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  1. Check out EVIL Coin on the Coinhills website. It looks like advanced dashboard technology for tracking all of your favorite coins and prices. Wicked stuff!
  2. EVIL is now listed on the Trade Satoshi crypto exchange! Thank you for trading Evil coin!
  3. EVIL is now listed on Novaexchange. https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_EVIL/ Happy trading!
  4. Vote for Evil coin to get on the new rawx.io exchange! https://rawx.io/poll.html Stay EVIL cryptocointalk
  5. If you support EVIL, check out our faucet for some free coins: http://evilcoin.xyz/faucet/ Payout every 6 hours. Get EVIL today!
  6. Evil coin succubus would like to announce... That we are on coinmarketcap! http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/evil-coin/ The world just got a little more evil ;D
  7. Evil coin Always Do Evil Introduction The purpose of this coin is to embrace and inspire evil. FUDers and Trolls are EVIL, so they are welcome here. Pumpers and Dumpers are EVIL, so they are welcome here. Evil coin launched smoothly and wickedly on December 3, 2015 04:00:00 UTC Evil is fun Look for upcoming promotions and more pictures starring our Evil Succubus Bifuri0us! Specifications Coin Name: Evil coin Ticker: EVIL Algo: x11 POS or POW: Both PoS Min Age: 1 Hour PoS Max Age: 720 Hours Mature: 5 Blocks Max Coin Supply: 21024000 PoS: 2 % Block Time: 60 seconds Last PoW Block: 525600 PoS Start after: 525000 Premine: 0 Block 1-525600 x 40 Coins each P2Port: 20001 RPCPort: 20002 Wallets Windows Mac Source (Github) All Releases Web Website: evilcoin.xyz Twitter coinmarketcap.com Mining Pools Lavapit EVIL Pool The Miners Multipool: zpool.ca Block Explorers cryptobe.com/chain/EvilCoin www.cryptopia.co.nz/BlockExplorer?coin=EVIL Iquidus Block Explorer Exchanges Yobit - Trade | Dice | Giveaway Cryptopia - Trade BTC | DOT | LTC | DOGE | FTC | POP | UNO Novaexchange - Trade BTC Trade Satoshi - Trade BTC | LTC | DOGE Faucet evilcoin.xyz/faucet Graphic Assets Blood Red EvilCoin Steel EvilCoin Thank You to Tillkoeln for the Coin Giveaway which I have won!

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