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  1. Argentum version 4.14.4. Everyone should upgrade. Release Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction · argentumproject/argentum · GitHub Argentum cryptocurrency. Contribute to argentumproject/argentum development by creating an account on GitHub.
  2. New pool for Myriad-Groestl http://poolovich.pro
  3. If you need assistance mining, ask away. ARG now supports 6 different mining algorithms, enough for everyone regardless of hardware.
  4. Fork successful. 6 mining algorithms now available.
  5. Version 4.14.4 is out now. It's a minor release that speeds up initial blockchain download. If you are not on v4.14.3,+ you MUST upgrade. Roughly 7 days and you MUST be on version 4.14.3+ (protocol 1090000) The 2 big Scrypt miners (that I know of) are currently in the process of updating. All sha256 miners (that I know of) have upgraded. Still waiting on Cryptopia, they are flooded with tickets at the moment. https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases/tag/v4.14.4
  6. https://electrum-arg.org/bootstrap.dat sha256 checksum 37020ed0abe02d7bf97a9dde7de0419d278f88866ff9d67419492d2be0dd32db or https://electrum-arg.org/bootstrap.zip
  7. I have a very exciting announcement, Argentum is now listed on LocalBitcoinCash.org Here is the email I received I would like to re-emphasize the most exciting part "Not only can users deposit/withdraw/exchange them on our platform, we're currently updating our payment gateway widget so that any merchants using our payment gateway has the option to use your cryptocurrency as a payment option!" Soon merchants will be able to accept Argentum for payment. As far as I know, this is a FIRST for Argentum, and great news for Argentum supporters. Also, don't forget to upgrade to 4.14.3 https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases
  8. Prohashing.com for Scrypt, zpool.ca or http://blockmunch.club/ for SHA256 Additional algorithms will be available to mine at block 2,977,000, around March 13th. You can mine with with P2pool right away. I have customized P2pool software here https://github.com/protonn/p2pool-argentum. More to follow as we approach block 2,977,000
  9. Argentum 4.14.3 adds Lyra2rev2, Myr-Groestl, Argond2d, and Yescrypt mining algorithms. https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases
  10. Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce Argentum 4.14.2 If you build yourself, you will need to re-clone the git repo. Please see build instructions under /doc folder. https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases/tag/v4.14.2 You should notice a dramatic decrease in client load time. In my testing the client load time has decreased from 12-15 minutes to around 45 seconds. Your times will vary. There will be a hard fork at block 2,977,000 to implement BIP146 transaction malleability fix. This should activate around March 13th. These are just a few of the hundreds of enhancements with this new release. Check the release notes for additional information. -BIP112 (CheckSequenceVerify) soft fork -BIP146 as a hard fork -Signature validation using libsecp256k1 (faster syncing) -Direct headers announcement (BIP 130) -Automatically use Tor hidden services -Notifications through ZMQ -BIP9 softfork deployment -Linux ARM builds -Compact Block support (BIP 152) -Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation (HD wallets) -You have to create a new wallet, this is a pretty decent guide https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/61024/how-do-i-migrate-my-bitcoin-core-wallet-to-an-hd-wallet I plan to keep improving on the base client with performance and feature enhancements from here on out. I'm hoping to have Electrum released within the month. We really need more miners. There's really no excuse to not mine Argentum as it's AUXPoW. Do our best to get more miners on board for better distribution and security of Argentum. If you notice an issue, please report it here, or https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/issues Slack is still online for ideas. PM me with your email for an invite.
  11. Personally, I don't use Telegram. You can PM me for a slack invite https://argentumproject.slack.com
  12. Download Argentum 3.11.4 https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases/
  13. New update to fix a crashing issue https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases/tag/v3.11.3.1

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