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  1. We confirm the version Polish and Italianon line.... soon Spanish :)
  2. Important communication: from 22 january 2018 Dollar Online has new ownership and new managment in 2018 Dollar Online Project has got ambitius goals - the website will be translated in more languages - assistence answer much faster then before - soon will be part of super fast blockchain technology - partnership with strong visionary projects Of course if you have suggestion please let us know your feedback is important to us. Our suggestion is to keep as more dollar online as possible and stake it this will give you 50% interest rate p.a. now the price is very chep.... we thanks all Dollar Online users Dollar Online Staff
  3. Hello, swap of old DOLLAR was made in first month - November/December 2016. DOLLAR is not listed on Yobit or Coinexchanage at this time. Contact us please via email: [email protected] Thank you very much
  4. MANDATORY UPDATE! Please download and activate new DOLLAR wallet POW will end at block 300,000 and stake interest will be 50% per annum! WIN wallet: https://github.com/…/…/v1300/DOLLAROnline-qt-win32-v1300.zip MAC wallet: https://github.com/…/do…/v1300/DOLLAROnline-Qt-OSX-v1300.dmg SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/DOLLAR-ONLINE/DOLLAR
  5. Dear IAM4IAM, thank you very much for your opinion and support. Yes, DOLLAR is the most known currency name in the world based on TOLAR name from Bohemia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dollar We are now focusing to reach new Bitcoin markets, such as India (Zebpay, Unocoin), Africa, etc. where is 1 Bitcoin really expensive to buy for normal people. The price of DOLLAR will be not so volatile because by reaching more users, the coins in curculation will be more - we call it anti-halving. Each 6 months 1 DOLLAR more per POW block up to 10 DOLLAR. In January we will contact major ATM producers to try develop and start together own production of DOLLAR TM (DTM) - price will be max 1900 USD (in presale 1500) per two way machine supporting not only DOLLAR. Please contact us via email to discuss more plans. Email: [email protected] Best regards DOLLAR Team
  6. Sorry for delay, DOLLAR will target users they need fast transaction (60 seconds only), fast confirming (10 minutes max) and large block size (250 MB x 1440 blocks a day is over 1 billion transactions per day - VISA makes over 100+M a day). DOLLAR is best known currency name worldwide.
  7. New pool added at http://www.mining-dutch.nl/pools/dollar/public/index.php?page=statistics&action=pool
  8. New DOLLAR market added at SWISSCOINEX https://swisscoinex.com/market/#dollar-btc
  9. Thank you very much for adding DOLLAR to your brand new exchange. We start promoting the market on Monday.
  10. Hello, how are you adding new coins to your exchange service? Are there any rules or just if you like new coin? Thank you for answer.
  11. Congratulations :-) Will be nice to see DOLLAR on your new Exchange. Thread: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/50983-ann-dollar-online-powpos-x11-wwwedollaronline/ Website: http://www.edollar.online/ Explorer: http://dollar.explorer.bitnodes.net/ Source code: https://github.com/DOLLAR-ONLINE/DOLLAR Thank you very much.
  12. ICO end: 12.12.2016 Unsold coins were burned here: http://dollar.explorer.bitnodes.net/address/DCoinBurnDotComDestroyedALLXb5rUnp
  13. DOLLAR added for voting to C-CEX. Please, vote here: https://c-cex.com/?id=vote&coin=dollar

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