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  1. I tried mining Worldcoin's today on xPool and had the same problem. My hash rate 1/10th of what it is on other pools. I monitored my miner for a little while and it doesn't seem to be getting any work like other pools.
  2. I think there is something wrong with xPool and someone should take a look at it. I noticed that the pool hash rate goes way down throughout the day on multiple coins at the same time, strange. Take a look at the hashrate on Worldcoin, Casinocoin, Globalcoin, and Nyancoin you will see what I'm talking about. When I point my miner at the pool, I can barley get any work from the pool. The statistics show my miner at about 2 H/s, my miner should be around 10 MH/s. There are times that the pool is running fine, but right now it is not.

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