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  1. It should be BTS or BTCS... Other than that i think it's a good idea. As good as some of the other alts at least.
  2. TRI is working again... "Update again: Since strange crashes on win8 (only for some users) happened, clean rebuild. Didnt work though - u either have to use a original 10881 blocks wallet (which has never been used with another version) or you have to do the import and export privkey thing. see a few posts above. Starting @ block 10881 once again (with an updated client - so you have to work with the bootstrap file here if you used yesterdays release!): THIS APPEARS TO BE WORKING.UPDATE NOW! This is an instant hard fork - there is no update height involved (because we would never reach it)! New GitHub repository: https://github.com/TrianglesCommunityProject/triangles bootstrap.dat and peers.dat only (see below): https://mega.co.nz/#!5BsnRCRR!RkUsysowjxWmUmT8HjF-JgoRR-SIrOdBfMHpQVwe9qE Wallets: First make a backup of your wallet. Everyone should do that from time to time. Copy the "%appdata%\roaming\triangles" folder (Windows) to a safe place. Done. WINDOWS wallet, v "Cheops": https://mega.co.nz/#!dUkW1TBY!tt7a9rVi4qhdkVi-LiT2MXdBTnV_XtLGmq3KGLlptZA Included is a folder with a bootstrap.dat file with 10881 blocks (if you wallet isn't synced to 10881 blocks before you update OR IF YOU PREVIOUSLY USED YESTERDAYS RELEASE - see the included readme!). Also a folder with a peers.dat file (if you have trouble finding peers - see the readme!). This bootstrap.dat file is also useful if u just downloaded the wallet: create a folder "triangles" in %appdata%\roaming and place the bootstrap.dat into that folder - then start the wallet. If u have coins in your wallet, please start your wallet with the "-connect=lkta5xj5nlnxxmrt.onion:24112" switch via commandline the first time after you updated your wallet. Its a non staking node and syncing to that node first prevents initial forking. Wouldn't be much of an issue if it happens though. This also helps if u have trouble getting a connection despite using the peers.dat (see above). MAC wallet, wallet, v "Cheops": WE NEED SOMEONE WITH A MAC WHO VOLUNTEERS TO COMPILE IT! TRI's main specifications: X13 PoS over TOR Coins in Circulation: ~49.5k Annual interest: 33% Coin Cap: 120k Coin maturity: 7 blocks Minimum stake age: 1 hour Maximum stake age: 12 hours Confirmations: 4 Tell me if problems arise - especially if your wallet crashes. PS: TRI Address THrVU7gEKMQmtzoNMAGcGKitQ8MKGaHS13" - wurstgelee
  3. As a resident of Florida I'm very disappointed that our first namesake coin is a lite-clone with way too many coins in the projected moneysupply.
  4. This is a great topic. Artists are the sub-conscious function of the human organism and the more artists that embrace virtual currencies the more ingrained these ideas will become.
  5. Lol! How many delete coins do I get for deleting delete coins? Same equation? I feel there should be a bonus for deleting delete coins.
  6. Bter is having a poll. Anyone mining BitQuark should chime in bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=502363 It's not listed in the poll yet and probably won't be added soon but a few people mentioning it may put it on their radar.
  7. Sure thing Superking https://twitter.com/5tephenjhall/status/438269689018736640
  8. Superking123, your pool is working like a charm. Thanks bro!
  9. p2pool .altcryptomining .com:8112 Is paying out to me now.... about every 3-6 mins over the last half hour.
  10. Delete everything again I guess, I'm no vet. Thoughts TimC?
  11. 184?! Was this coin re-relaunched lolhaha[rofl] Maybe my 2203 is wrong.... oh lordy.
  12. Just lately on p2pool .altcryptomining .com:8112 i was seeing a lot of (yay!!!) but no pay... How long does it normally take to start seeing payments roll in after being connected? I switched to solo for the time being because even 1 or 2 blocks a day would add up to more than I was getting pooled...
  13. Help,> Debug window > type: getinfo If blocks is a little over 2000 you're good. If it's way more you're not. Did you also delete the files in \appdata?

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