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  1. It's not over 'until the fat lady sings' .. Rob, I believe you are a 'brilliant mind' and developer .. Please could you try and become more a part of the community as at the moment you are sort of standing on a 'pedestal' and it does seem to me that not only are you looking down at us but we are looking up at you. I don't really know how to put this into wrds any better than that. Your Gridcoin Community, it is yours as much as it is ours, has progressed a long way in the last year. There is a large 'core community', of very dedicated Gridcoiners, who are trying their very best to fulfill the need to 'fire fight' problems whilst progessing this project down an equitable, secure socioeconomic eco friendly path. We are aware we are far from perfect and realise that in order to achieve any of our longterm goals and ambitions for this project that we have work together utilising the synergy that a cyber community of this sort offers. We have had and will continue to have disagreements. However in the long run, the majority of theses 'skirmishes' are resolved with time and in most cases the personalities involved are still talking to each other with the same commitment and dedication to shared goals. I appeal to you to continue to stay active in the community and please would you consider joining one of the Gridcoin Community's bi-weekly hangouts on mumble. We will 'bend over backwards' to facilitate any requirements you may have regarding times, security or any other matters that may concern you about joining the hangout. The community members as a whole who would benefit from you revealing your vision of the future of the Gridcoin Project and I'm sure that there would be many questions that community members would like to ask. Thanks for your work ..
  2. If anyone was to run a Vultr Node in the EU VAT charges would be from 17% - 27% depending on which EU country you are from. It is important to realise this will happen for all EU nodes no matter which provider is used as VAT is always applicable.
  3. I listened to that interview a while ago and did pick up the same details you highlighted. I will admit that in my early days in Gridcoin I also thought that a move to a form of masternodes might be a good idea. I think I mentioned it a couple of times in early hangouts as a solution to the network weight problem. Now the centralisation of the concept frankly scares me for the community. We have little or no governance at the moment and the voting mechanism is broken as it can be 'hijacked' by the 'whales' leaving the researchers with little or no voice. Our present our democracy is far from perfect but there is at least a modicum of it. With 'masternodes', at the level being pushed, there will be no democracy for the poor researcher only for the rich 'masternoders'. Anyway we seem to be going ahead with this so I suppose it is a case of 'shut up' and put up with it as Rob says "but Ive already started the wheels turning for public builds"..
  4. I'm almost in 100% agreement with you @jamescowens. I'm also one of the 'old school' BOINCers and started the same time as yourself. I joined the Gridcoin Team as I felt the team 'ethos' matched my need to continue benefiting science/humanity whilst giving me the opportunity to defray some expenses and learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I really would like that 'ethos' to stay part of Gridcoin although we must technically change to encompass the advances necessary to ensure our survival into the future. I cannot fault your assertions and agree that we may not be able to get around 'privileged nodes' (like that name). The form of these 'privileged nodes' and who gets to participate, also makes me uncomfortable as I do agree that it will split the network into commercial investors, that run the 'privileged nodes' and the researchers who then become 2nd class community members. I am also uncomfortable with Rob's initial investment outlay of 400k GRC and the need to have a static IP address to act as a 'privileged node'. I'm in the same position as you with an ISP dynamic IP which has only changed once in the 7 years that I have been with this ISP when I increased my fibre bandwidth. I also run my kit 24/7 365 and run a full node 'un-throttled'. I agree that a lower requirement of between 15K GRC -> 25K GRC should be the range at (todays GRC price) without the requirement of a static IP. To go any higher would put 'privileged nodes' completely out of reach for the majority of Gridcoin Community members. As you have said, to obtain a static IP would require a business IP account which, although possible, would put costs beyond the reach of the majority of 'crunchers'. I'm also in agreement with you that the qualification to act as a 'privileged node' should derive from both balance plus magnitude. Yup, we need to adopt an appropriate formula. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community for a long time. I really believe that we are absolutely capable of surmounting any problems that may lie ahead, in a mature, transparent and coherent manner which includes all members of the community. Also posted on steemit - https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jamescowens/gridcoin-iii-proposal-comments
  5. Rob, with all due respect as our 'Founder', you seem to have a strange concept of who the Gridcoin Community are and why we are here. The Gridcoin Community are not simply those who are communicating with you on this forum. It is both unfair and unbecoming, as our 'Founder', to dismiss and deprecate individuals who have shown that they have the best interests of the Gridcoin Community in mind. Please don't continue to be 'blinkered' in your approach to the Gridcoin Community. We, the Gridcoin Community, are an intelligent 'entity' with a healthy 'mistrust' of plans which are thrust upon us without due respect. We do not 'hate'. 'Mistrust' is not 'hate' and can be changed to 'trust' with a little patience and 'honest' communication through more channels than simply this forum. It's time to remove the 'blinkers' and approach the community in a more open, friendly, less adversarial manner and you will find that the reaction will be far more trusting.
  6. I, above all else, am a pragmatist and realise that we have a inherent need for the independent Non CPID Investor in Gridcoin (Never BOINCed and hodl) as well as the CPID Investors (Did BOINC and maybe was a founder user). Yes I get 'pissed' that most of these Non CPID Investors and some CPID Investors do not run their wallets to secure the network as often as they should. Yes I am a small Researcher CPID Investor (BOINC and hodl) who has given many hours of time to the betterment of the Gridcoin Community in my own way using any relevant talents I have. I've given this time willingly, without prejudice, as I have always believed that the primary ethos of Gridcoin was driven by its connection to BOINC - Crunching for science/humanity and being rewarded for my efforts by Gridcoin to defray my expenses and/or save my GRC in the hope that some day it might 'bear fruit' as an investment. This is my post on steemit on the 'first month anniversary of joining Gridcoin' - https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@m3rcos1ty/the-old-man-and-the-gridcoin-apologies-to-ernest-hemmingway To me this post still applies and my ideals are still the same!! "Gridcoin is an open source cryptocurrency (Ticker: GRC) which securely rewards volunteer computing performed upon the BOINC platform in a decentralized manner on top of proof of stake. BOINC is an open-source volunteer computing grid which combines the processing power of all individual users for the purposes of scientific research." (Quotation taken directly from the Gridcoin website) These words in bold and italicised are the reason that I joined Gridcoin and the community. How close are we to these 'ideals' at this juncture? Have we lost our way? I have abstained in the above vote as I cannot support a proposal voted on in this manner ..
  7. I am not saying that it should be a baseline and mandatory for any proposal .. I am saying that it is an important record and influencer for a proposal of this magnitude. Audio, when disseminated on our various hangout podcast sites, is as permanent as text on a forum or a pdf .. Verbal communication is far more productive than text as the 'inflection', 'tone' and 'modulation' of a persons voice lends 'weight', 'conviction' and 'intent' that is not available in dry text .. Say Rob Halford decides to join the Gridcoin Hangout on Mumble .. You wouldn't go out of your way to be there live or listen to the podcast later when its realeased? I would agree that the 'channel' is great for 'brainstorming' .. It is also a great 'sounding board' for opinions and allows the community the benefit of hearing the voiced opinions of their peers with all the nuances of 'tone' and 'modulation' .. The Gridcoin Hangout is not a decision making platform. Any decisions made by the Gridcoin Community are made by a poll/voting through the client.
  8. Thank you Rob for stepping up to the plate .. I would (and the whole community will back me on this I am sure ) really like you to join us in the next or at least subsequent Gridcoin Hangout to join our discussion on this proposal of yours. I do understand that ultimately the devs influence and make the decisions regarding the codebase and chain we will end up on in the future. I am a pragmatist in that regard but feel that community discussion is essential and extremely important in this regard. No one in the community, whether a pure researcher, researcher investor or investor, likes to feel that the future may be imposed on them by 'mysterious' entities without some form of communication other than a 'dry' forum post or proposal pdf. You are the 'mainstay' and 'talisman' of Gridcoin, as a project founder and as such the community looks at you for guidance .. I'm all for privacy, heaven knows we all value our privacy, but maybe it's time to grab the initiative here and make a public community orientated gesture and join our discussion in a medium other than text!! Thanks and we look forward to hearing your voice, even if it's disguised by a 'Darth Vader' type voice changer app ..
  9. Mercosity


    Here we go again!! C'mon, wus to upload ..
  10. Customminer, "Typically, when security vulnerabilities are disclosed by security researchers this is done in private and patched before being publicly disclosed within update release notes (so that it's not abused in production by malicious actors). There has been no intentional deceit against Gridcoin users, the security researcher's work was news to the majority of the community (due poor communication)." If this is the case why were the 'security vulnerabilities' disclosed by security researchers not publicly disclosed in some other way. You say they were disclosed in the update release notes I haven't checked that so I can't vouch for that. Considering that these 'security vulnerabilities' are of concern to all users, new and old, why wasn't a public statement released in September 2016? Customminer, "This has never been an official Gridcoin 'ethos/statement', just a snippet which you began posting everywhere. How are you supposed to be trusted if you're a new user in the first place? It's an exclusionary stance and I don't stand by it; cryptocurrency is trustless by design for a reason. Likewise, life isn't fair, you don't need to be tolerant of everything, people can be who they want to be, they can be as private as they individually wish and they don't need to refrain from anything." I think this portion of your post truly shows us your arrogant attitude towards any ethos, new users and the community in general. You are obviously here for yourself, the 'trustless cryptocurrency' (profit) and not for either the community or to benefit BOINC and science as the majority of the community are. Customminer, "That's entirely up to you and frankly we can't provide you financial advice; there are always other BOINC teams to crunch for and very similar cryptocurrencies like foldingcoin/curecoin which could use your computing power if you desire rewards. You should always diversify your investments (monetarily, emotionally and time wise), rather than put all your eggs in a single basket." Your sarcasm here, considering you know me fairly well, is obviously not unintentional. I could be be equally sarcastic but I won't lower myself to your level. Customminer, "Such individuals have severely degraded their own reputation by repeatedly creating poor quality content (It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result). I have seen zero complaints about reddit posts being downvoted, only steemit posts because there is a loss of potential rewards behind poor quality content being flagged by the community. I'd suggest that such users rather than regurgitating information they don't understand to the public, that they spend some time performing analysis on the topics to create quality content that people actually want to reward. If you disagree with downvotes, acquire more steem power to negate downvotes. Steemit != Gridcoin" This statement certainly lays out your 'modus operandi'. Flippant denigration seems to be your mainstay. I certainly hope that one day you will see that intelligent rebuttal, if you disagree with someone or think that a post is of low quality, will serve you far better than name calling or imposing your 'power'. I suppose this comes with maturity. Customminer, In closing, I respect your confidence and opinions on most matters, but I believe that you are mistakenly guided by the view that you are mostly right and a cut above those around you. The sooner that you come back down and join those of us who have their feet firmly planted on the ground the better for you. “Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.” ― Albert Camus
  11. Thank you for your transparency!! The history of these security issues is truly 'mind blowing' and the fact that they have been hidden from the community is a major trust issue for me and I'm sure for others too!! Our ethos has taken a hammering, I'm personally embarrassed considering the number of times I've used: "Be a part of the Community .. Be Helpful .. Rerain .. Be Transparent .. Be Trusted .. Be Fair .. Be Reasonable .. Be Tolerant .. Be Yourself .." as a statement in IRC. I honestly find myself in a quandary as to whether I should continue with Gridcoin. I suppose that will depend on whether the relevant so called 'trusted upper echelon' community members and Rob Halford himself, can persuade me why I should continue to put my trust in this project when it is now obvious that our trust has been abused by ignoring warnings and the obfuscation that has continued since September 2016. There are also other issues that need to be addressed such as, the denigration of individuals who have been trying to 'pull back the curtain' and reveal issues. In the light of these recent revelations, it would seem that hiding things from the community view is the way things are done here as a norm. I pride myself in my research and due diligence as I'm in my 'senior years' and I'm very upset with myself that my 'nose' for chicanery has failed me. I really do want to believe in this project, but at this juncture I am so discouraged by these events and the inevitable 'fallout', that I am finding it very difficult to continue in my normal positive frame of mind.

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