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  3. RT @Photoshop: What's your go-to #Photoshop keyboard shortcut? @kyletwebster gives his 7. More on his blog: https://t.co/s3KDERJDvS https:/…

  4. ???? بِسْمِكَ اللّهُمَّ اَحْيَا وَاَمُوْتُ :#FridayReads

  5. RT @CNN: Donald Trump: "I find the press to be extremely dishonest." https://t.co/6lsqCq3eXm https://t.co/Zz5s1Y7IBF

  6. 8 of the greatest Optical illusions in Art #Indy500 https://t.co/PCyuvAmfwh

  7. The bitcoin freelancers site, where employers pay for projects in bitcoin and freelancers get paid in bitcoin... https://t.co/Tzfz7Trg9r

  8. Gov. John Kasich of Ohio tried to present himself as the adult in the room during debates https://t.co/MFML8mkSCp https://t.co/MWYPzedj92

  9. Here’s how the most dedicated Star Wars fans are celebrating #MayThe4thBeWithYou https://t.co/Rn5JyHRhD1 https://t.co/ZvVZQiTwKH

  10. RT @GregGeoghegan: Remember to send your GCoin address for payment. Thank you !!


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