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  1. @Jim , is UNB have any advantage in this crow-sale? I mean? UNB soon will be at into the store or no? Just asking since , I saw you also creator of Voxels Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. try addnode= I have 1 connection from that since coin launch. No have any connection issue at my end yet.
  3. very good for PROTO I mining now , thank.
  4. Any pool up yet:( my Jalapeño is dusting )
  5. Local denied error URL is not valid
  6. I got a server, try to build but got stuck at at make and make install
  7. I tried cant connect
  8. I tried cant connect
  9. Oh, I cant solo mine. What is conf name?
  10. Lovely, but why new coin? Any feature development on this that make it unique than UNO?
  11. What is specs? On it?