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  1. So when you over over the bars icon in the wallet, it shows 0 connections?
  2. What version wallet are you guys running?
  3. Check this out:
  4. Are you still having the issue? Usually it resolves itself when your CPIDs merge. Might need to restart your wallet one more time.
  5. It's a known issue with the current version. It should be fixed in the new leisure release, which is coming out very soon. Everything is still running in the back, it's just that the GUI itself is frozen. I've staked several times while having this issue.
  6. You're going to have to give us more info. Windows or Linux? Do you mean unlock your wallet?
  7. You need to register on the website first. Then you can connect it in BOINC.
  8. When you go to create a new account, the first field asks for the invitation code.
  9. BOINCStats shows the project as only updating their stats every few weeks:
  10. No prob. I know it's been a busy minute in dev. I think doing it at once might be best; let everyone review it all at once.
  11. Notice: I will be taking over the holding of Pentathlon funds from Erkan_Yilmaz. Once the stats have been completed by TG13088 and iFoggz, it will be posted for a week for everyone to review before being dispersed. The address the coin will be held in is: SFNQFy6kEgiLzdgbHf4nMXrrBTWv8q5nxL
  12. If you've been attached for weeks and not gotten a single WU in that time, why did you vote "yes": 2017-07-14 jamezz Yes 1,127,125 And never comment on the project WL page here on CCT about the unavailability of WUs? So you voted "yes" on a project you already knew didn't have WUs for weeks leading up to the vote? I guess first we should start with what the word "quote" actually means; ironically, with a quote: With that out of the way, my ACTUAL quote is: As you can see from the actual sourced quote, I didn't say anything about credits being encrypted (not really sure what that means either). Well, I have to agree with you on that, but probably for different reasons. Any actual source on that? So what caused the price to more than double on May 10th? No new projects were added. Nothing was changed. The price is now actually HIGHER than what it was prior to May 10th. I believe people refer to that as a "correction". As for your quote: (notice I'm using your ACTUAL quote) You must be using some kind of math I'm not familiar with, because if you look at the price chart (watch how I source this): You can pretty clearly see that the price a month ago, on July 3rd, is ~.00002289. The price today, Aug 4th, is ~.00001251. By my napkin math, that's not anywhere near 10x; so yes... I think you're wrong. Just because SSL didn't pass as a requirement doesn't mean people can't vote "no" as a personal preference due to SSL. I don't understand why you think that because the REQUIREMENT of SSL failed to pass vote, that people should vote "yes" on something they still personally don't agree with. inb4 you start saying something that isn't true regarding me and SSL again (unsourced, of course), I personally created the poll for SRBase, a non-SSL project, and voted "yes" on it. I don't understand how you can talk about GRC not growing, yet you're constantly (and in the same sentence, no less) spreading false facts and FUD regarding the coin, the processes, the community, and the developers.
  13. I've been thinking about this as well. I don't think it's going to be possible to catch #2 on Cosmo; we're 6 mil credits behind and not doing more (at least in any significance) than #2/1 to be able to catch up. I think our best bet is to hold 3rd and focus as much as we can spare on the future runs (LHC/yoyo). I asked Erkan to pull some numbers for me, and I'm doing ~300k a day on Cosmo. If I pull all of that, we should still be able to hold #3, and I can put all my cores towards yoyo. That's just my personal strategy. It doesn't take into account any other people leaving Cosmo, so gonna have to keep an eye on it. It's guaranteed that the other teams are going to bunker, so it's going to be a rush to catch up on LHC/yoyo.
  14. I keep copies of the installers on my GDrive, under the "Installer Repository":
  15. Doesn't look like they have their house in order quite yet; still no WUs, and they're changing project ownership. Seems like they're having some issues during the move: