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  1. A more direct communication platform like IRC, Telegram and Discord.
  2. Hmm, then I'm not sure what it could be. Are you and @JoeWinkler on Slack?
  3. We had a lot of crashes in Windows, but we found the issue and are doing the final test and release preparations. Unless something pops up it should be a few days.
  4. That is the same as I see. Can you double check that your config carries the same pub/priv keys?
  5. Something sounds really off as you should definitely have staked by now. What's the beacon _public_ key in your config so we can match that to the network.
  6. There is a reason we use Slack or an equivalence. Out of all those only one is suitable for real-time communication, but it's volatile.
  7. Marco Nilsson


    Set your Primegrid prefs to only run PPS-Sieve and you should be good to go. It doesn't give any massive amounts of mag but for the power it consumes and the little noise it produces it's ok.
  8. Marco Nilsson


    I have a GTX 650Ti and I do Primegrid on it.
  9. Marco Nilsson


    This is weird. I can see your vote in the chain but the TX does not contain the vote fee. EDIT: Ok I was looking at it wrong. The TX fee is there so there is the vote cast for your CPID.
  10. We are working on solving the chain situation right now, see my reddit post. We have fixed the crashes and one of the forking issues, and what remains is to prevent additional forks when the clients reorganize. This is currently being worked on.
  11. We are working on both the crashes (seem to be fixed) and the forking situation. See reddit post. It looks promising so far.
  12. Marco Nilsson


    Good news is that all of the points have either been fixed or are being worked on: Staking is needed to secure the network. Alternative ways of claiming the rewards are being looked into, but right now if you don't want to purchase GRC to stake or don't want to wait for the rewards there are pools to turn to (this is true for every coin, be it PoS or PoW). Exchanges have been contacted but we cannot force them to include us. Many of them also come with a listing fee so getting listed on all would become expensive. Do you have some exchanges where you think our presence is missing? Superblocks have not been borked for quite a while now, right? released in September last year. At least I haven't heard about issues since then. Crashes have been a pain, I agree. Some were addressed in and it will hopefully be more stable now. UI is being redesigned right now, though it does not trying to create the smallest wallet window possible. However, now is a good time to see what information can be thrown out and what can be rearranged to improve the space utilization. Poll title was changed.
  13. The upcoming release will fix at least one, possibly two, silent shutdowns which affected Windows users only.

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