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  1. Well I may have been annihilated, humiliated and had my brian fried .. However I enjoyed it .. I can only get better .. Thanks Erkan for organising it .. more, more .. Man, I do like to torture myself in the faint hope that I'll improve!!
  2. Does any one know what's happening at Moo? Project website seems to be offline completely at the moment. The links in the defining post c.m. are linked to Milkyway and not Moo perhaps you could correct them.
  3. Unfortunately it seems that RTMoney_ suffered a bereavement in his family and has been out of the loop as a result. I'd like to offer our condolences on behalf of the community to RTMoney_ and family.
  4. Great Erkan, keep us posted on this. This is certainly a subject of personal interest to me.
  5. TN-Grid really shouldn't be removed from the Whitelist, it should have been Greylisted and given time to successfully sort out its equipment and modify its work units. Work units for both Linux and Windows are available and running well now.
  6. I've not read the whole post thru yet.. but I will. Unfortunately Peppernrino has a "God" complex and when it shines thru he becomes a very different person. I should know, I've been the butt of his "fun" before. I do sympathise with you and am asking you not to leave the community. Bullies should never succeed. Oh by the way.. I don't know how much you tipped the channel and how much I got but I'm looking out for you to give a sizeable tip.. I'll add more comments when I've fully read the post and got myself up to speed. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Well I read the full post and looked at the imgur files as well. This is almost a 'carbon copy' of the behavior attributed to Peppernrino previously by other people in IRC. If this continues unabated, in this manner, I believe that he should be looked at as a liability unless he apologises to the entire community for his behavior and desists from this behavior in the future. Abuse of power is abuse of trust. Rudeness and disrespect of your fellow community member is inexcusable. Peppernrino has done lots for the community but this type of behavior destroys the fabric of community trust and welcome that is at the forefront of our ethos.
  7. We have had this problem with the time verification on the wallet diagnostics before. The wallet's inbuilt nodes, which are used in the diagnostics through 32749, are controlled by customminer. He needs to check and update the time sync for the nodes he maintains, that solved the problem last time.
  8. Are we at an impasse? Will we get a roadmap sometime in the near future? Is Rob having doubts or difficulties with his future commitment to Gridcoin? Will the discussion about whether we should continue as a closed membership or open our doors to an increase in users just continue without a decision? Will the myriad of ideas discussed in the 'hangout' and here be brought to fruition in a truly organised community orientated way? Will the meaning of the Gridcoin community, "transparency and fair play", continue to be lost as a result of the aggressive attitudes towards users about trivial irc matters? Should we, internally create, a community "Mission statement" document outlining the positives about the Gridcoin/BOINC relationship to show new users how the community works, how decisions are made and explaining the community structure and ethos? These are some of the questions we need answers for, in my humble opinion.
  9. My stance on the debacle: Please comment, I will read all comments with interest.
  10. I am a new member of the Gridcoin community and have been actively 'crunching' for Team Gridcoin since I sent my 1st beacon on 15/07/2016. Previously I was 'crunching' BOINC projects as an individual and had been for many years, starting in the early days when SETI released its 1st screen saver program. Having been involved in IT for many years I was drawn in by the opportunity to do something for science in a way that did not infringe on my rights as an individual and allowed me to contribute to my favorite projects. In early 2016 I found that I was having difficulty in persuading my family that my BOINC 'crunching' was economically viable and sought some way to further utilise the kit I had amassed. I had created my own 'computer lab', which runs BOINC work units and helps me run my small community orientated IT training business. My main business is teaching the older generation and some of the younger generation, how to be safe and get the most out of the technology they own. I looked high and low for solution to my problem as it is my belief that a problem always has a solution. I had previously 'dabbled' in crypto-currency and was still very interested in the concept but was put off by the same bad ethos that had surrounded it the last time I had researched it. I then discovered Science coins and immediately was taken with firstly its ethos and secondly the possibility that I could defray at least some of my expenses by participating. This is how I found Gridcoin. Gridcoin ticked all the boxes as it was based on PoR and not PoS and connected with BOINC. So I joined the Gridcoin Team as a pool member and visited the #gridcoin channel to see what sort of a community of people were there. I was welcomed and became an active member. That's my history. I have spoken out on IRC quite forcibly on the subject of the #gridcoin and #gridcoin-irpg channels but never really clarified why I am so against the present regime of kick/ban/harassment/interrogation of users and new users by a certain individual in irc and beyond. I'd like to clarify a few points. Maybe it'll help a few people better understand this dilemma the IRC channel is facing. IRPG is based upon being idle in the channel for as long as possible, in fact the longer you are there the stronger you become, so it's not the new entrants who get the biggest payouts but the ones that have been there the longest. As this is the case it cannot really be a true faucet for new users. I'm a level 47, or there about, which means that I'll get a bigger payout than a new entrant and in all of this debacle I have not been kicked or banned once, so I have no 'axe to grind' for being kicked or banned. I do however feel, as a fair-minded community member, that the regime of kicking and/or banning of individuals who, in a lot of cases are innocent of any transgression, is unfair, unjust and breeds a two way feeling of mistrust and animosity between users on the channels. I fail to understand how the power to make the decision whether an individual is to be trusted/innocent or not rests in one individuals hands. This person is being allowed to play Judge and Jury and in most cases the accused are harassed and interrogated (that's apart from the nasty 'barbed' comments made by this person about the accused as asides in the main channel) in other channels/pm and recently pm on project websites. In the 'real world' these unjust actions would not be allowed to happen unless we lived in a regime where the protagonist had the backing of some power base which approved of their actions. This sort of regime is the opposite of the society that we as free people strive to uphold. I decided some time ago that I would donate/rain/tip my winnings/rain back to the community by setting up a tank to save any rain and irpg winnings. I did this successfully for a while until I was accused of being a cheater and liar for having more than 1 irc account so I stopped and deleted my second account, Tanks. I have already said my bit about the defaming of my character (after repeated texts still doing this in the hangout) at a recent hangout. My personal belief is that irpg should be shut down now as it has become a cancer. It really benefits only the old users and not the new users as a faucet. We should continue our own benevolent rain/tips in the main channel as a way to show our appreciation for active contributing users and for new users to get a starting stake in their Gridcoin Wallet. By doing it this way it removes the opportunity for any individual to exercise unnecessary power over anyone else. I decided some time ago to hold onto any rain or tips I received and rain or tip contributing active users and new users and not withdraw them to my wallet. I will continue to tip new users and active contributing users. Oh yes the poll. The poll has ended with no real majority decision either way. Polls sometimes end this way and we need to move on. Oh by the way, I won't be replying to comments. Everyone is free to comment. Posted this here 'cause I couldn't find a place that I thought was suitable. If anyone has objections please advise me where it should be posted.
  11. Back in the swing of things again Traderman. Look forward to more articles to comment on..
  12. My wallet running on Windows 10 seems to have hit a 'glitch'. I downloaded the blocks again and restarted and now it seems to be stuck on block 217336 with PoR Dificulty 0.00. I'm still getting both interest and PoR, got some of both early this morning. Anyone finding something similar happening?
  13. It's a shame that Suchflex has shut down. I never like to see a shutdown of this sort but sometimes it can be necessary in order to protect the Intellectual Property of the business. I really hope this is the case here. Ivan and John you are welcome here in this community and we hope to have you in our hangout again in the near future. Best of luck..
  14. According to this short Reddit thread, they are GPU mining whatever PoW is most profitable at the moment. Sounds like a pragmatic policy to me. Same applies to DrugDiscovery@home and their token. I've been playing with Suchflex for the past few days. Boinc is included under the hood, once you activate the CPU mining you cannot access your own Boinc, also the gaining is low so i don't use it . on the other hand the GPU mining works nicely and my good pc (two nvidia 1060) can do around 1.70 UDS per day. I've configured it to use only 55% percent of my GPU because my magnitude is more important to me at current time. Whoever want to play with it this is my invite link ... db I've been trying to say for a while that once you activate suchflex you cannot access your own BOINC. Glad to know I wasn't the only person to find that out. I was starting to doubt myself and wondering whether I had got it wrong. I even had thoughts of trying again just to check I hadn't 'gone potty' in my old age. To me this is a negative as it no longer allows me the free choice to BOINC my choice of projects simply for science. I won't be going the Suchflex route at the moment and I'll stay solo with Gridcoin and BOINC. In the future if that changes and/or I have a spare machine to use Suchflex I might try it again..
  15. A very interesting idea and simple to do.. put [Gridcoin] after the user name. Free advertising isn't a bad idea as well. Certainly something to think about, simple and elegant.