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  1. Website release viral image contest! Win CGB for your submission - details here:http://www.reddit.com/r/CryptogenicBullion/comments/20wlh1/website_release_viral_image_contest_win_cgb_for/
  2. Website launch giveaway party continues! Get your free CGB!http://www.reddit.com/r/CryptogenicBullion/comments/20umoi/website_launch_party_cgb_giveaway_tipbot_cannons/
  3. It is with great pleasure that I announce the most recent updates from the Cryptogenic Bullion development team! Client Version - Updated splash screen - Updated logos - Updated checkpoints - Fix to getbalance vs listaccounts discrepancy Download here: http://cgb.holdings/#download Work has already begun on Version scheduled for release in about a month. Below is a sample set of the features we are looking to add in the next client: - Visualization of PoS staking and estimated time until next reward - Button for unlocking wallet to stake instead of having to go through the console - Update checkpointing code Lastly we have been working on a complete rework of the website (design and content) which will be released shortly. Stay tuned!
  4. CGB PoW block reward has halved again today further squeezing the supply of newly minted CGB. At this point only 112.5 new CGB are minted each day via PoW mining. At the current price of $0.72 USD per CGB, this means that $81 of new money per day is needed to be introduced in order to remain at the current baseline price! Any incremental investments will cause a rise in price. To put this in perspective, Bitcoin needs $2,160,000 of new money each day to maintain its current price! Add to this equation CGB's rarity of 1 million coins as opposed to Bitcoin's 21 million coins...WOW! I am extremely excited for the ride the CGB community is going to take and hope that more people seize this opportunity before it is gone!
  5. Check out the Gold/Silver hybrid logo and the new slogan!
  6. Logo design contest for http://cryptokopen.eu (where you can buy CGB for EU) sponsored by CGB: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=448668.new#new
  7. Very good question! Mercury is evaluating the possibilities here and will continue to share through his blog on the website. MADEsparq is really his baby so we will have to wait for him to share more information. Stay tuned!
  8. Hello CryptoCoinTalk members! My apologies for not being present here in some time but I will be going forward. OP has been updated and the CGB development team will be regulars.
  9. 100 CGB to the first mining pool, first exchange and first escrow service (must be announced here and bitcointalk)75 CGB to the second exchange (must be announced here and bitcointalk)1 CGB to the first 100 addresses posted hereNote: promotional bounties expire July 4th 12:01am est
  10. THE INVESTOR'S CRYPTO Exceptionally Rare | Interest Bearing PoW/PoS Hybrid Security Speed | Stability Multilingual Website Source Block Explorer Download Wallet Released in late June 2013, CGB was designed primarily with the investor in mind. With its accelerated mining period, and fast declining inflation, CGB is now entering it’s final stage as an interest bearing, low inflation, cryptographic virtual commodity. The mining period began with a reward of 10 CGB per block and has been halving around every 30 days, until a baseline reward of 0.01 CGB per block is reached, where it will remain forever. This baseline reward will contribute only 0.5% annually to the overall inflation. Up to 1.5% of the remaining inflation will be rewarded to the most prudent holders of CGB. To qualify for interest an investor must keep their funds unspent in their wallets for a minimum of 30 days (for 1.2% interest), and up to a maximum of 90 days (1.5% interest). With the baseline mining reward expected to be reached within 1 year of release, and the annual inflation target of 2% fast approaching, there is no better time for the serious investor to get involved and claim a stake in this unique virtual commodity. Specifications: • Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid • Scrypt • Linear difficulty retarget (every 2 blocks) • 5 Confirms • 60 Second block time • 10 Bullion per block (1st 55k blocks) • 1.5% Annual PoS Interest • Subsidy halving after every 50k blocks until reward of 0.01 is reached were it will remain in perpetuity • ~1,000,000 Cryptogenic Bullion cap with 0.5% annual PoW inflation Investor Brief: As investors, we must be willing to adapt when the game changes, or we risk being the last one holding the bag. Global debt levels are nearing the explosive end of a parabolic rise. Most of the problems that lead to the market crash in December of 2007 have become much worse. Evidence that interest rates, gold, commodities and other markets are being manipulated by the central banks has emerged leaving many investors struggling to tell truth from distortion. In this kind of a market it is very important to consider storing your wealth amongst a diverse range of assets. Not only does Cryptogenic Bullion emulate the properties of gold, a classic safe-haven asset, but it also represents a part of the movement towards a more fair and honest system of money. One thing that will strike the new investor is the sheer number of different crypto-currencies to choose from. The market is still new, and most of these have not been created with sound economic and social fundamentals. When we step back and look at the whole picture, we see a rivalry between miners, who complete difficult calculations to generate new coins, and investors, who are buying coins on the market based on perceived potential. A third unseen player in the market is the scammer. Since there is real capital involved, and due to the anonymous nature of crypto-currencies and the internet itself, these people are known to coordinate pump-n-dump scams and will even create new digital currencies just for this purpose. It is important, as investors, that we conduct our due diligence before allocating capital to ensure that we are both on the right side of a trade, and that we are supporting only those projects which deserve the capital. Capital flows can be understood when we realize that there are many different reasons to hold a crypto-currency. They can be held to spend, held to save, held to invest, and used to move funds from one person, place, or market to another. It is important to know this, because predicting changes in demand is how an investor can generate a return. Cryptogenic Bullion functions well for saving because of its low inflation rate, and the interest that can be earned by holding it. The value of Cryptogenic Bullion is not determined by how many markets it can directly trade to, nor by how many businesses and individuals will accept and hold it for spending, but from its fundamentals which allow it to serve as a more stable store of wealth. Donate to the CGB Foundation: 5kjx1krRwnn77LuTP8B2qb1cxwgkumBqgP Social Media: Follow the BULL on Twitter Like us on Facebook Discuss on Reddit For further information on Cryptogenic Bullion, please visit our website: http://cgb.holdings/

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