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  1. Still collecting lotta credits + 5 min faucets b*t, still paying: Weekly payment with b*ts: (Download full guide --> first post)
  2. Hello mates Do you want to earn Bitcoins on automatic mode with faucets and don't know how to? In this easy guide I'll show you all necessary steps to start from zero, how to config the script system in your O.S. and start to earn with a free and simple strategy with some legit faucets. This is not a ''Get-Rich'' with BTC guide, but you will learn and get familiar with automated scripts, start to acumulate your own credits easily, and use them in a better strategy to multiply your profits or invest in long term, all on full automatic. Let's calculate this with a simple example: with one (1) hour of work (solving captchas) you can make about 1.500 - 2.000 credits easily, without too much effort. 1.500 credits become about 120-125 captchas to use them on full automatic. With a Freebitcoin account and activating Reward Points (100%) strategy you can earn 320-330 satoshis per hourly ''Roll''. With the minimum numbers: 120 captchas * 320 = 38.000 satoshis to your balance on full automatic (in a short term, of course, you cannot make 120 ''Rolls'' in 24 hours). This is a example with minimum numbers. You can set a better strategy with your work to start profiting on automatic and passively. Download Full Guide Here + Bots
  3. Hello Earn free and quick satoshis per solved captcha with these faucets with no timer + Bots. You can claim and withdraw your satoshis whenever you want, up to 40 satoshis in every claim and a minimum threshold of 1 satoshis to withdraw. So you can earn more than +10,000 satoshis a day! Paying now to: FaucetSystem, ePay and FaucetHUB. Full Instructions + Bots: Faucet #1 ---->>> HERE Faucet #2 ---->>> HERE Faucet #3 ---->>> HERE Enjoy!
  4. Hi y'all I've just updated a Script/Bot for this great legit faucet, working with 9kw captcha service. Now with new features (Rewards Tab) : Free BTC Bonus + Reward Point Bonus: Reward Points Bonus: To increase you RP's Free BTC Bonus: To increase every hourly ''Roll'' Remember to activate each one to increase 50% or 100% your daily gainings! If you haven't registered yet, do it now: Register Download Bot + Full Instructions (must install previous version of iMacros): ---->>> HERE
  5. Hi There's a spanish PTC site that is paying much more than other average ptc sites: +12 Standard daily ads : $0.003 +9 Fixed ads: $0.01 They work with GoogleAdsense blogs, so you can make much more daily with GoogleAdsense tasks, which are very easy to do (with a range of $0.02, $0.03 and $0.05 each task). The minimum payout is 5$ (BTC, PP, PZ). This is my first payment, reached in just 3 weeks. No referrals, no membership; just clicking daily ads and completing tasks. If you're interested, download my guide here: LINK
  6. Earn money and Bitcoins just by solving captchas. You can do it in your spare time or while working on another site (I do it while working with ptc's). You can have one account on each of these ''sister'' sites and work with them at the same time without problems. 2Captcha: This is the english site. Minimum payout: 1$ Rucaptcha: This is the russian site. Minimum payout: 30 rubles. This one is a payout of 44.24 rubles: You can reach the minimum in each site in just 3 days. You can download the RucatpchaBot app to work in your desktop for both accounts.
  7. BitsForClicks Earn 1.800 / 3.000 sat. daily with this great PTC. Minimum payout: 15.000 sat., direct to your wallet (every monday) Another payment: BitsForClicks
  8. You can earn 5.000 / 6.000 satoshis just clicking ads daily. Easy and free. Minimun payout: 40.000 satoshis. You can earn with OfferWalls like ClixWall, PTCWall, Offers4All, and much more to maximize your daily earnings. My 1st payment: 42.000 (less fees) in just 7 days only working 10 minutes a day:
  9. Earn 1.500 / 3.000 sat. for clicking ads daily. You can rent refferals or buy membership to earn more. Minimun payout: 10.000 sat. direct to your wallet. 2nd payment:
  10. Earn 700 / 1.000 sat. daily just clicking ads. Minimum payout: 10.000 sat. Paytoshi, or 100.000 sat. direct to your wallet.
  11. 2nd Payment: Image has been scaled down 10% (908x203). Click this bar to view original image (1005x224). Click image to open in new window.
  12. 2nd Payment: Image has been scaled down 10% (908x175). Click this bar to view original image (1004x193). Click image to open in new window.
  13. Earn 800 / 1.100 satoshis free by clicking ads daily. Minimum withdraw 12.000 satoshis - Direct to your FaucetBox address: Register and claim your satoshis now!