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  1. Hi! I have 12 000 CREA for sale. Just PM me the price
  2. Block explorer available at http://pool.webcoin.us/bdsm/statistics/blockchain and http://pool.webcoin.us/fet/statistics/blockchain
  3. 0.25 BTC for one coin pool per year
  4. I have these domains for sale : webcoin.me, webcoin.us, alcex.com-net-info-org, coinmarco.com, tradecoins.today ...Prices are from what you offer. write me PM here or via email [email protected]
  5. Hi! Would you like to run your own pool but you dont have hardware, software and network for it? We can help you! With our fast servers, we can host any pool for any coin. We setup pool, website etc just for your. You just need to name it You can pay monthly or once a year, it is up to you. More info via [email protected]
  6. webcoin.us is for sale. we are selling domains : webcoin.us , coinmarco.com, tradecoins.today, alcex.com. We offer our website system with all databases for pools, our made block explorer etc. More info via email [email protected] or here via PM . Active miners dont worry, we are still running
  7. pool added http://pool.webcoin.us/bti also block explorer http://pool.webcoin.us/bti/statistics/blockchain
  8. dev of this coin, please contact me, thanks
  9. New pool for moneta verde at http://webcoin.me/mcn
  10. dont forget to start mining at http://webcoin.me:8080
  11. new pool for BoolBerry at http://www.webcoin.me/bbr
  12. Im looking for some great cpu hashers to join our new pool at http://www.webcoin.me/qcn ! i will give 20 qcn reward to fastest hasher ! Just connect to the pool, and seven days from now i will check who sent the most of the shares, and will give him 20 QCN !

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