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  1. Downloaded the file but its taking forever to sync the last 4 months. Are there not many nodes anymore? Its been running for days now
  2. Solo?

    I cant even find an active pool to test on. I have my wallet sync'd. I tried looking at mining calculators and cant find any that I trust but if you look at the mining info from the wallet it shows the network hashrate is just over 100MH/s, which is pretty low... even a low end Scrypt ASIC should be able to be a pretty decent percent of that.
  3. Solo?

    Hi. So long story short, HBN is the first PoS coin I ever messed with. I mined some a long time ago and have been staking since. I did buy some awhile back as well just to see how staking changes with the number of coins. Id now like to try solo mining and it seems to be setup right but i havent mined anything in 24 hours. I should have hit something with my hash rate by then. Is this coin totally dead or can someone assist here? Thanks

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