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  1. Here we go again!! C'mon, wus to upload ..
  2. Customminer, "Typically, when security vulnerabilities are disclosed by security researchers this is done in private and patched before being publicly disclosed within update release notes (so that it's not abused in production by malicious actors). There has been no intentional deceit against Gridcoin users, the security researcher's work was news to the majority of the community (due poor communication)." If this is the case why were the 'security vulnerabilities' disclosed by security researchers not publicly disclosed in some other way. You say they were disclosed in the update release notes I haven't checked that so I can't vouch for that. Considering that these 'security vulnerabilities' are of concern to all users, new and old, why wasn't a public statement released in September 2016? Customminer, "This has never been an official Gridcoin 'ethos/statement', just a snippet which you began posting everywhere. How are you supposed to be trusted if you're a new user in the first place? It's an exclusionary stance and I don't stand by it; cryptocurrency is trustless by design for a reason. Likewise, life isn't fair, you don't need to be tolerant of everything, people can be who they want to be, they can be as private as they individually wish and they don't need to refrain from anything." I think this portion of your post truly shows us your arrogant attitude towards any ethos, new users and the community in general. You are obviously here for yourself, the 'trustless cryptocurrency' (profit) and not for either the community or to benefit BOINC and science as the majority of the community are. Customminer, "That's entirely up to you and frankly we can't provide you financial advice; there are always other BOINC teams to crunch for and very similar cryptocurrencies like foldingcoin/curecoin which could use your computing power if you desire rewards. You should always diversify your investments (monetarily, emotionally and time wise), rather than put all your eggs in a single basket." Your sarcasm here, considering you know me fairly well, is obviously not unintentional. I could be be equally sarcastic but I won't lower myself to your level. Customminer, "Such individuals have severely degraded their own reputation by repeatedly creating poor quality content (It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result). I have seen zero complaints about reddit posts being downvoted, only steemit posts because there is a loss of potential rewards behind poor quality content being flagged by the community. I'd suggest that such users rather than regurgitating information they don't understand to the public, that they spend some time performing analysis on the topics to create quality content that people actually want to reward. If you disagree with downvotes, acquire more steem power to negate downvotes. Steemit != Gridcoin" This statement certainly lays out your 'modus operandi'. Flippant denigration seems to be your mainstay. I certainly hope that one day you will see that intelligent rebuttal, if you disagree with someone or think that a post is of low quality, will serve you far better than name calling or imposing your 'power'. I suppose this comes with maturity. Customminer, In closing, I respect your confidence and opinions on most matters, but I believe that you are mistakenly guided by the view that you are mostly right and a cut above those around you. The sooner that you come back down and join those of us who have their feet firmly planted on the ground the better for you. “Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.” ― Albert Camus
  3. Thank you for your transparency!! The history of these security issues is truly 'mind blowing' and the fact that they have been hidden from the community is a major trust issue for me and I'm sure for others too!! Our ethos has taken a hammering, I'm personally embarrassed considering the number of times I've used: "Be a part of the Community .. Be Helpful .. Rerain .. Be Transparent .. Be Trusted .. Be Fair .. Be Reasonable .. Be Tolerant .. Be Yourself .." as a statement in IRC. I honestly find myself in a quandary as to whether I should continue with Gridcoin. I suppose that will depend on whether the relevant so called 'trusted upper echelon' community members and Rob Halford himself, can persuade me why I should continue to put my trust in this project when it is now obvious that our trust has been abused by ignoring warnings and the obfuscation that has continued since September 2016. There are also other issues that need to be addressed such as, the denigration of individuals who have been trying to 'pull back the curtain' and reveal issues. In the light of these recent revelations, it would seem that hiding things from the community view is the way things are done here as a norm. I pride myself in my research and due diligence as I'm in my 'senior years' and I'm very upset with myself that my 'nose' for chicanery has failed me. I really do want to believe in this project, but at this juncture I am so discouraged by these events and the inevitable 'fallout', that I am finding it very difficult to continue in my normal positive frame of mind.
  4. Join slack .. most is done there and posts often result from there .. pm an email and I'll invite you ..
  5. Earl, we all donate to newbies. i was one once.
  6. Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade. Windows client running without a hitch. Neural network does only show 21 projects. Have deleted NN folder and done execute syncdpor2 in the console as previously with old folder it showed 25 projects.
  7. A 'bug' was found in the code which means not all the whitelisted projects made it into the superblock. I personally can only see 7 projects in the Whitelist in the Neural Network and my mag is far lower than it should be. I'm not worried at all as I have been assured that it will be rectified ASAP. Do not worry about losing any BOINC credits or PoR this will not happen as any coins owed will still be in the blockchain. The Devs are working on it right now.
  8. Erelas you sound like a person 'after my own heart' and frankly I am glad that this discussion has brought you 'out of the shadows'. I would love to see you more involved in the community here, on Steemit, IRC and hopefully in our hangouts. We have a hangout this Saturday so grab yourself a cheap head set at your local store if you don't already have one and join us not only for the formal discussion but for the 'after party'. There's not better way to get your opinions heard than verbally! So Erlas, welcome to the community and don't slip back into the shadows .....
  9. U R back and looking good. Jealous!!
  10. Well I may have been annihilated, humiliated and had my brian fried .. However I enjoyed it .. I can only get better .. Thanks Erkan for organising it .. more, more .. Man, I do like to torture myself in the faint hope that I'll improve!!
  11. Does any one know what's happening at Moo? Project website seems to be offline completely at the moment. The links in the defining post c.m. are linked to Milkyway and not Moo perhaps you could correct them.
  12. Unfortunately it seems that RTMoney_ suffered a bereavement in his family and has been out of the loop as a result. I'd like to offer our condolences on behalf of the community to RTMoney_ and family.
  13. Great Erkan, keep us posted on this. This is certainly a subject of personal interest to me.
  14. TN-Grid really shouldn't be removed from the Whitelist, it should have been Greylisted and given time to successfully sort out its equipment and modify its work units. Work units for both Linux and Windows are available and running well now.