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  1. address for bluetrade LeFRVXo4VRD7iyTr86radMoer7291kZ5G5 and have to miners running on pool oh by the way blank icon on desktop for wallet lol opps I see its over oh well to late again
  2. I setup my miners with the RDD port and it was mining DGB what is going on here need the rite port.
  3. BoeQAZD21HRfkfFdPJoHeweNsiLyp1hWyn thanks in advance and mining but exchanges slow now.
  4. have coins sinse this started but were is a exchange?
  5. Just found out about this coin and trying it on http://ispace.co.uk/ newly listed coin there. hoping for a coin or 2 lol VKDQ5wTbeZTBVqhVD3FAFYMHySSn8eZJCL
  6. Windows wallet working great and gridseed mining at pool, transactions coming in about every 5 min
  7. thanks this does help, I see you above me mining on the 1 site http://pi.hasher.ca/
  8. just downloaded wallet and mining, anything helps LV6FH5fuWZ4AZ9bcPJciZGZdTax2vG9n2n
  9. I just started a few min ago on a pool here http://pool.lioncoin.info/
  10. download the 4 gig file and still freezes, guess Ill never get it in sync, not worth burning my hard drive up from spinning all the time
  11. why is diff so high, can't even find a share of this coin
  12. pool works great even with a 2 core laptop, as soon as share is found it goes to wallet, http://altcryptomining.com/
  13. pool works great even with a 2 core laptop, as soon as share is found it goes to wallet
  14. yes I have tried it out and have 0.6 in my wallet and just using 2 core laptop, goes to wallet fast when share found
  15. 72z9k675P1UdSaWRyE8V8UJSKHoYk6A269 new to this type of mining anything helps

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