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  1. Moderation Notice Thread moved to Technical Support sub-forum
  2. You will not. The blockchain will only count RAC credits for projects listed on the white-list.
  3. Moderation Notice This topic was split from another thread as it was unrelated to the thread. Related replies was moved as best as possible. Please keep on-topic on the forum. Thanks!
  4. If your CPID never changed you should still receive all the reward your owed. Though, since the team has gained quite a few members and processing power it can be that your rewards scrunk due to this and that your reward isn't the estimated. I'm a little uncertain on the process of this in the wallet, and how accurate it is.
  5. Considering Windows 7 support ended in 2015, and now only has 2 years before extended support from Microsoft ends it's highly unlikely that an issue with running the software will be a high priority.
  6. Hi @rossotron I'm not entirely sure if the wallet has issues working on Windows 7. I've forwarded your question to our development group on Slack.
  7. Issues and feature requests can be submitted to the Github.com repository at https://github.com/startailcoon/Gridcoinstats-IssuesTracker
  8. Thread locked as it's no longer specific to gridcoinstats.eu. Please continue conversation in appropriate thread.
  9. Did this project solve their statistics delay issue? Last time we de-listed them was because they only updated stats for users on a weekly basis. Is this solved, or no longer a problem?
  10. When the change from free-for-all faucet to only allow active CPIDs I disabled the possibility to type in a single address. I will change this soon, so you can chose the payout address instead of the site picking one linking to the CPID.
  11. That is true. The recent change in that you need an active CPID to get rewards from the faucet means you can't receive coins if you haven't staked at least once. I'm looking on ways to enabled the free-for-all faucet again soon.
  12. Current Problem with Rewards on Gridcoin and proposed solutions I have posted a paper on Steemit with a proposal on the issue with rewards distribution on the network. Please read it at Steemit on: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@sc-steemit/current-problem-with-rewards-on-gridcoin-and-proposed-solutions Discussions can be held here, Steemit or on GitHub.
  13. Thanks @Mr. Wood. It has been corrected together with the same spelling error across the page :) The Sponsored faucet fund was originally a donation from the foundation funds to reward users with some more each time, when they are joining in as Researchers and gain a valid CPID. As an active BOINC cruncher you gain about 3-5x more from that fund plus a starting bonus. The base faucet fund is donations and coins I add to it.

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