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  1. Directly to the bounty claimer is probably easiest.
  2. It will be difficult to implement since the wallets have no idea who owns what. It is technically possible to do it like gridcoinstats does but it comes a cost on both RAM and performance. It is much simpler to just pay everyone the same for the same work done. Regarding mixing age into the formula, that was remove when we switched to the _previous_ stake engine (V3) since it was insecure. Move your wallet to cold storage for a few months and get a big stake boost when you come back.
  3. You need to go to their site and make a donation. It will give you an address to where you can send the exact amount specified. Me and bullshark donated earlier today. /Marco
  4. You can use one of the V8 stake winners. He's sitting at 1.2k GRC now, if that's enough. 2k should stake once every week on average. Unless my calculations are off.
  5. I wish I could take the credit but my graphics card did all the work :(
  6. @Mark Patton gridcoinstats is developed by @startail. It uses the blockchain (edit: and project stats) to derive information about your magnitude, balance, owed amounts and staked blocks. It has zero control over the chain itself and cannot alter your magnitude. What it shows as your magnitude comes from the data it downloads from the project servers at the time of a superblock and is not a value that's updated in realtime. The site updates when it gets new information. Some projects, like SETI, can even take months to validate work units and credit your account. Those work units will not affect your mag until they are verified.
  7. @Erelas That comparison swings both ways though. In order to gain the same stake weight with magnitude and stake every other day you need to invest in enough hardware to get 20000 mag. That is something only the pool can do and that's only going to get harder. People are vastly overestimating the significance their magnitude has on their stake weight. Yes, it is not ideal to have to invest a lot in order to stake and claim your rewards. There are three proposals being discussed right now: - Use your beacon to stake, with a weight either based on magnitude, researched owed or a combination. - Pay everyone above a certain owed threshold in each superblock. - Implement a system where users can manually claim their rewards like on Steemit. Each have their pros and their cons. V8 had to be implemented, there wasn't any way around it. Now we need to see how we can make it so you can get paid in a reasonable time frame without investing a fortune.
  8. That's right, and it's less of a debuff the more people we get since everyone's mag keeps declining. Based on past test I would not be surprised if the end result is that you need 10k GRC to stake daily. Edit: No, it'll be closer to 20k.
  9. I am running a test as an investor with 46k GRC to see how often I stake, see my Gridcoinstats profile (lucky for me that I started right before SRBase went out of the SB). This is what will happen to the researchers after V8 kicks in and the magnitude no longer affects your staking chance. It took me 14 hours to stake my first PoS block but I'll leave this running until Sunday and we'll know more. Currently your magnitude has the same weight as adding that amount as GRC to each and every of your unspent transactions (see RPC command "listunspent"). For me and my 115 mag (boosted) and 34 UTXOs that acounted for 115*34=3910 GRC worth of stake weight. Without the mag boost it will be around 75*34=2550 worth of GRC. With my total of 50k (46k + 3910 from mag weight) I stake around 2-3 times per day.
  10. I read most of it and by the looks of it the amount of faith people have put into the magnitude stake weight has been blown way out of proportion. I have started to write a post about V8 but I'm out of town now and won't have time to finish it. I'll try to wrap it up after the weekend to explain the changes and how users are really affected. /ravon
  11. @barton26 discovered a beacon bug where it's not possible to send the beacon after exactly 5 months. Hold tight until tomorrow to see if it sorted itself out. Also related:
  12. That's exactly it. I'm not sure why two different data points are such an unimaginable state of the world. The superblocks and Gridstats are a snapshot at a specific date in time. Neither of them are realtime. And it doesn't matter either since you're going to get paid what you're owed.
  13. My guess? Collatz has access to realtime data and can update your profile page as soon as your WUs are validated. Gridcoinstats, and the NeuralNet, are limited to the data Collatz and the other project pages exports, which happens at their own leisure. Could be hourly, could be daily. There is nothing to fix. You get rewarded with the proper magnitude in relation to all the other crunchers in your projects at the time of the superblock creation.
  14. I'm not sure where those numbers come from. Is "here" on Gridcoinstats and "my page" on boincstats?
  15. The only thing I can think of is that the stats are synchronized relatively infrequently so maybe you hit the worst case window. If that's the case then the delta will be larger in the next SB and you will be paid correctly. What's your CPID?