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  1. XPTX is one year old! We're working on the update. Looking at paying for a listing on Cryptopia. Also, we'll be doing a giveaway when the new client launches. After a year, everything is still up and running. Glad to see lots of people staking.
  2. There was an issue found on the BCT thread about staking. Staking is 230% per year. The OP showed 23%. OP has been changed.
  3. Updated Block Explorer to newest version which now includes Movements and Network. Additional addnode added bring the total to 4 nodes. addnode=
  4. Block explorer is going to be offline today while we move to another better server.
  5. Right on. No bullshit. Let's get to mining and making money.
  6. Addnodes have changed. New addnodes are listed in OP and below. addnode= addnode= addnoce= Old addnodes are going offline in about an hour.
  7. Openbazaar is a great project. I installed in awhile ago to play around with and loved it.
  8. Sorry for being away for so long. I'm still here and currently working on some updates. Block explorer had an issue which has now be resolved. As everyone can see from the block explorer, I haven't moved any coins since this project started. I've made zero money from this project. It's actually cost me money. The other developer working on the project got too busy with his regular job and other projects and he's dropped out. I'm in the process of bringing another developer on board. I'll be posting some more updates shortly, thanks to everyone for sticking around.
  9. Novaexchange has added PlatinumBar. BTC Market LTC Market
  10. The new version on Bitsquare has been released including PlatinumBAR!
  11. Block Explorer has been updated. 1. Shows the price on Yobit. 2. Difficulty is now based on POS. 3. Labels have been added for the Burn address / Developers address.
  12. Sent!
  13. Added to CMC.
  14. Sent up to this point!