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  1. Probably be moving this toward a Masternode based coin. Haven't figured out the fine details, but stock up now before the swap.
  2. While working on the update, we considered doing a swap to an X11 PoW / PoS coin. Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages. I think an X11 coin would attract more people from the community at large. We'd also be able to use a newer client with more features vs. integrating items into the existing client - which isn't great TBH. If we did this we'd probably adjust the staking percentage. The adjustment could be discussed. What does the community think about a swap to a new chain? This is just an idea. We wanted to get feedback from the community as to what they thought.
  3. Giveaway is over. Keep watching twitter and this thread as we're going to be running another giveaway soon.
  4. ALL COINS SENT. Giveaway is now over. Next giveaway happening in a day or two. Stay tuned for details! Thanks to all who participated!!!!
  5. All sent up to this point. Will resume sending out tomorrow.
  6. Please post the link to the tweet. Screen grabs DO NOT COUNT. A screen grab w/ a link is fine.
  7. All sent up to this point.
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  10. Paste the link, not the code.
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  14. Need to post the tweet.
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