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  1. You can create account on waves platform. https://wavesplatform.com/
  2. Done. 🙂
  3. You can still send me waves platform address.
  4. Currently you can trade your hasars with your desired pair on waves platform. It's really easy to make sell order on waves platform. Simply type hasar on waves platform and hasar/waves or hasar/bitcoin pair will show up.
  5. Sent. 🙂
  6. Hello Hasar, 

    I looked up the link as it appears that you have sent it however as you can see from the attached links that I have not yet received it. I will keep you appraised when I do receive your gift.

    Thanks for sending it and your effort.



    1. hasar


      Hello, now I see what's the problem. You sent me the exchange address. Your address must be your own waves platform address. You can open account on waves platform or download the platform to your pc and open your account. Because exchange owns that address and that means tokens under that address is not your property.

  7. I see you received the tokens on waves explorer. https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PDcMECKt7kAGFN4fRwSmiMnfiN7sU2YWyn
  8. Sent. 🙂
  9. Sorry to hear that. What is your address?
  10. Do you have waves address?
  11. All sent 🙂
  12. That's cool. ☺️

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