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  1. I saw now, that there is a new version of Gridcoinresearch out now, fixing a problem with sending beacons. It may be relevant. Read more here: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@barton26/new-gridcoin-leisure-update-3-6-3-0-released It is a 'leisure' update, so not mandatory, but it could be worth a try for you.
  2. Ok, this problem is also over my capacity, so I wish you best of luck. It's a shame it won't work for you.
  3. Hey again, I looked closer at the GRC wiki: http://wiki.gridcoin.us/Gridcoinresearch_config_file and it appears that some of those lines i wrote, aren't necessary. According to that wiki it should mostly just be the email and addnode lines, that should be in it. Cpumining is no longer necessary, so i'm not sure why I have it :) About those keys: they should be autogenerated. Also this section in the wiki: http://wiki.gridcoin.us/FAQ#What_needs_to_happen_to_be_added_to_the_chain_as_a_newbie.3F Do you have any gridcoins yet in your wallet? You need at least a few of them, to send out a beacon, so you get onto the network. You could write me your wallet address either here or in a PM, then I can try and send you some to get the beacon out. And according to the wiki, if you've locked your wallet, it should be unlocked until the beacon is sent out. But as you wrote originally, it is most likely due to your CPID not being recognized. Which Boinc projects do you participate in? And remember your email address must be the same in the wallet, as well as all the projects you participate in. I wish someone with more knowledge would chip in here, since I'm no expert.
  4. There are some tuturials links on the gridcoin site: http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/gridcoin-install.htm and also a description of how to manually configure the conf file, at the bottom of that page. However, those videos there, they say "outdated" on the youtube channel. So maybe they are no longer worthwhile. Well if you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a small description. I use linux myself, so I am not sure where it all resides on the windows structure. The installer should have created a conf file already? I guess you didn't enter your mail address upon installation of the gridcoin client? You can do a filesearch on 'gridcoinresearch.conf' of course. Note that you don't need to enter the boinc-directory into the conf file, unless you installed boinc itself into a non-standard directory. It is just important that the conf file is in the right directory of course where the wallet.dat file also resides. In your conf file, there should be a few lines aside from the email line. Mine looks similar to this: cpumining=true email=mymailaddress addnode=node.gridcoin.us addnode=gridcoin.asia addnode=grcmagnitude.com publickey(followed by a lot of letters and numbers) privatekey(again followed by a lot of letters and numbers) I admit I don't remember if this was automatically done upon installation here. Remember that the public and private keys, along with your mail address, should never be disclosed to anyone but yourself! Once your gridcoin client runs well, you should make a copy of your wallet.dat and the gridcoinresearch.conf files, onto someplace safe. Like a usb pen, or external hdd. This much I've read around, here and there, since they are paired. If you lose them, you won't be able to get your coins back. So that's why backups are important. I've run this gridcoinwallet for 3 months now, and in the beginning, it took me 14 days to get my first coins. I almost gave up. But now it's going well with it, it's just about patience. But after you get your first coin or 2, the client will send out a small transaction, this is the beacon, to announce your client on the network.
  5. Hey John, I also tried OpenLedger yesterday myself, just to see how it works. It's not easy to understand all this for newcomers, I admit. I don't yet understand myself, how it works, but I searched for an Openledger tutorial, but didn't find much. I wanted to convert some coins around yesterday, and ended up trying to buy a few other coins, for some gridcoins. I just went into advanced mode, and then into the Exchange. There are some offers below the "graph area", so I chose one with a small amount, so I didn't do too much damage. So I then traded some coins around. I probably got screwed, but oh well. I only spent a few gridcoins. Try finding BTC:GRC trading pairs. The "Easy Mode", also gave me some trouble similar to what you describe. But maybe someone more knowledgable with coin trading can educate us better :) About your CPID problem: Are you running the wallet on a PC where Boinc is running? And is your mail address listed inside the gridcoinresearch.conf where it should be? (Fx: email=yourmailaddress). I suggest trying a pool, until you have a few hundred GRC, unless you want to buy them of course. I can also give you a few GRC to get you started, if you want.
  6. Hey BeerGeekGamer, I think this beacon transaction is required yes (at least for solo), so it's a good thing :) Happens after the first few coins come in. But it won't hurt the pool transactions. Grcpool pays out about once a day. I also joined now, since it has become difficult for me to stake, after the new version of wallet came out 1st september. But as long as you have your wallet open so the pool can transfer to it, you should be fine. I just keep mine open 24/7, since I have 1 pc running, trying to stake those GRC I have yet to receive through solo mining. So the other pc's I have are on the pool. But I haven't had any problems with joining the pool at all. The GRC come daily in smaller quota.
  7. Hi, is it possible to view my own wallet address from the commandline somehow? I'm new to this and got it set up now (i think ). Well it sees my cpid fine and the daemon runs. But i've been unable to figure out, where i see my own wallet address. I figure this is kind of important to know? I've tried many things. Also this command: "gridcoinresearchd listreceivedbyaddress 0 true", hoping it would show some info about the wallet. However the daemon closes down seemingly, because after that command it can't connect to it anymore, until i do "sudo gridcoinresearchd" to restart it. The qt GUI app wont run for me, it crashes with a segmentation fault immediately sadly. So I can't view it this way. I appreciate any help I can get It's one of the few remaining steps for me I hope. I figure I must insert the wallet address on my pool.gridcoin.co account where it says GRC address? Edit: BTW I use Mint 17.3, but it _should_ work