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  1. thank you but I got a lot of requests and many people asked me to continue with this project unfortunately not in this forum, but to my surprise, I got really good replies and private messages in bitcointalk and decided to continue with the development and relive this great idea, already working on the first prototype and assembling a team. I will post more details about the development soon.
    Israeli banks disappoint I among the few people the look at bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as "digital cash " & technology but they announce that bitcoin is a "digital asset" and you need to pay 25% taxes and that it's not a payment method, I guess we living in a world where I must accept the fact that cryptocurrencies become nothing more than something to "invest" and HODL instead of using this amazing free world technology to buy things as originally it was designed to do so. but I must say I Respect Ivan because he is few of the YouTubers that explaining the technology behind and not talking where to invest and in what to invest bitcoin and crypto is much more than a digital asset to HODL don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with HODL but to many people just doing that and not really using crypto in their daily life i feeling like we missing the whole point and the idea behind Bitcoin and other cryptos.
  2. I will explain better the question and what I want from this post and from the comminute here, in cryptocurrencytalk. I member here since 2013 and one of the reasons I was registered to this forum it because I began the developing some idea and how to use bitcoin blockchain to do something more than most of the coins did back their just changing the maximum supply and all other parameters the name and there you got a new coin, in 2012 it was a " wild a west" many scams many "shit coins" without any use, it was hard to trust sending you coins to"anonymous address ". and I decided to at least tried to do something with blockchain transaction other than sending, receiving, sending a message, and using anonymous address, and deliver some trust in people when making deal with crypto coins, and in an easy way, anyone can use. and not only changing "name coin" to "chme coin". I stopped the idea and the development because my hard drive died but the main reason: as much as I tried and worked hard on this project, I was "one man team " with the idea and vision then........................................................ "LIFE" happened you know, work, things to take care, responsibilities I sure many people will understand me. my question and the whole point of this post: most of the time I hear "invest this" "Invest" in that, but Rarely "dude I just bought a new tv with that coin." or "I paid my rent with bitcoin", or "I bought coffee" I want to return trust and returns the title "currency" to Cryptocurrency so people can use it as "digital payment" and not just "hold" or :HODL" it's ok to invest and HODL but maybe it's me that feeling we kinda missing the whole point here Bitcoin is blockchain technology that created to be decentralized for to all people around the world and to use & utilized for their needs to serve a specific purpose. And Bitcoin is a "peer 2 peer payment network" and not only "peer 2 peer Crypto Stock Exchange network" and that applies to all cryptocurrencies is what I tried to solve and deliver in 2012-13 when I start the development, do this project and the IDEA behind it worthy To revive in 2018, and continue the development with the consideration of the comminute and needs for 2018? and if so, with your suggestion and what cryptocurrency need and I will relive this idea from 2013 together with your help.
  3. instead of fixed time you can send the time to expire when you sending the coins with hold , by the way, forgot to menation if hold not released the money not going back to the owner they lost just like you sent it to wrong address or scammer but this time if the money inside scammer wallet he will eat his hearth beause he can't use the coins
  4. someone suggest a good idea to set expiration date, so let's say you bought something and forgot to release the funds to the seller. it is a good idea but the problem with that what if it was a scammer and I didn't want to release the funds to him. so I was thinking let's say I bought something and forgot to release after 3 months I will receive notification to my wallet saying that the funds a sent with hold, the hold about to expire, and if i choose to ignore this funds will be released automatically to the seller but if not then probably it is a scammer and I did it on purpose and the funds remain with hold. that way if someone bought something and forgot to release it from hold the seller still receive his funds
  5. I more old school never did any airdrop what is the qualification for this?
  6. this is a project a started developing in 2013, and it has a serval good reason why. The growth and development of Crypto with time brought not only a new technology to the world, but also various scams. a supposedly legendary digital cash without chargeback became an ideal honeypot for scammers you can't deal with all the problems but I was trying to do something with the most of them and it's not going to eliminate all the scams but at least it will motivate to do things more legit and better faster service(including packing and shipping the product fast and good as possible) and at least motivate people to use their crypto instead of holding (today it HODL) but yet it still gives the answer and return the true property to cryptocurrency as digital cash as currency. SCAM SITES scam sites that present their self as a legit website, and that you buying something but you never receive it and it's just another bogus trade transaction. PHISHING SCAMS pretending to be some other famous website, that once again when you buying something you first send the money and only then receive your goods but because it's a phishing site you losing your money and not receiving any of the goods. MALICIOUS JAVA CODE INJECTIONS injecting java code that replacing coin address on the website and you just sending your coins to some scammers, without realizing that. ESCROW SERVICES people that supposed ESCROW you deal with the seller and to release your money to the vendor, was running away with your coins after receiving. STRAIGHT FORWARD BUYING DEAL Bob wants to sell computer for X coins to Alice sending the coins Bob said he shipped and give her tracking number Alice happy thinking that her new computer on her way and happily giving Bob her Coins, but for her surprise, she received an empty envelope and not a package. THE SOLUTION chargeback, you can buy safer knowing that if you bought something over the net and it didn't ship or fake shipped, similar to PayPal or you sent to wrong address you can create a dispute case and claim your money back. Although this solved the majority of the problems, this is creating another problem the decentralized become centralized and you need a third party involved and that is not good and kinda defeats the whole point of cryptocurrency. and also become sort of place for scammers, I sending Bob coins to buy other coins after receiving them I doing a chargeback and Bob losing his coins and I remain. so how can we use our CryptoCurrency and motivate the buyer to buy and the seller to ship or deliver what promise? THE REAL SOLUTION to motivate the sellers to ship give the buyer what he paid for and eliminate at least most of the scams the solution that I start developing in 2013 was "one-way hold" that allows you to send a transaction from A to B just like you do with all other cryptocurrency but with one exception that change everything: you can put transaction amount on "hold" and release it after the seller shipped as promised or you receive the promise. how does it work: it's a little bit more complicated than that but in short: when putting transaction with "hold" the sender entering passkey and it's added to transaction tx additional data to block to release from the hold that can be done only from the same wallet or same private key, after entering the passkey and sent as subtransaction that miners validate after the validation the balance released from hold because releasing from transaction it sort of the transaction to avoid spam and pay the miners releasing and putting on hold have a fee and this is for 2 manly reasons: 1) avoid spam on the blockchain 2) and since adding additional sha256 pass is additional bytes which increase the block size to avoid people just sending holds for fun, or without any real use I sorry for the quality of the video this is the only video I've got from 2013 I sending 15 test coins from wallet A to wallet B and instead of the regular transaction, I put hold entering a password for this "hold" wallet B receiving the transaction with status "received withhold" and red lock, the wallet shows that the 15 coins recived with hold then I going back to wallet A clicking on the transaction I sent entering the password and un-hold it wallet B received notification that the funds released from hold and now the Status went from "received with hold" to "received" and changed to green now wallet B can use this coins one-way hold in real life usage: Alice wants to buy From Bob ps4 Bob knowing the nature of crypto and Alice also so Bob say first where is my guarantee that you will pay me after I ship? and Alice say what our my if I paid what are my guarantee that you not going to disappear after the transaction? so they both agree on soon as Bob see that Alice sent Bob Money Bob will ship ps4 with tracking number. Alice sent Bob coins and set that transaction with "one way hold" Bob Received coins and waited for 3 transaction confirmations to see it's legit and no double spending. Bob see that he received coins and they confirmed, so now he knows that Alice send all money as promised Allice after receiving the PS4 as promise release Bob's coins from hold and Bob able to use it. The motivation for Seller Why Scam or phishing? even that you received your coins you not able to use the coins until client release from hold after receiving everything as promised and a motivation to pack it nicely and ship it as fast as he can to release from hold The motivation for Buyers upper hand when making a deal online or even offline, and since this is only one-way hold he already sent the coins the transaction irreversible even if Alice not going to release from hold her money is already sent she can't reverse the transaction it's only one way hold, there is no point to not unhold, unless the seller is a scammer, or she just want to screw him up but still she doesn't get her coins back doing so they are gone forever. before you say something like: this is maybe a problem what if someone forgot his password what if he doesn't want to release the money I'm aware of this but I also aware that till this day only one side is capable of doing this and it was always the one who received the coins and from here most of the scams and those who sent the coins never had an upper hand. but this time the coins are flipped and both sides have the motivation, to do things right. I was thinking to implement expiration time i case someone forgot to release from hold so if you forgot to release the funds after X period of time the hold will be released but then if you put the hold and didn't release it Deliberately so after X of time you will receive a reminder inside your wallet "you didn't release the funds it's about to expires" and if you choose to ignore than you probably just forgot to release and they will be released automatically but if you not ignoring and clicking than it remain with hold because you probably don't want that that person receive the funds. in 2013 I stopped the development because my hard drive died and because later when I want to restore the development in 2014 VItalik introduced the Ethereum and the smart contract concept and begin with crowdfunding theoretically with the smart contracts can eliminate the problems that I tried to solve but after almost 5 years I still see there is not really a solution for that and even Ethereum you have the smart contact but does the average consumer or user will able to program this smart contract and use this and honestly how many people know how to program with Solidity hardcore. Ethereum is super excellent platform, but it is a programming platform I want to make things easy for daily use. and for buying and using crypto as currency digital cash over the internet and local shops. Specifications it was built upon Litecoin Scrypt and to be released not pre-mine and fair since in 2013 most of the coins price was based on trust, remember we talking about 2013 no ICOS' and tokens at that time. in order to give miners a motivation to mine and using this, coins I went and drove to other cities and went physically to local shops that are shipping worldwide. explained the concept I wanted to create online mall for this coin where I put all vendors that agree to accept my coin some of the vendors that agree Business Printing- that offered printing solutions business cards flyers promotion products Gift shop- cool gifts,t-shirts mugs and many other cool stuff computer and hardware store I actually contacted again a few days ago and they still willing a specially after hearing all the buzz about bitcoin on the news. anyway I wanted to create interest to give coin some value(no ICO and no tokens this is 2013 coin value is worth only with trust) and the reason I choose scrypt in 2013 was that sha256 was facing already Asic problem and most of the people can't really afford to invest in Asic and as for Scrypt there wasn't yet solutions like Asic but you able to mine it with your CPU or GPU i also was considering quark to restrict only with CPU but i went with Scrypt. and that seems fair to me to spread that kind of coin that almost every one with a computer able to mine it. I can tell you about the coin information algorithm maximum coins and all other good stuff but since all my consideration was based on 2013 and the technology and need of that time in 2018 it's useless. since scrypt is not that effective and much more interesting algorithms released and people learned many other things about the technology and uses such the problem with bitcoin block size so my only question is does the world need another cryptocurrency? I will answer my self: maybe. but does the word need cryptocurrency with this concept: definitely yes so I asking the kind people in this forum and bitcointalk is this worthy to continue developing? and if so since almost 5 years past and scrypt is not really an option anymore if the community say yes that I suggest this time let's create it together since 5 years a lot have been changed and most of the work needed to be done from scratch to fit 2018 needs so first we need to select: the name of the coin coin algorithm maximum supply difficulty transaction confirmations and all other essential components that the community wants and need. and if such function available in another coin that I not familiar well, this why I created this post at least to know if I should continue with this. and if you do think that this is worthy than I promise to create this in a most transparent way always updating writing blog posting videos on any tiny progress. something that I till days see not many of coins do. so please first let me know if it's worthy to continue to develop and to release and I would really like to hear your suggestion.
  7. "sound" interesting got it? because of music and media blockchain technology, anyway best of luck with that project.
  8. new coins you get alot rejection at first till the diff level high than it should be ok, any way good luck with the coin look awesome
  9. by the way what is the port?
  10. try to add me as a node
  11. "version" : 80602, "protocolversion" : 70002, "walletversion" : 60000, "balance" : 0.00000000, "blocks" : 0, "timeoffset" : 0, "connections" : 0, "proxy" : "", "difficulty" : 0.00024414, "testnet" : false, "keypoololdest" : 1390099173, "keypoolsize" : 101, "paytxfee" : 0.00000000, "mininput" : 0.0 still won't connect

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