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  1. Cryptopia has lifted the maintenance for lcp, everything seems to be fully operational.
  2. Staking staking requires that you have 'old' enough coins. pos block have a special value called "nTime" - It is basically the creation time of the block. The earlier pow blocks do not have the nTime value in them. That is why they do not stake. To make them stake, you need to turn them into new blocks, by sending them to yourself. I suggest using the coin control so you can pick the blocks of coins you wish to combine and move. NOTE: you can only send about 64 blocks of coins max in a transaction.
  3. there is an explanation for that, and I will tell you after the fork at block 730,000 for now - we don't want people staking because it messes up the mining difficulty. after block 730,000 I will explain in discord, and will tray to remember to post here and bct
  4. 10% annual coinage around 20 hours but right now pos is not working right, an we are investigating - trying to figure out why it worked fine in testnet, but not now. mining and transfers are 100% ok -
  5. yay! one more down 😛 (less than 600 blocks to go)
  6. MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE there are still many wallets out there that haven't updated yet if you do not update your wallet: your old wallet will be disconnected from the correct BTCS network. any btcs sent to exchanges will never make it. Please make sure you are running the new v2.0.1.0 wallet
  7. Web site newly updated http://bitcoinfast.co/ New android wallet added to play store
  8. if(you< { upgrade; LitecoinPlus cryptocurrency } if(you !member.discord) { join; Discord Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more. Get your free server now! }
  9. Exchanges https://ircex.com/markets/lcpbtc https://troca.ninja/markets/coin/BTC-LCP https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=LCP_BTC https://crex24.com/exchange/LCP-BTC Pools http://coincave.nl/lcpstats.php http://zergpool.com/site/block?id=1782 https://minelcp.com/ https://www.mining-dutch.nl/pools/litecoinplus.php http://blazepool.com/ https://ahashpool.com/ https://prohashing.com/ https://theminingpool.online/ please note: the pools have not been verified
  10. there are still a few wallets out there that haven't updated to please update.
  11. could use some volume on c-cex https://c-cex.com/?p=btb-btc also here https://www.livecoin.net/en/trade/index
  12. MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE Website is updated with the new wallet v3.3.0.2 * This update fixes the mining reward reduction. * It also has a new way of indexing the blockchain - and will start/load in under 2 minutes (after the rebuild on the first usage of the new wallet - plan on 1 hour for it to complete) * There are new network tools * Built in themes - and the ability for users to create their own * Dusting feature for people who do not want to use coin control This is a MANDATORY wallet update
  13. Litecoin Plus Android wallet is now available on Google Play web wallet http://wallet.litecoinplus.co
  14. oh - problem with mining - I have never done solo mining to my wallet, I just made a pool and did it that way - maybe you need stratum software too? I do know that for the mining config you would use the IP address of the pc running the wallet. you would have luck getting help if you searched for "solo mining"
  15. the windows wallet doesn't need a BitcoinFast.conf - but if you want to use one that is ok the rpcuser and rpcpassword is so nobody can use your wallet remotely. you can copy/past this into the BitcoinFast.conf (located in the same directory as the wallet.dat file) rpcuser=something rpcpassword=somethingelse addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= the newest wallet is v3.1.0.0 it comes with a windows installer - there should be a shortcut in your windows start menu

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