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  1. Climate Prediction

    Did this project solve their statistics delay issue? Last time we de-listed them was because they only updated stats for users on a weekly basis. Is this solved, or no longer a problem?
  2. Gridcoinstats - More than just Another Blockexplorer

    When the change from free-for-all faucet to only allow active CPIDs I disabled the possibility to type in a single address. I will change this soon, so you can chose the payout address instead of the site picking one linking to the CPID.
  3. Gridcoinstats - More than just Another Blockexplorer

    That is true. The recent change in that you need an active CPID to get rewards from the faucet means you can't receive coins if you haven't staked at least once. I'm looking on ways to enabled the free-for-all faucet again soon.
  4. Current Problem with Rewards on Gridcoin and proposed solutions I have posted a paper on Steemit with a proposal on the issue with rewards distribution on the network. Please read it at Steemit on: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@sc-steemit/current-problem-with-rewards-on-gridcoin-and-proposed-solutions Discussions can be held here, Steemit or on GitHub.
  5. Gridcoinstats - More than just Another Blockexplorer

    Thanks @Mr. Wood. It has been corrected together with the same spelling error across the page :) The Sponsored faucet fund was originally a donation from the foundation funds to reward users with some more each time, when they are joining in as Researchers and gain a valid CPID. As an active BOINC cruncher you gain about 3-5x more from that fund plus a starting bonus. The base faucet fund is donations and coins I add to it.
  6. Don't apologize for raising this topic. I started to mention it because I to believe it's vital to discuss it and come to some sort of standing point. I still believe that we need to set he voting threshold at some minimum level. I would advice between 5-15%. Around 8-10% is a fair level imho. I understand the way you think, but if a poll gains over 65% for something but had below 5% voting participate I wouldn't say it has consensus even if it was 100% for something. We could do this as polls are completed, but without a soft guideline it's difficult to reason why one poll was declined and one approved depending on participation.
  7. If the outcome of this poll is no, do you have any proposals on how to let users retract their votes later on if the community decides against having this option? I don't think we need to vote on this, cause voting is a final decision. What we do need is an official document on how to set a good poll, yes. Draft a good document how when to use the desired options. We should also, as mentioned before and tried before, set a rough guideline on how large of a crowd we wish to have participated to claim the poll was unanimous and should be followed. We can't have 100% participation, but I think 10-15% is a good estimate of active voters.

    Rob states a fixed rate of reinbursment, $30/hour. This rate is a very low and the community is getting experienced developers for a very good price. Reaching out to other places asking what they will request, you will not get this low. Rob also states a reasonable timeframe system with productive items. With "productive items" I'm sure that he are quite able to understand what are and aren't productive items. None is saying that someone could go out and say they spent 300 hours on something and then hasn't anything to show. It wouldn't even work. Rob will most likely be the one in the end that can assess and approve something from someone as he will also be the one taking invoices and sending out funds. IF we would use up the entire foundation fund on paying developers, which I would have NOTHING against since I think this is just what the funds would be very good suited for, we are talking about ~50 000 man hours. That's a shitload of hours to be spent on development, that's almost 6 years of development! Stop being so ranting and questioning person and start come back with some constructive ideas on how you wish this could be done if there's something that bugs you. Rob has FOR ONCE reached out and asked about something. I know how many that have been wondering why Rob never sais anything or if he's left everyone for themselves. Now he states a REALLY GOOD QUESTION, and all you give is ranting. - What do YOU think is a better way to do? - What do YOU think is a good upper limit? - What do YOU think Rob should do to handle the development?

    @Rob Halförd - (Gridcoin) I stand behind your proposal for this. We need to use the funds for something and making some great progress in development is a very good thing, freeing you from full requirement to do all the coding. However, I think that someone, possibly You, should make a list of task that are needed to do that can be paid for. We shouldn't hand out funds to anyone that sends in a requisition. Any task that you know needs work, like Neural Network fixes, Beacon deletion system, Torrent distribution of Boinc stats etc. should be typed down and assessed for how much work it would take. If someone wish to do a task that isn't proposed they can bring it up and make a proposal. The key thing is that it needs to be approved by You or someone you entitle trust with that can assess these things.
  10. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    There could be ways to better describe this in the page during events like these I guess. I will look on the wording and maybe add/change something in the future to make it more clear. Thanks for making it more clear for the users about this.
  11. Gridcoinstats - More than just Another Blockexplorer

    I've added your wish to the list and will look in to this.
  12. Climate Prediction

    Climate Prediction is not a project on the whitelist and isn't awarded in the Gridcoin blockchain. CPDN doesn't supply stats daily and wasn't successful in getting voted in. There could be another drive again if enough users are interested.
  13. Gridcoinstats - More than just Another Blockexplorer

    For some reason this address has been linked to a few others, even tough it shouldn't. The reason there are two different balances is because the actual balance is 22m, and the others are 10m. But because the frontend doesn't connect the foundation address with any other addresses they are separated. I've fixed this atm. I've noticed that the value from the table sometimes does not display the correct value, because it's excluding the address you're actually looking at.
  14. Gridcoinstats - More than just Another Blockexplorer

    Well, that user has quite a few blocks on record :D But I can't see that the browser hangs when loading that page. Using Edge browser as well :P

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