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  1. Well telegram channels are rampant and can pump crypto prices. The owners are generally having their own propaganda. They will ask people to pump (that is they will praise the coin) so that they buy and the owner will dump it and cash out. Its like making you do the dirty work while the admin makes money. It better to do own research before investing in crypto.
  2. Well it does give heart attacks every minute to the panic sellers. If you are hodling then its cool. But not all altcoins are for holding. Some are just pump and dump and then forget that it ever existed.
  3. It hurts me to see that people who believe in Crypto and believe in science are thinking of astrology - like a fortune teller for their trading profits. Grow some guts people and try trading on your own - if you lose money accept it and change your methods learn from mistakes - why think about avoiding the mistakes by stuff like astrology?
  4. Get lost losers - just another email harvesting method. If you dont care about your bulk folder in emails to get spammed with Viagra advertisements then by all means sign up. Otherwise dont waste your time probably they wont even pay you in any way.
  5. He is obviously angry at the current price of bitcoin going up and up. We do expect him to make more such comments and watch him burn. The real investors of bitcoin know about its pseudo-anonymous nature and using TOR and other services one can still use it. So no use of his FUD. But still panic sellers should get a heart attack as usual :D
  6. Here is my waves address : 3PAQEaFRgaKuCB952kna9hEG1EecYawiWvK Hope I get some of that sweet airdrop :D
  7. You should get a job? Like seriously you should XD
  8. Hello everyone Most of us love to play casino games on gambling sites with Bitcoin. But it can frustrating when you lose your money and get busted with all your money lost in thin air. I wish to help you all if you sign up as my referral on any of the following sites : PrimeDice & Bitsler - more sites may be added in future if requests are high enough. Why would you join as my referral and not individual? It is very simple. If you join under me as a referral I will get 10% Commission of Edge. That is 10% of 1% of total wager. So if you bet 1BTC I will receive commission of 0.001 BTC. I will send you a tip of certain amount of this commission I receive back to you so that you can play again or cash out. So its a Win-Win situation for both me and you. Most other affiliates would cash out the commission even when you have lost everything but I am offering you all a service to help everyone. Why Do I not refer myself and use your referral link? Most sites dont allow self-referrals - you will be penalized if you do such things. How to join? PM me for the links to these sites : Primedice Bitsler I will keep an eye on your total wagers and send you the commission. At least 1 Month of activity is needed since time of registration to be eligible to get tipped of the payment on corresponding website balance. Percentage of Referral Commission that you can receive: Tier 1 - Wagered: Less than 1BTC - 10% Tier 2 - Wagered: Between 1BTC to 10BTC - 20% Tier 3 - Wagered: Greater than 10BTC - 30% Tier 4 - Wagered: Greater than 100BTC - 50% IMP: Inactivity for more than 1 Month on the website and I may remove you from the list. Once enough people sign up here I will maintain a google doc about my users. This thread will be updated with my referred users as time progresses. If you have any questions you can PM me. My twitter account if you need to contact me directly: https://twitter.com/TheUltraElite1 Thank you all. Good Luck on gambling.
  9. Pokebits new version is going to come online on October 2nd!!! If you have not joined yet, join now and get 200satoshi from me - theultraelit on the new pokebits chat once it is released. Here is an insider sneak peak!! What are you waiting for?? Join right now!!
  10. Hello everyone once again, Hope you all miss the late - donaldcoin website. Well nothing to worry, the admin had to suffer the google adsense ban which is why they had to close. However admin is back with a pokemon themed faucet this time. Pokemon lovers enjoy CetoBeto a>Game Check the blue buttons for 1.Advertise - advertise your links in the form of banners ads and clicks ads. Banner ads advertised in their network and clicks ads in the "Campaigns" section. 2.You can also edit email and wallet address here. Here you can get the following earnings: 1.Daily Bonus - 150+ satoshi every 24 hours. 2.Explore - One pokiball every 24 hours 3.Island Attack - attack the enemy and get either of these three - ~150satoshi, 900satoshi, 1pokiball 4.Rock Paper Scissors Game - Play with other users this awesome game. Click the placed games to play or create your own game. If you win you get back 1.9x the amount you placed as bet. 5.Refrigerator - Food is collected from the generator claims and island fishing here and it can be used to feed your beto. Once you reach 100% health you can attack and get 900satoshi reward. 6.Pikachu - Charge energy to get 2sats for 20 minutes extra - mini generator 7.Watch the two images. One on the left is the island - when you see ripples in the water click it to catch the fish. These fishes can help you restore beto health and do new attacks along with other food. The image of beto on left watch behind the fence, when Team Rocket shows up, click them and get random reward from them. 8.Your generator - claim the accumulated amount before it overflows My Attack Rewards: http://bitts.in/ezs1 b>Referrals View your referrals and collect the commission. Referral rewards is 20% of their claims for lifetime. c>Upgrade You can change generator type here. Big generator = 120sats/hour, 520 sats capacity Fast generator = 240sats/hour, 320 sats capacity d>Campaigns Clicks ads from users on the site show up here. Click on them like PTC ads and get rewards. Also you can advertise here as well. e>Chat You can get 2 satoshi/message post here!! But dont post ads and links here since its against rules. Payment proof: Direct to wallet or via Fauctebox http://bitts.in/C1C2j Dont miss this one guys, Join it today!!
  11. Welcome back friends I got a new faucet for you all ShamansCoin It is a satoshi generator type site similar to late-donaldcoin site. Main earning is from the generator here. Here is the earning method: a>Daily bonus - 100 to 200 sats every 24 hours. b>Make the shamans monsters work for extra satoshi mini generator = 2sats for 20 minutes c>Generator - Claim before it gets full. d>Upgrade - you can get free upgrades to change generator type Big generator = 120sats/hour, 520 sats capacity Fast generator = 240sats/hour, 320 sats capacity Choose the one that suits you and use that. e>Referral claims - 20% for lifetime Payment Proof: Direct to wallet or Faucetbox http://bitts.in/o16A Join today!!
  12. Alright folks here is new one for you all. Do you people love pokemon? Even if you dont how does the idea of earning bitcoin by playing pokemon sound to you all? Interesting? well read on I got some more well paying ones lined for the pokemon and bitcoin lovers out there. Pokebits IMP: Site is rebranding soon since the new owner has made the site even more cool and well paying. Join right away you wont lose your balances there and buy a MewTwo as soon as possible because in the new version it will cost a huge amount. Also I will be running referral commission rewards for my active referrals on the new site once it launches. Cashback payments will be sent via tipping feature like in FaucetGame. So think twice before removing my referral id from the link above. New users if you see "theultraelit" when I am online in the chat and say that you found out about the site from this forum and I will tip you 1000satoshi then and there, dont miss this guys. Recently bought by the owner of Faucetgame this is a pokemon themed faucet for all the pokemon lovers. a>Missions: complete mission and earn satoshi!! Make sure you complete each mission to 100% before you go to the next one otherwise they will remain locked. first few missions are very low paying but slowly build up your level and experience and you will get higher paying missions. b>Battle Arena: Fight with other pokemon trainers and earn 250satoshi on every win!! This is the most exciting part of the site. You can actually battle with other users on the site. Isnt that awesome!! c>Go to the account page. Player Info - you can see your selected pokemon, your stats and your balance here and any badges you have collected. Poke Mart - here you can purchase pokemon by paying in satoshis. You should buy all the free pokemon at once. Then try to save up and buy a MewTwo once you can. Poke Shop - It is like a mining rig, where satoshis accumulate. It can be upgraded and you can earn upto 6250satoshi/day on the max level of 25. Here is my pokeshop: http://bitts.in/J8WHF Referral - You can view your number of referrals and the commission here.You can earn 5% of their mining level upgrades and 10% of their claimed missions d>Viridian Bank - you can withdraw your satoshis here to faucetbox. Site is rebranding soon. Here are some sneakpeak snapshots of PokeBits 2.0: http://bitts.in/MnNSJ http://bitts.in/goXV6 Dont miss the referral rewards giveaway that I have organised. Do join it ASAP guys.
  13. Hello Im new here but not new to cryptocurrency. I need some help on how to post images here, Imgur is not supported here I see. Can you people help me how I can post images here, signing up on another image hosting site would be the last resort for me. Thanks again
  14. Hello Everyone, I am here to bring you all the best and well paying list of the top bitcoin faucets in the market. We all know that faucets are a waste of time (yeah right why am I writing this?). HELL NO!! You are wrong, Dont believe me ?? read on folks, So here I am collecting satoshis for few months and I am going to provide you all with the list of the top paying sites where you can earn 100K+ everyday. If you are having a small earning and are willing to spend some time collecting bitcoin and watch your wallet grow, this is the place. I will be updating the thread as soon as I get new information about faucets and post new thread in the board (maybe) but majority posts will be done here. Ok so enough of blabbering, Lets get down to business: 1.FaucetGame: FaucetGame is one of my favourite faucets out there. Thats why I rank it as number one. Casino Style Faucet with casino games - Slots, Wheel, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette. IMP - before you continue I must declare one thing - I am running a referral cashback reward on this site. Be my active referral and get 25% cashback of referral commission. Payments to your faucetgame accounts, message me when I am online in the chat my username - "theultraelit". a>You can earn free credits from the offerwalls and then use it to start off the games. Surveys are well paying and you can always try the PTC links. b>Next dont forget to grab the daily bonus. It depends upon your level and this is why you should upgrade once a while so your daily bonus increases. c>Also be active in the chat. Every chat message takes 100 credits to post. Each message you send deducts 100 credits and moves it into the rain pool. These credits are then used to rain on 50 lucky active users every hour.If you find me chatting there, say that you found about the site from this forum and I will tip you 1000credits then and there on the site. Dont miss it!! d>Again be active in chat - because as a lower level user/new user, higher users will tip you so you can upgrade faster. e>For every referral, earn between 45-900 satoshi per user per day from claimed daily bonus. Additional 2% bonus for Offerwall tasks completed. f>Weekend bonus is even more fun, you get extra on the daily bonus and referral commissions. Try not to miss them. Dont miss the highest paying casino faucet out there. Best thing is they dont allow any deposits. So you dont lose anything. Give it a try people. You can also purchase a VIP on their site which allows you several more benefits and in my opinion its worth it once you cross level 10. Payment Proof:Goes via faucetbox http://bitts.in/2ZT 2.Freebitcoin This is the oldest, well paying faucet out there. Even with recent adsense bans they are still surviving and running since 2013. IMP - before you continue I must declare one thing - I am running a referral cashback reward on this site. Be my active referral and get 25% cashback of referral commission. Payments to your freebitco.in accounts every week via the Auto-Share feature. a>Faucet Payout is 300+satoshis/claim interval of 1hour b>Multiply BTC game - try your luck to multiply your claimed btc upto 4750 times. Thats huge. Period c>Lottery - Lottery tickets are earned by faucet claims, there is a weekly draw and you may get lucky and win a jackpot also. d>Rewards(RP) - You get reward points for every claim - 2 RP/roll, Weekends also give 4 RP/roll. They can be redeemed for electronic devices, more BTC, more lottery tickets or more RP e>Referral Reward is huge, 50% of all faucet claims and 0.25% commission on all bitcoins that your referred users wager in the MULTIPLY BTC HI-LO game, regardless of whether they win or lose. Thats a huge commission. If you like old legit and well paying faucets which wont scam you, join the above two sites right away and get the referral rewards I am giving away on them. Payment Proof: Direct to wallet http://bitts.in/xlO 3.MoonBitcoin: Another old and legit faucet, they have been paying well since a long time. They accumulate satoshis and you can claim whenever you want. But at least 5minutes in between claims is necessary. They have three types of bonuses and they can be maxed upto 100% each making the total earning upto 4times if you are lucky. a>daily bonus - loyality bonus that builds up everyday due to consecutive visits to their site. b>active referrals - 100 or more active referrals means this bonus is also maxed c>mystery bonus - it is a random number from 1 to 100, if you are lucky you can get 90+ on this one as well. Payment Proof: Direct to wallet http://bitts.in/1E9 4.Freebitbox: Relatively new running well for 6 months now, However they are paying me well and thats why I suggest you all to join them. a>You can get any amount between 360 and 2000 coins for every claim, this depends on your account status (see bellow). If you are lucky, you can win special prizes when you submit your claim upto 250000satoshi. normal claims are 360+ coins/claim. b>However there is bonus for activity on faucet: 500 coins - sign up bonus for every completed registration 150-250 coins - daily bonus for each day when you claim coins 250-500 coins - weekly bonus for every week when you claim coins 500-1000 coins - monthly bonus for every month when you claim coins c>Also there is a VIP purchase option which is worth trying. Payment Proof: Direct to wallet, Faucetbox, Paytoshi (all three types available) http://bitts.in/c2ehaA Dont miss them guys. That will be all for now. I will be updating more within the next few days. Do reply here and all attend the Poll that I have put up. Stay tuned for more, I got a bucket-load of well paying faucets ready for you all.

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