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  1. Exposure to CSNO token: everything you need to know about it. This post extends over BitDice Casino’s token structure, its applicability, and derivative implication. Many of our users and bankroll investors have to deal with different cryptocurrency names when they interact with BitDice Casino. All of you, certainly, have preferences to what cryptocurrency to stick to while committing your coins to bankroll. The idea is here straightforward — you want to capitalize on your bankroll investments in couple with a long-term appreciation of invested currency against fiat. With introduction of CSNO token, many have raised questions attempting to understand how their CSNO exposure will do after converting to the new business model. Below we illustrate in detail how your exposure will change from the moment of converting your cryptocurrency into the token, and up to the moment of receiving your dividend share. Converting to CSNO during the course of the ICO campaign: Once you made up your mind to participate in BitDice Casino’s ICO, you will get the option to contribute BTC, LTC, ETH or DOGE to the specified wallet addresses. For the sake of simplicity, let us assume you decided to buy Tokens for bitcoins and you contributed 100 BTC to do that. From the moment you sent your 100 BTC to the corresponding address, you will be waiting for the ICO campaign to end in order to get your exact allocation of CSNO tokens. Assume by the end of the ICO all wallets will show balances: To get the sense of how much we raised in USD total, we get the equivalent of those amounts in USD value at the cut-off moment. Let us further assume that at the cut-off moment, we determine: Effectively, in USD value we get these figures: Given this distribution of wallets, we are able to calculate exact ratio of each contributed wallet: As a result, your 100 BTC contribution will account for 100/3000*0,417*0,68 = 0,009452 or 0,9452% share of outstanding tokens or 945 200 CSNO tokens. BitDice Casino’s Performance After the ICO is over and all the participants have received their tokens, BitDice will shift its focus back to operations in fulfilling the objectives set out before. Periodically, we will publish updates about reaching certain milestones and will announce important news. Each quarter BitDice will declare profit sharing for the accounting period. It will combine all the revenue-generating channels, i.e. all the games played in different cryptocurrencies as well as those played with fiat currencies when the integration of a licensed arm of the BitDice Casino is successfully finished. In simple terms, the revenue base of the BitDice Casino will be diverse, which should be a good thing for players seeking diversification of revenue streams. Instead of being exposed to one single currency, the profit sharing will come from different sources and different currencies. At the end of each quarter, we will sum up profits from all the channels and convert them into ETH for further profit sharing distribution via the Ethereum Smart Contract. To illustrate how normally dividend sharing will work, let us assume that BitDice Casino has earned net quarterly profits in the following currencies: Let us further assume that at the end of the quarter we determine that: Effectively, in USD value the profit will be look as: The investor who contributed 100 BTC and possesses 945 200 CSNO tokens will effectively receive 160,99 ETH for his entire CSNO holding. One should note that the exposure to ETH as a currency of dividend distribution is very short-term. Once the dividend payment has landed onto your ETH wallet, you have the freedom to manage your ETH exposure the way you like it. It is expected that with time the source of the revenue and hence profit will get more diversified as more games with different currencies will be added. Website: Casino: Prospectus: Slack Invite: Twitter: Email:
  2. Why is BitDice Shutting Down its Current Investor Program and Running the ICO Instead? BitDice was launched in 2014, and was the first cryptocurrency casino to be incorporated in Costa Rica. The company implemented an investment program that was simple, flexible and easy to administer. It generated a lucrative Return on Investment (ROI); however, it was restrictive and used only for capitalizing the house bankroll. BitDice was focused on providing players and investors with a good rate of return, and there wasn’t a lot of room for growth. Paying Debt Rather than Building Equity To put the concept in financial terms, the form of investment we had over the years was paying out a debt rather than building equity. This situation meant that BitDice was limited in its ability to expand into new markets and develop new products. The company has not had the financial means to support these measures. Investors were enjoying the benefits of sustained profitability, while BitDice has retained just enough to keep the doors open. The situation required a change. Our New Offer to Investors Today, we are giving investors an alternative to maintaining the status quo. You have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, like us. We understand that for some of you, this opportunity will carry a higher level of risk that may be beyond your regular investment profile. Before you make a decision, kindly look over the details of our offer. Higher risk also carries a greater opportunity for reward. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) For those of you who are not familiar, an ICO is an event used to raise money for operations like ours. The company launching the ICO announces it and collects funds in various cryptocurrencies. When the ICO is completed, the tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges to trade against other crytptocurrencies. The price will change depending on market conditions, news about the project and new features added. BitDice ICO Once our ICO is completed, we will have the necessary capital to make changes and improvements to grow the business. All of them are aimed at boosting the ROI over the long term and will help us achieve the following: Improve management of in-house bankroll in multiple crypto currencies Increase IT staff with goal of improving game technology Expand into the lucrative online USD market Improve communications with token holders Increase company marketing exposure through feedback loop and secondary markets Distribute 70 percent of company profit to token holders The value of the token will be fundamentally driven. It will directly depend on BitDice Casino’s performance. We expect, and our goal is, that sustainable growth in profits will make BitDice Casino tokens an excellent tool for accumulation of wealth. The recognition and the attractiveness of this instrument will combine to secure its high liquidity on the secondary market and serve to keep its value high.
  3. [ANN] BitDice - Join The ICO Of The Biggest Crowdfunded Casino With 2300Ƀ PROFIT PROSPECTUS (WHITEPAPER) | ICO WEBSITE | CASINO WEBSITE | SLACK The ICO Begins On August 15, 2017
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