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  1. any one interested in reviving this coin? I need to get as much of the block chain as possible. addnode= new web site http://litecoinplus.co/ explorer up at http://lcp.altcoinwarz.com/ BCT https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=599095.new#new
  2. updated windows-qt wallet bitcoinfast-v2.0.1.3.zip https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1cnD3W8c0jtU3RxVzF4VkIzODg added staking icon. It's not very accurate at guessing when you will stake - but at least it does indicate if you are staking or not
  3. Thank you. Yes - the Ctrl right click to resize and add links is nice.
  4. Dude, cut and past of the temp web site - all I had to do was resize the logo
  5. Please note this is a new take over, and I haven't worked on the wallet yet. The old windows-qt found in this thread still works : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=881774.0 The new github repo is at: https://github.com/Crypto-Currency/bitcoinfast The new website is http://BitcoinFast.co
  6. nice. I'll add more crypto's later - no doubt :)
  7. [ANN] BitCoinFast BCF - revival BitCoinFast - Genesis date: Dec, 2 2014 BitCoinFast is a Decentralized CryptoCurrency that will be used by those that use BitCoin but prefer a faster version. It can take up to an hour sometimes just to complete a BitCoin transaction. BitCoinFast with its 60 second block times can complete a transaction in a blink of the eye. Nobody wants to leave any substantial amount of BitCoin on any given exchange as we have all seen both the biggest and smallest exchanges fold up and everyone loses. Yet there are times when opportunities arise and you need to get a certain amount of BitCoin onto an exchange in order to not miss out on a great price or arbitrage, however after an hour waiting for your BitCoin deposit to confirm those good deals are long gone in most cases. The answer to a situation like that is BitCoinFast. Through widespread adoption and eventually multiple exchanges that will host BitCoinFast that problem will be eliminated. Help us make BitCoinFast the coin with a purpose. We welcome the growing BitCoinFast Community and look forward to mass adoption. BitCoinFast is a Scrypt Hybrid POW/POS with 33 Million POW Coins and a 25% Annual Stake. SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: Scrypt [POW/POS] Total initial supply: 33 Million POS=25% Annually Block time: 60 seconds 10 Coins per block | **(100 Coins per Block for first 24 HRS for early adopter)** Block Maturity: 60 blocks Pre-mine= 1 Million with 300k going to Cryptex Exchange for having it listed same day its launched. POS INFORMATION Network-Stake- 25% year Min Coin Age: 1 day (24h) Explorer http://bcf.Altcoinwarz.com BitcoinTalk https://bitcointalk.org Github Http://github.com Sample BitcoinFast.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode=bcf.Altcoinwarz.com rpcport=25672 port=25671 date of rebirth 06/22/2017
  8. still waiting on yobit ... Bitbar is at the top of the list (for now) at https://www.livecoin.net/en/voting with 30017 votes TerraNovaCoin is right behind with 30008 and 1337 with 28369 Bitbar and Litebar have been added to the voting on https://c-cex.com/?id=vote&coin
  9. Litebar macOS wallet added to download page at http://Litebar.co
  10. BitBar macOS wallet added to download page at http://BitBar.co
  11. Block explorers are up for Litebar and Bitbar. http://ltb.altcoinwarz.com http://btb.altcoinwarz.com Working on re-writing the bitbar website http://bitbar.co You can see a working version of it at http://bitbar.rocks Also working on mac wallets.