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  1. Wallet offline after upgrade After a restart by my anti-virus, my wallet wouldn't sync. I checked and found that a new version had been released. Upgraded to it (v3.6.0.2-unk) After unlocking the wallet for staking: Wallet (out of sync) Available: 2.21949149 GRC instead of the 100+ I had before doing the upgrade. The three staking payments I had received in the past few days no longer show on my transactions. Client message: Offline; I rebuilt the block chain. Downloaded blocks. Tried syncing the neural network, but it just blanked after a second. When I try to do anything with the wallet, it usually has a (Not Responding) notice on it. Looked through some other troubleshooting threads and did repairwallet. It added back 100.22nnnn GRC, but the amount on my Overview didn't change. I shut down the wallet and restarted. The missing coins are back, but my three staking payments are still missing, and it still shows as "Offline." Wallet finally synced. Staking payments are still missing. Stake is back to 0.00 GRC.
  2. So my wallet finally started staking. Thought that meant that whatever the problem described above, it was now working. Nope. You have been rewarded 0.18259471 GRC! Your reward will be sent to RxyLYn919iSNnebMeNy67CScEWB2L4sDWz. Welcome Back in 1 day to claim more free coins. Thank you for visiting our webpage. Even though the neural network shows my correct wallet address, the faucet still insists on sending my coins somewhere else!
  3. Not sure if this is an update or yet another problem. I went to the Gridcoin faucet, put in my CPID, did the captcha and received this notice: You have been rewarded 0.03509198 GRC! Your reward will be sent to RxyLYn919iSNnebMeNy67CScEWB2L4sDWz. Welcome Back in 1 day to claim more free coins. Thank you for visiting our webpage. My reward is being sent ... where?! My wallet address is S39rBHQHfjfm4bNYzB5KAHd5yKtqY9Lvxr My wallet address from when I started using Gridcoin last year (before accepting ads from Cryptospout made it unusable under any circumstances) was SLXBnimxf6wkC41jMLU6m1gD21zUH1TAoX So just who the *bleep* is receiving everything that is supposed to be coming to me?!
  4. I am a returning Gridcoin user and could not recover my previous wallet. The new wallet is synced; CPID is in the Neural Network with magnitude. I have been using BOINC on multiple projects since 2000 and have total RAC ~10,000. I have received and sent coins -- balance is 100+GRC. The wallet is unlocked for staking. Beacon status looks fine. Mouseover shows my Stake weight as 100. My Stake has been 0.00 GRC for two weeks. (Also, brand-new coins never show in Unconfirmed.) I read that the diagnostic is fubar, but I have to wonder if the Port 32749 failure is causing me to have no Stake. I installed Telnet (Win7) and tested the port (don't recall which post I found the command for that in), and it wasn't able to connect. I don't know how to make it connect. If that port is not the problem, then what is causing me to have Stake 0.00 GRC?
  5. Thank you very much, dc! And thank you to whoever sent the extra! :) This version of the Gridcoin doesn't seem to show who sent what, and I didn't see it in this thread. My bad if I just didn't see it.
  6. After a year of Gridcoin refusing to run no matter what I did, a new hard drive has let me restart. Unfortunately, all the GRC I had accrued have disappeared, so a new starter stake would be much appreciated. Address: S39rBHQHfjfm4bNYzB5KAHd5yKtqY9Lvxr
  7. After a browser lockup and reboot, I cannot start the wallet program, and get the same Runtime error message as the first poster.
  8. Sent you 10 GRC. When you have made some more, pay it ahead to another new person. I'm new myself. As I understand it, your coins stake in sections, so the more coins you have, the more often you can stake.
  9. Stacking.

    @ Quez "wallet check passed" : true -- So I guess it's working as it's supposed to. It's just confusing to have so much change all of a sudden. Thank you for the reply.
  10. Hi, VenomGhost. You can try several other places to get coins. They're listed at the bottom of the page here. And check the bottom of the Cryptospout page for more Gridcoin listings.
  11. Stacking.

    Okay, I am totally confused. Yesterday, I received 5 "Mined - POR" awards. My weight was 50k+; est. time to reward was 4 days; est. time to POR reward was in minutes or seconds. My balance was 271 and my Stake said 0. Now my weight is 482; est. time to reward is 508 days; and est. time to POR reward is 23 hours. My balance is 274, and my Stake is 1.79769624 GRC, which appears to be the coins that have just arrived and are not mature. When I started my wallet, I had to get coins and wait 16 hours for them to mature and begin staking. So why are my immature coins now apparently the ONLY ones staking? >.<
  12. Hi, all. Long-time BOINC user new to Gridcoin. I found out about it when I went to check my stats and saw the banner at the top of the page. Great idea to base a crypto-currency on work that's already being done! d (^.^) b If I might please have some starter GRC, I'd appreciate it. Let me know if it's a loan or pay-forward. SLXBnimxf6wkC41jMLU6m1gD21zUH1TAoX Thanks in advance! Derp! Helps if I put the address. *facepalm*

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