 00:51:12 Block Hash d5251fb20489dce37c33b4c76ace498ff65d40257cd1e2bb2a989fbe9b9e974a Input Transactions 0 1 15ab901537e03f841ef6312b2fc0fe8d607d5c719cd96ca4e56866a5ba0a405a 1 1 571d1f2e1c670a28b47d338949623bfe9279d55c97cb5a5157e08d8eaac2a710 2 1 fff679b9c0e6af57bd3651b821d3374e5ee69aff6078dd09e68d9f2720ce83f8 3 1 3e290eaf5c2632b47f5dcddf7a02c47908e678061aa28cc0fa3e1cdf183780f3 Recipients 0 0.47374955 SDihZLrzThukAQPLse9e5ZNURCt4qCRunH 1 500 S1fX7DMs4kQmUYPxxJ5fq8H9i2YTsyXB9o
  11. Whelp - that didn't work. I'm still out 500 GRC. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the system after this. Changes can be made by anyone at anytime, without the person who is trying to send the money knowing, and yet there are no safeguards in place to prevent this type of thing from happening?
  12. Thanks, Cassidy. I'm hoping your suggestion will put the GRC back in my wallet. Right now it's still rebuilding the block chain, so we'll see what happens.
  13. I'm hoping someone can provide a bit of insight into an issue I am currently trying to solve. I tried sending 500 GRC to a friend a few days ago, and she never received them. She said that she renewed her CPID on BoincStats, but I'm not sure if that would affect her ability to receive the GRC. In any case, the GRC were withdrawn from my account and now are out there somewhere. I figured that if an address was incorrect or invalid, the coins simply wouldn't send. I sent coins to this same friend in the past without any issues. Any ideas of how I can get these GRC back or manage to get them through to my friend?
  14. Sent you 10 GRC. Instead of paying it back, please pay it forward by helping out a newbie in the future.
  15. 10 GRC coming your way. After you get a significant balance, please be sure to pay it forward by helping someone else out.

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