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  1. Another great mining site! https://t.co/W5DHUg2bJP BitCoreMining. Currently have 50GH/s promotion for free for 48 hours to test their mine!

  2. wallet: AQvcCVv9VZJ7V1Kv5yRRkrh5DGbA4tazEv Thank you!
  3. Can anyone validate if this site is legit?? https://t.co/6YvLLYpQRb

  4. Fast (25 sec-10 min) Paying Faucets for BTC, DASH, LTC, DOGE, PPC, XPM - CryptoCoinTalk https://t.co/lpY6lhmriK

  5. 25 seconds, 5 minute, and 10 minutes between claims. Faucets all pay directly to FaucetBox. Very easy to get payouts in less than an hour. Listed by currency an time between claims. Enjoy! DASH 2,000 DASH satoshi every 25 seconds 3,000 DASH satoshi every 5 minutes 7,000 DASH satoshi every 10 minutes DOGE 0.6 DOGE every 25 seconds 0.5 DOGE every 5 minutes 2 DOGE every 10 minutes LITE 2,000 Litoshi every 25 seconds 5,000 Litoshi every 5 minutes 15,000 Litoshi every 10 minutes PEER 30,000 PPC satoshi every 25 seconds 70,000 PPC satoshi every 5 minutes 150,000 PPC satoshi every 10 minutes PRIME 150,000 XPM satoshi every 25 seconds 300,000 XPM satoshi every 5 minutes 800,000 XPM satoshi every 10 minutes BITCOIN - (not the best but still fast) 30 satoshi every 25 seconds 40 satoshi every 5 minutes 100 satoshi every 10 minutes BONUSES BELOW Get priority access to LBRY coins… invitation code here! Endless Ethereum Faucet Rotator (pays out once balance is 0.01 ether) If you haven't already signed up for free 20GH of BTC mining, get it here. This cloud mining site requires a 0.01BTC deposit but has 0.1250% to 0.2083% hourly return and 0.005 min withdraw with no fees (less than 2 days to withdraw on a minimum deposit).
  6. RT @jdebunt: Bitcoin Scam Site Alert – HashBX https://t.co/hXy9JqCBnS via @themerklenews

  7. GCoin = GNAjcGGoxwBvRamEW8SYbhBh668fnScXKq Doge = DKaNusBShuzddtGB8pMo5zgBfMraRfLpNz FB name = facebook.com/orion.dave.7 Thank you
  8. Twitter: twitter.com/tradeBTCKY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orion.dave.7 PHEjYopn2JAfpesNmRE7htcP7VcjFb6HJM Thank you
  9. registering with https://t.co/MiVWUvNjWI... anyone have a referral code for me to use??

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