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  1. ATLAS WUs: changed deadline
  2. Please be aware: that since yesterday (actually, since Aug. 13 and longer) there are currently investigations/claims about security flaws in Gridcoin by staff of the Ruhr University Bochum - Chair for Network and Data SECURITY Gridcoin members are working on this, and the security expert also joined the chat I'm catching up on the events in my post here
  3. the Cosmology domain expired :-(
  4. activity stats about the Gridcoin repository (many pics here)
  5. Gridcoin dev news! Upcoming milestones: 1. v8 stake engine (security/performance) 2. autotools (new build system)! more info + pic here
  6. We are 5500 blocks (est. 6 days) away from Gridcoin's #1millionBlock Do you have more ideas?
  7. current team challenges: GPUGrid (August 14-18) Gridcoin #1 from 17 teams 6th SETI@Home-Wow!-Event 2017 (August 15-29) #15 from 85 teams IMPORTANT: users have to sign up individually !
  8. new Gridcoin poll: Do you approve the One Millionth Block Commemorative Coin proposal? (vote until August 21)
  9. August 14: the Penta funds were transferred to NeuralMiner, see here
  10. Thank you NeuralMiner see txid: 879d8699628fa446424328a0f07446ac164eb1f38342126983f37198b5c6751e (I did 2 days ago a test transfer also just to make sure all would work)
  11. yoyo has a new test app for linux64
  12. 10h ago we had 213.3 million net weight (block #993273)
  13. are you a new Gridcoin user? then you likely need to create the config file, see otherwise... I'd suggest looking in your debug.log for some,perhaps helpful error messages
  14. The mag unit fell down to 0.15 :-( I just switched to PoS and will do PoR again once the mag unit is higher again How to switch to staking as investor (PoS) only?
  15. seems there is a problem with WUs for Universe