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  1. There were two suggestions to extend the single point scraper, either using hash files which would severely reduce the data downloaded, or to use a handful (as in ~3) scrapers to have them reach an internal consensus in case of a breach. The former was instantly shot down for unknown reasons, maybe HTTP handler scarcity and the latter was accepted with a requirement that the 3 (three) downloads had a 1 minute offset. Those were the two _suggestions_, not demands or requirements. Your 3-year old analogy swings both ways. I have a 4-year old whom I try to reason with on a daily basis. Once she makes up her mind it's her way or no way. We want Primegrid in the network because it's a solid project.
  2. The scraper is already in progress so the ball is indeed in our court. You have given us access to the stat files which is great, it allows us to keep the project in the whitelist and carry on. In addition, we have tossed some ideas on how this could be improved to fit our requirements without disrupting your operation, but that is considered unacceptable? I agree that the stat download should have been solved quicker (or rather not been an issue to begin with), but I really don't understand why you keep being so extremely hostile. Gridcoin is not out to milk money from Primegrid, nobody has a grudge against you or anyone on the team and nobody has a vendetta on the project at large. We just want to keep the project on the whitelist, solving future problems in a dialogue. That is all. Also, just to be clear, there are no issues fetching the stats and I appreciate the functionality.
  3. I am sad to see this. Maybe I'm missing some context here but I get the feeling that this setup is misunderstood. Primegrid gets free computation power and in return, someone else rewards that work with coins. Side staking would be an option but having to pay to do someone else's work is unheard of in every field imaginable. However, if you believe Gridcoin causes more harm than good to your project then we are being counterproductive and the only solutions are to work those issues out or to delist the project. Do note that there is no "Gridcoin" entity which makes money from solving BOINC work units. The rewards are distributed to those who submit work units to your project, not to a Gridcoin company as one does not exist. For the general Gridcoin users who do not participate in Primegrid it's actually less beneficial to include it in the reward mechanisms as the rewards given daily are fixed and allocated equally for each project. Again, it's up to the project administrators if they would prefer the free computation from the Gridcoin users or if the cost of distributing work units to those computers outweighs the benefits of actually getting the work done.
  4. A more direct communication platform like IRC, Telegram and Discord.
  5. Hmm, then I'm not sure what it could be. Are you and @JoeWinkler on Slack?
  6. We had a lot of crashes in Windows, but we found the issue and are doing the final test and release preparations. Unless something pops up it should be a few days.
  7. That is the same as I see. Can you double check that your config carries the same pub/priv keys?
  8. Something sounds really off as you should definitely have staked by now. What's the beacon _public_ key in your config so we can match that to the network.
  9. There is a reason we use Slack or an equivalence. Out of all those only one is suitable for real-time communication, but it's volatile.
  10. Marco Nilsson


    Set your Primegrid prefs to only run PPS-Sieve and you should be good to go. It doesn't give any massive amounts of mag but for the power it consumes and the little noise it produces it's ok.
  11. Marco Nilsson


    I have a GTX 650Ti and I do Primegrid on it.
  12. Marco Nilsson


    This is weird. I can see your vote in the chain but the TX does not contain the vote fee. EDIT: Ok I was looking at it wrong. The TX fee is there so there is the vote cast for your CPID.
  13. We are working on solving the chain situation right now, see my reddit post. We have fixed the crashes and one of the forking issues, and what remains is to prevent additional forks when the clients reorganize. This is currently being worked on.

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