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  1. Dear clients and friends! We are glad to announce some new important updates on CoinReform.com: Now you can track all your transactions through blockchain explorers on coinreform order status page - we’ve added links for Dogecoin, Emercoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Blackcoin. Exchange orders with fixed amount now have random deposit address so it’s easier to track your order. Before an update deposit address was re-used so if you’ve created multiple orders the first order will be completed instead of the last one. Now this issue has been resolved. We’ve added an ability to track order’s status through email because some clients were experiencing problems or closing exchange status page accidentally. Email is an optional feature you can still use CoinReform without specifying any personal details. Support for CoinReform has been added to the Emercoin’s wallet since version 0.6.2. Now you can exchange your Emercoin to all available currencies right from your wallet without even visiting coinreform.com website! We’re always open for suggestions and trying hard to make our service easier and intuitive to use for you. Please submit your feedback or feature requests via this link: https://www.coinreform.com/support. Regards, CoinReform team.
  2. Dear forum members! Last few months we’ve been working hard on redesigning CoinReform. Hopefully, you’ll like the new design on CoinReform. We’ve tried to make the website more modern, functional and improve user experience. What’s changed? • Complete re-design of CoinReform. Now you can use https://www.coinreform.com from your mobile phone or tablet. • Monero is now supported at https://www.coinreform.com ! For a client options visit https://getmonero.org. • Affiliate program https://www.coinreform.com/affiliate-program. We’ve developed an affiliate program. Attract customers to CoinReform and earn up to 10%! Or you can integrate our engine on your website through our API https://www.coinreform.com/faq/api. • Monitoring websites integration. Now you can get actual rates used for exchange at CoinReform at this link: https://www.coinreform.com/export-rates That’s all for now! But more coming soon... Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback about: • website experience, usability, interface; • new features you’d like to see; • new currencies at https://www.coinreform.com/support. Regards, CoinReform Development Team.
  3. Dear friends! We’ve created cryptocurrency community in Telegram - please join us - telegram.me/coinreformen! Regards, CoinReform team.
  4. Dear friends! We are glad to announce that Ethereum is supported! Convert Ethereum to another coin without fee here: https://www.coinreform.com/ We wish you nice exchange experience at CoinReform.com! Regards, CoinReform team.
  5. New exchange directions at CoinReform.com! Dear friends and cryptocurrency users! We are glad to announce that we've added support for new cryptocurrencies: * Peercoin * Namecoin * Emercoin * Blackcoin We're continuously working on new features and constantly improving CoinReform.com, however without your feedback it’s hard to know what needs to be implemented first. So, please, if you’d like new feature or new cryptocurrency support contact us through: https://www.coinreform.com/contact or leave a message here. Just to remind you: + There is no need in registration to use CoinReform.com! + Exchange rate is fixed for 10 minutes if you specify actual amount. + All exchanges are automatic (actual transfer happens when there is certain amount of confirmations) + You can re-use received exchange address infinite times Current exchange directions you can find at: https://www.coinreform.com/fees-limits We wish you nice exchange experience at CoinReform.com! Regards, CoinReform team.
  6. CoinReform.com is a new cryptocurrency service which allows you to convert one type of cryptocurrency to another (e.g.: Bitcoin to Litecoin). CoinReform.com advantages: There is no need in registration All conversions are happening automatically once there is certain amount of confirmations on the blockchain[/li] Rate is fixed for 10 minutes Simple and powerful API Deposit address is bound to destination address and can be reused How to use CoinReform.com website? You need to choose type of source/destination cryptocurrency you’d like to exchange (e.g. Bitcoin to Litecoin)[/li] Fill your receiving address (e.g. Litecoin address) All other fields are optional, but you can use them as wellRefund address is used in case you send more than a maximum allowed amount for this direction, refunds are automatic if refund address was specified otherwise please contact our support. If you would like to get certain amount of cryptocurrency - use optional Amount field. CoinReform.com will give you a deposit address You need to send cryptocurrency to the deposit address. It will take some time to get required number of confirmations and after that you’ll get a converted cryptocurrency to your receiving address (Litecoin address in this example). After completing these 5 steps you can reuse the deposit address: just send suitable amount to deposit address without visiting a website and you’ll get your coins automatically exchanged at the address you’ve specified in 2). Adam Saferite, the head of CoinReform.com: “CoinReform simplifies the process of cryptocurrency conversion for everyone. CoinReform blurs the difference between blockchains. Just make one exchange at the website, record your deposit address and convert your cryptocurrency from one type to another without visiting CoinReform.com. CoinReform saves your time.” CoinReform.com was founded in 2016. It’s a young and highly demanded service for quick cryptocurrency exchange. Reform your coins with CoinReform.com! www.coinreform.com

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