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  1. Hey BeerGeekGamer, I think this beacon transaction is required yes (at least for solo), so it's a good thing :) Happens after the first few coins come in. But it won't hurt the pool transactions. Grcpool pays out about once a day. I also joined now, since it has become difficult for me to stake, after the new version of wallet came out 1st september. But as long as you have your wallet open so the pool can transfer to it, you should be fine. I just keep mine open 24/7, since I have 1 pc running, trying to stake those GRC I have yet to receive through solo mining. So the other pc's I have are on the pool. But I haven't had any problems with joining the pool at all. The GRC come daily in smaller quota.
  2. Hi, is it possible to view my own wallet address from the commandline somehow? I'm new to this and got it set up now (i think ). Well it sees my cpid fine and the daemon runs. But i've been unable to figure out, where i see my own wallet address. I figure this is kind of important to know? I've tried many things. Also this command: "gridcoinresearchd listreceivedbyaddress 0 true", hoping it would show some info about the wallet. However the daemon closes down seemingly, because after that command it can't connect to it anymore, until i do "sudo gridcoinresearchd" to restart it. The qt GUI app wont run for me, it crashes with a segmentation fault immediately sadly. So I can't view it this way. I appreciate any help I can get It's one of the few remaining steps for me I hope. I figure I must insert the wallet address on my pool.gridcoin.co account where it says GRC address? Edit: BTW I use Mint 17.3, but it _should_ work

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