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  1. Find out what will be the price of bitcoin in 2019, and how cryptocurrency industry will grow in 2019
  2. Find what is actually blockchain technology, how it works, what are the benefits of blockchain technology, and what is the future of blockchain technology.
  3. Bitcoin price is often volatile, but whenever the bitcoin price becomes high or low, everyone will think about who is deciding the price of bitcoin, and what are the factors behind the price of bitcoin.
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  6. All over the world, the network of cryptocurrency exchanges often getting hacked and met security breaches. This article explains how bitcoin exchanges are getting hacked and also explains how to prevent the security breaches.
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  10. By experiencing the security, integrity and transparency of this immense technology, many industries started to grab it for their enhanced data storing and retrieving methodologies. Banking industry was the first to adopt it, and after that SCM, e-commerce, and now health industry
  11. There are many cryptocurrency exchange startup service providers have raised in market but following this guide can help you to choose the right one!
  12. As we have entered into the final quarter of 2018, it is very important to know that what will be the trends of 2019. We should bring some predictions and forecasting’s to face the next business year of cryptocurrency.
  13. I have found this article have given a brief discussion about cryptocurrency industry trading trends of 2019 and bitcoin price predictions for the upcoming year for more details check out here cryptocurrency trends 2019
  14. Every one around the world are professing that ICO's are un-trusted way of crowdfunding method, it happened because of recent ICO scams, but the fact is ICO's can execute genuine way of crowdfunding methodologies. With Security Token Offerings ICO's now become more trusted, and can be beneficial for both investors and the fund collector. But to create security tokens it involves a lot of rules and it must pass general eligibility. At bitdeal we provide efficient security token offering services and also ethereum token creation services. We would like to a part of the revolution which concerns in making the ICO' s back again to the market. To get our security token offering (STO) services. Mail : [email protected] Phone : +91 9677555651

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