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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/8mbolr/wcg_not_rewarding_grc_at_this_time/
  2. NeuralMiner


    ODLK1 is the whitelisted project that earns GRC.
  3. So your whole balance is back, correct? Is your wallet fully synced?
  4. I'll get the word out.
  5. Run a repairwallet. Your coins should show back up.
  6. NeuralMiner


    Crunching Moo will no longer reward crunchers with GRC after the next superblock.
  7. NeuralMiner


    I voted "no", for reasons I had clearly stated when discussing that project/poll. Just like I've voted "yes" a countless number of times in other polls. Regardless, this discussion is going way off subject, and it's partially my fault. Let's keep the discussion to Moo, and avoid accusing the community regarding their reasons for keeping or removing any projects from the whitelist. Any arguments for or against should stand on their own merit.
  8. NeuralMiner


    Are you being serious? You realize this is easily provable, right? https://gridcoinstats.eu/poll/whitelist_poll:_odlk_round_&num2 Is this not you? Is this still a blatant lie, or... ?
  9. NeuralMiner


    Looking at the poll, it appears that I'm one of the two people voting to remove the project that you say are doing it for personal gain. I PERSONALLY contacted two projects, communicated with the admins, and created polls to add both projects to the whitelist (SRBase and VGTU), both of which are CPU projects (which means more competition for me personally). If my primary motivation were "less competition for more income", I kinda defeated my goal with those two polls/projects, correct? What's the "blatant bias" for the other 66 people that voted to remove the project? Perhaps in the future instead of accusing community members of voting a certain way for their own nefarious reasons, you should either do some research or stick to actual facts. Your accusation is quite insulting, and more importantly: incorrect. You're the #1 solo cruncher on Moo, and you voted to NOT add ODLK1 to the whitelist (added competition for your GRC income as you stated?); would that not seem like more of a personal bias than anyone else?
  10. NeuralMiner


    Can you expand on your issues? We're always looking for feedback. I don't understand how creating a poll is a blatant abuse of process? All projects, at some point, are put up for vote by the community. Some projects have been voted on several times in a matter of months (often added and removed in that same time frame); as far as I know, Moo hasn't been voted on in years. Being voted into the WL is not a permanent stamp. What process is being abused by this poll?
  11. NeuralMiner


    Awesome. Thank you.
  12. NeuralMiner


    The current poll is for ODLK1 (http://boinc.multi-pool.info/latinsquares/). It currently does NOT have SSL.
  13. It's normal. If you want to stake more often, you'll want at least 2k GRC in your wallet. Might want to look into the pool as well.
  14. I recommend syncing from the official snapshot. Hit the advanced tab, then download blocks. Should fix it.
  15. Wayne, You need to wait a while longer. Your wallet still isn't full synced (we're currently at block 1032583).

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