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  1. https://t.co/0KaH9s5Ac7

  2. Medicare Scammers Steal $60 Billion a Year. This Man Is Hunting Them https://t.co/ml3AppRixv via @WIRED

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  4. "The Largest Paper Money Racket Ever..." by @geopayme on @LinkedIn https://t.co/Q0UCM7X5Ik

  5. I have them on my list, but hard to find who is the dev, since the coin would need a gridcoind with an electrum server running... cant seem to find who is in charge! Im just throwing it out there and how someone listens!
  6. I send you 0.11756818 Gridcoin! Check out the UberPay Wallet with 30+ coins https://www.cryptocompare.com/wallets/uberpay/
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  8. https://www.cryptocompare.com/wallets/uberpay/
  9. I would have to take a chance and say that the issues are on a Samsung tablet... if that is the case then In the past issues have been reported on Samsung tablets, we have tested UberPay extensively on Samsung tabs and the java and QR in samsung does have an issue. Unfortunately Samsung will not release a fix for the OS issue anytime soon. We have one of 2 choices, first we operate in 7890 devices, we can leave it as is and the few samsung devices that has issues, we can accept it or secondly isolate the devices from the google play play store which mean that those folks will not have an opportunity to see UberPay installed in their flowed samsung's (again once Samsung decides t fix their OS all is back to been fine) If you are not on a Samsung tab, then please provide the make and model of the tab so we can reproduce the issue!
  10. UNO added to UberPay Multicoin wallet for Android - https://t.co/knHaUMDp6K #altcoin via @cryptocointalk

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