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  1. Gridcoin Community Hangout #054 Hope to see you all at the Hangout tomorrow! CBR! Whitepapers! Polls! We have a lot of stuff to talk about, and I don't think I've ever posted about it on this thread... so, reminder for everyone to join. Open invite. Come to our Discord, and join the #hangout room for more information on how to get in on the action: https://discord.me/gridcoin/
  2. lol. well, that changed my mind. don't be bitter. i just want someone that has been around for a while. i've been on WCG for over 7 years... :D i literally have no idea who you are.... and no one has "chosen" me for shit. i'm an active community member, and i run like 10 other things for us. thanks for your bid for ownership, but you've kind of shown in one comment how impartial you are capable of being. so...
  3. most of the teams are owned by old school/trusted members. i'd probably offer myself before taking someone so new. no offense. :)
  4. we're still not participating in any of the World Community Grid challenges... :( it takes one click, and is easy press for us. we'd be top 10 or better every time as our team RAC is ~4,000,000 at the time of writing this. i have already spoken to Alien regarding the matter, and they seem to have... forgotten. could we throw another gentle reminder their way, or transfer team ownership to someone that will manage the team to a degree? :)
  5. Peppernrino


    ODLK is now in English! http://boinc.multi-pool.info/latinsquares/ reopening poll. :)
  6. Peppernrino


    Project name: ОДЛК (ODLK) Project category: Mathematics Goals: In the project, a database of canonical forms (CR) of diagonal Latin squares (DLK) of the 10th order having orthogonal diagonal Latin squares (ODLC) is compiled. The necessary definitions for the topic can be found here. Current Whitelist status: NOT Whitelisted! SSL quality: B Official website: https://boinc.progger.info/odlk/ Team info: https://boinc.progger.info/odlk/team_display.php?teamid=26 Team user rankings: https://boinc.progger.info/odlk/team_members.php?teamid=26&offset=0&sort_by=expavg_credit BOINCstats link: https://boincstats.com/en/stats/177/project/detail
  7. Confirmed, I can post on the Twitter via Tweetdeck. Papa bless. Also, I would love to help run the Facebook account. I already run a pretty good cross-posting marathon... would be nice to add more sites to the mix. I have started some new communities and pages that I wouldn't mind sharing posting privileges on with the right people. We need to come together on Google Plus, etc. I'm done fighting it. lol
  8. Thank you for doing these Erkan, they've been a lot of fun and informative. I'll have the first one ([email protected]) edited later today!
  9. Cool! So, since we know who will have posting ability on the Twitter account, somebody should post something. It's already been an entire week! We look dead. Also, I'm not sure I appreciate everybody kind of talking around/over me. I'm aware that I'm known as a sort of loose cannon in the community due to some recent drama that was stirred up for god knows what reason, but my social media ability and dedication (along with most of my posts) are being ignored. There was a problem with the existing accounts, in that there was a fairly biased focus in the posts... traderman mostly posted about one or two people's developments... and a couple of our other "official" accounts are very Pigrid and uscore heavy... which sends up a red flag with regards to Quez having the keys, seeing as he has ties with these organizations. I had actually expressed earlier concern in this matter because the posting had become quite biased in favour of Vortac and startail's recent developments, lots of mention about controversial topics such as faucets... and no regard was being given to the general desires of the community, nor was every "important" poll result being posted. e.g. we had a talk about asking several (around 9) wallets/payment processors to add us to the mix.... the Twitter account asks one entirely different wallet. It was very disconnected with the community at large, and as an official outlet, was biased. It was basically just a sounding board to advertise for these people. And buying followers is tacky. I'm not -sure- that happened, but it looks like a duck. We should make some effort to unfollow the some 13K random accounts that we follow.
  10. Thanks for the effort you've spent on this twitter account for the last couple of years. I think the best idea would be to use a Twitter collaboration suite to share the account access among mods/ops. Any suggestions? TweetDeck is an already existing feature Twitter enabled not too long ago. It would allow easy collaboration between many members, with Owner, Admin, and Contributor levels. https://support.twitter.com/articles/20171753# I think it's going to be even easier than we wanted it to be. Between this and Hootsuite, we're set!
  11. thank you! lol we have several twitters that we've already been using to help promote Gridcoin, along with other causes we believe in. might as well while we have their attention, right?
  12. i volunteer. i understand social media quite well, and have tons of free time on my hands. i also have a desire to keep things impartial, and have been devising ways to ask the community about things they want posted on there as well as more "official" posts. thank you for admitting you don't have the time. that's fairly big of you.
  13. It was never intended as a faucet. It is a fun side game that is funded by the users of the #gridcoin main channel. This fun was being abused by people making multiple accounts. Sepulcher (the owner of the irpg bots) gave me permission to deal with such matters in March of this year, and these were only the first steps taken. Next, will probably be a new tipbot. While your input is appreciated, you have been confronted about having multiple accounts before, and frankly Mercosity, this subject is getting old and wearing on the nerves of everybody. Shutting it down isn't exactly an answer. Besides yourself and barton26, no one has complained... I've even had users voluntarily logout until they get their BOINC stuff sorted out. The poll most definitely ended in a majority, even by your strict "66%" standards. It's quite clear to see by the pie chart: https://steemit.com/vote/@erkan/should-we-heavily-moderate-irpg-access#@peppernrino/re-erkan-should-we-heavily-moderate-irpg-access-20161209t095536981z Furthermore, you have posted this "issue" in the wrong place on the forum... to get more attention? I don't understand what your endgame is, but I can't see it being something good with your current behaviour. I'm sure no one would mind if this was the last they heard about this topic.

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