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  1. oh - problem with mining - I have never done solo mining to my wallet, I just made a pool and did it that way - maybe you need stratum software too? I do know that for the mining config you would use the IP address of the pc running the wallet. you would have luck getting help if you searched for "solo mining"
  2. the windows wallet doesn't need a BitcoinFast.conf - but if you want to use one that is ok the rpcuser and rpcpassword is so nobody can use your wallet remotely. you can copy/past this into the BitcoinFast.conf (located in the same directory as the wallet.dat file) rpcuser=something rpcpassword=somethingelse addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= the newest wallet is v3.1.0.0 it comes with a windows installer - there should be a shortcut in your windows start menu
  3. well, we hit block 438000 - the block reward is cut in half now - 1 LCP per block it was also the last block using KGW the next block triggers the fork, and will start using the DGW3 algo to calculate difficulty.
  4. bitcoin Fast is now listed on http://cryptohub.online/
  5. Mandatory Wallet Update to Version Please update before block 438000 github repo is update http://github.com/crypto-currency/litebar windows and macOS wallets can be found on the web site http://litebar.co/ this is to remove the Kimoto Gravity Wall - and replace it with the Dark Gravity Wave3 due to a vulnerability in the KGW
  6. Litecoin Plus is now listed on Crypo Hub https://cryptohub.online/market/LCP/
  7. Mandatory Wallet Update Windows-qt wallet is done https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nbeR7rGyScsvjkMvI4RbXyKq5fcnco3C
  8. Mandatory Wallet Update: The time and date is set for the fork - Sun Mar 11 00:00:00 UTC 2018 The github repo is updated - so those of you who roll your own, you are set to go. http://github.com/crypto-currency/bitcoinfast The new mac wallet is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tIKdFf_AHWiOpf1ahaEmT5SWcKTdo9CL It will be a little while before I can get the web site links updated. Windows wallet should be ready in a few hours
  9. we have a channel for pools on our discord - we list the pools and am now gathering email contacts. Please submit your email address there (I think everbody has read/write access) Or if you prefer - you can send me a PM here or at discord - Please put "POOL" as the first line, or as the subject - so I can find it faster There is also a a place at the bottom of our website to sign up for a news letter. I will use those to announce the upcoming fork date. Discord https://discord.gg/nqEv9RT Web site http://Bitcoinfast.co
  10. yes it does. but it is fixable. minor setback. too many crooks and thieves in the world.
  11. Mandatory wallet update soon we seem to be experiencing a "Time Warp" attack - it is an exploit on the KMW that is the reason for the rush on the next wallet update. Still waiting to hear from Cryptopia to find out how little time they need to rush this through, so I can set a time for the fork. I would suggest not bothering to mine BCF right now - as the person doing the attack will be stealing all of the blocks, and you would just be wasting your hash. Cryptopia has put the BCF wallet into maintenance, awaiting the update. I will be removing the kimoto gravity wall from the wallet in the next update - about two weeks from now (depending on Cryptopia's time frame)
  12. The new code in the wallet is working well. the PoS difficulty has dropped from 139 to 30 so far (30 hours after the fork). As more wallets stake, the difficulty will continue to drop, as it should. The rate of decrease will slow as we move on. It's nice to see so many POS blocks in the explorer :)
  13. Mandatory Bitcoin Fast wallet update. Please update by Mon Feb 26 00:00:00 UTC 2018
  14. Cryptopia is on the new wallet. Mandatory wallet update - Bitcoin Fast Please update your wallet by Monday Feb. 26 00:00:00 UTC This fork will correct the issues with staking.

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