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  1. thank you, snowbear. i'm going to follow this rabbit hole as far as i can. i appreciate the assist.
  2. no dice? ok... what if i pay you? seriously... get on discord for an hour... tell me what to do... $20 via paypal? i'd throw some nickels your way except.. well... yeah.... that's not working out so well. also, did you know the guy who made the carved nickel in the logo streams on twitch at twitch.tv/jayhobo? well, you do now. -Whackly.
  3. I have been looking through the information available and I have not been able to identify anything relevant. That doesn't mean that it's not relevant, just that I can not identify it. I have and old laptop running lubuntu 14.04. Everything is up to date. Bfgminer is installed. Mono is installed. Multiminer is in, and fires up. I have two Bitmain U3s and a Bitmain S3, all soon to be wired to a single 1000w psu. I have a desire to mine some hobonickels but, except for getting that far, I have no idea how. I have the hobonickels-qt.tar.gz file. When extracted there is just an item named hobonickels-qt. I haven't the slightest idea what to do with it. The real problem here is that I am a noob to both linux and crytocurrency mining. Perhaps i shouldn't have tried to learn both at the same time but.. here I am. So, I am just hoping that someone will start pointing me to the dumbest fisher price level instructions. I don't seem to be able to even formulate a search adequate to find them, let alone understand them. Thanks in advance. -WHACKLY

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