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  1. Allright... well as for me I just checked list explainmagnitude right now and it does not show up. The other stats are Ok. Only WCG is missing.
  2. I hope they will get things done rather soon... :/ Or I might switch to citizen science grid or a different kind project until things are getting fixed. :/
  3. Hi TomC. If you only have recovered your wallet ADDRESS, that will not help. Only if you manage to find the old file called wallet.dat (with its password if applicable) that your previous address was connected to, you will be able to recover that amount of gridcoins. Because your wallet address is "public" (in the neural network) anyone could claim to be you and go to some admin and refund of whatever. Remember that with cryptocurrency, there is no bank office or desk that you can walk up to, show your passport or id-card and go "hi guys, it's me... lost my wallet, please transfer to my new one". This is one of the point that "makes" cryptocurrency. If no wallet file, no one will be able to help you. If you have found your old wallet.dat file, you just need to remember you old password as well (if you encrypted you wallet back then... which you should have) Follow this advice: http://wiki.gridcoin.us/FAQ#What_should_I_do_to_recover_an_old_backup_of_my_wallet.3F ***** What should I do to recover an old backup of my wallet? Backup wallet.dat. Look for the %appdata%\Roaming\GridcoinResearch\walletbackups folder. Find the youngest backup. Copy it to the %appdata%\Roaming\GridcoinResearch directory and rename it wallet.dat. Restart. ***** A couple of things need to be said though. a) When you replace the existing wallet.dat in your actual wallet-folder of you new address that you have created, I suggest you rename that(!) wallet.dat file of the new/second address accordingly without just deleting or overwriting it. b) Then only, once you've done that, take you wallet.dat file that you managed to recover and paste it into the Gridcoin Research directory and reboot the wallet. c) Do not delete your wallet.dat with the second address that you have created. I suggest, you keep it! d) If you have coins in BOTHS wallets already, make sure to transfer to the wallet of your choice. Or do like me, have a couple of computers with a couple of wallets running. So in that case, you will still be able to access the two wallets (like one on a PC in a basement, and one on your laptop). Because very likely your second address will already be hooked to your BOINC-CPID. e) Make sure you have at least(!) one backup file (for any of your exisiting wallets) that are either saved on your cloud/stick/external drive/CD. Make sure no virus can destroy or hyjack it. The online cloud will prevent your data to get stolen my a thief or destroyed by a fire. But a virus might crypt that file, so use an old-school data backup as well. And make sure your gridcoin wallet is securely password encrypted. You do not want your gridcoins to vanish due to such an error. Good luck.
  4. *** Client version v3.5.8.8-g-research-317 still works. *** If you cant't get 8.9 working properly on your device, I suggest, you just stick with 8.8 and wait until the "update" option in the wallet will work. It is a leisure update anyway. Unless you having specific issues with the points that got fixed in v8.9, I see no reason to hurry trying to update it. For those keen to experiment, make sure you have made backups from your wallet and config file. :) That will ensure you are not loosing your wallet by making any handling mistakes. :) (But since file names should be the same in v8.8 and 8.9 you could for example copy some typical required files over to the gridcoin research folder and start it from there, see it it runs fine, and if verify if you got v8.9) Offtopic :P As for me, I am not in reach of any of my wallet devices for quite a while, so I cannot do this upgrade experiment for you. :) But again, before any modifications on a wallet, make sure you have backups on hand. And even if you don't make a change to the wallet, all users should make sure make to have working updates on an "outside medium" (thinking of recent WannaCry attack here - it would crypt your ever-connected backup-USB/HDD/SSD as well, unless you an activated bitlocker in force for that drive). Or, bit more of an old-school style, burn your backup data on a CD-Rom if you still got some laying around.... hahahaha! And store in a nice jewelcase (or DVD-case) :) Renew after each mandatory. And avoid the kids taking it for a frisbee. Personally, I prefer old-school backups, I am not really prone to virus attacks, and I haven't got one in over 10yrs BUT I wouldn't be surprised to see hidden ransomware evolve with a keylogger function in order to bypass password-protection on files etc, hijack social media, and all the sites you can login with FB... like cryptocointalk HERE..... but on the other hand, if people are not even installing their security updates on time, well then, do not complain. It's like driving an expensive car with worn-off tires, breakes and without insurance, and of course, crashing it.) /offtopic (sorry for all that text, maybe someone might some day want to google "help gridcoin backup WannaCry" and might end up here.... while my posting still won't help if it's already too late.)
  5. Regarding the pentathlon, WCG-Zika.... I noticed quite some units of mine go into pending validation (it fills pages in the wcg-backoffice), so our team might not the the credits on time for that. Also, I noticed that my WCG-devices first had to work off some other WCG-subprojects that were in cache before starting with zika anyway... So next year, maybe I need to remember that fact. But still, I'm not doing so badly in that discipline. In other words, maybe we need longer running times on these discipline, because the longer the run time, the more crunched units have time to get validated, and the less bunkering takes its toll on the end results. (It is against my opinion to micromanage, cancel prior cached units and bunkering in order to affect results, but I assume many other people will gladly do this) Crunch on
  6. Hi guys! I got a wishlist suggestion for our wallet. Actually, it seems that a quite some people seem to run into problems with the wallet, right? Maybe this is more likely to happen to cryptocoin newbies, but still it's a fact. This is at least what I can read from the "coin launch thread". If we want to evolve outside of "known miners area", we also need to become more "easy to use". So I would suggest that for one of our next edition of the wallet, maybe we implement "repairwallet" at startup of the wallet, so it can run in the background and verify if everything's Ok and repair itself if required. Having the wallet scan itself does not take a lot of time and would prevent quite some users to have issues with their wallet. This includes the issues encountered with coin amount differences triggered by "change address" feature. I give you an example: After an upgrade of the wallet you run into an C++ assertion error or whatever.... then you successfully use your backup wallet, your wallet is syncing fine and staking blocks. All is green and fine. Your wallet displays that you have 12345 grc in your wallet and you assume this is correct because you have not checked the amount of grc before the last upgrade. In reality, maybe you own more coins in your account before that last failed update, and you don't know or don't remember about it. (This can happen on wallets staking interest and running on computers that are not the main computer of the wallet's owner... or for example the user is maybe only checking that computer once a week.) 2 major scenarios: 1) If you don't care and you rely on your wallet "being right", you may end up continuing living that way with less coins "on display" (perceived spendabilty / money in your account). And if you then choose to migrate to a different wallet, you will only forward those coins that you have on display while the rest, once your balance says "zero" is maybe getting lost because you may want to deleted that old previous wallet which you intend to not use anymore anyway! 2A) At some point, you go sneak your own stats on stats on gridcoinstats.eu to check if the numbers are right, and NOTICE that there is a difference between the numbers on the site and then go search the grc's wiki, the forums etc about what could have triggered this and how to "repairwallet" your wallet 2B) At some point, either immediately or not, you notice that there *is* a difference between the amount of grc from the previous-upgraded wallet to the newly upgraded wallet, and you have no idea about the wiki, the repairwallet function and you come into this forum and go "Help! Coins are gone" (considering the wallet wasn't entirely deleted by error, the drive formatted, or the coins sent to a wrong address!) To prevent this kind of issues, I think, we would do well to implement "repairwallet" at startup of the wallet without the user even noticing it. It's not going to solve all problems newbies are facing, but it should already be an improvement. Maybe we could even consider having a tailored wallet that comes with more help to newbies. By the way.... I was curious to look this up in the wallet FAQ section, but it crashed with a .NET error message. Also, I suggest, for newbies to move the FAQ of the wallet itself under the section of "help" instead of "advanced". The "debug window" would imho rather fit into "advanced" selection dropdown menu. Have a great day!
  7. I must agree with the voting issue here... please place your voting within the voting function of your wallet. Because discussing this here is really not the best place for. And I assume everybody has his/her own reason to make a personal vote for one (or more) specific projects, and since the highest share of percentage will decide which projects will be "submitted" from OUR team, I suggest we should just encourage people to vote which has been done here now. We can do a reminder before the polls close, that should be about it.
  8. Korrekt. Im englischen Forum stand war von einer zweiten Verästelung.
  9. I have 8 active connections and sycned fine past block 855k. I also have interest payments coming in, I assume if people still have issues, try repair wallet and download blocks options. I guess that should work fine (assuming that you are on Rob's latest mandatory v3.5.8.7 and not still on previous version)
  10. (my update went well... we also need to upgrade gridresearchcorp.com which is still running on v3.5.8.3-g-research - verify fork!)
  11. Yup... I can confirm, I had syncing issues as well... re-download blocks went just fine.
  12. Wooow. I like that design a lot. Looks neat, modern, functional and complete.
  13. Hello everybody and happy new year! Let's make our best for GRC to become a great success in 2017. I hope Rob's customer is happy with his service. As I suppose, pretty much like me, his plan is to be making enough money at some point with in order to just be able to take care of this project, without other disctrations required to earn his living. But as long as this is not the case, I fully understand that he cannot show up with new updates as the community would wish this to happen. And you know what? I am absolutely fine with that! But I must agree that I am also concerned by the fact that if something happens to him, things looking less positive here. I really hope his full time "trainee" will pick up this project properly and with the same dedication that he has put into on a "unpaid" basis. We do not only need a "paid tech-dev", but we need someone that actively believes in what GRC stands for. Otherwise, I think we will really stuggle badly to find and keep(!) new dev's if it's only for the money they get paid for. All coins need dev's, except maybe the Top5. So prospects can choose what coin offers them the best options. And that is partially a dilemma we will have: WHAT does it stand for? Obviously, right now, we still stand for a coin that rewards computing power that would have been put to research anyway via any of the Boinc-projects on the whitelist (by the way, that list changes too often, we need a working greylisting-method, otherwise we artificially are narrowing our grc-community). So we still are a coin that is being "mined" as a gift to what would have been donated in terms of computing power (and electricity bills). But in terms of economics and profitability, we are just not there yet..... so new members that want to join into any cryptocurreny will look at this, and they will say like.... "hmmmm.... if I want to mine grc and break even with my electricity cost, I need a coin valued at XYZ" and I would say, unless you get electricity for free from just somewhere, it is not profitable to MINE gridcoins. So they mind end up mining some other coin that is likely to be more profitable to them. Now something I have said before: If we want a large amount of new users to join our coin, not just as monopoly money with the perk of being able to exchange it on a such platforms, then we 1) need to start see "physical use" of this currency outside of the the boinc-circle of crunchers that might only "gather experience" with it for fun. And 2) we need some company to buy our coins on those platforms in order to distribute those coins to whoever so that these people can re-exchange these coins to get a product or service. Now that would make the price of the gridcoins go up, with the fact that it might become profitable to mine the coin. This would then again attract way more people putting the buying pressure on at the exchange platforms. The company that took the risk to prebuy the coins to give them to its workforce or customers (as inhouse tokens?) in the first place would then see a raise of their coins in the wallet(s) and they could drive a benefit from that. In the end I think I could that that, although the value of the coin has risen since its start in.... whenever, we are still at very very LOW rates (according to what is required to break even crunching grc), we still have not hit the momentum yet. The circle of what a cash currency stands for (even if digital) has not yet been completed. The tech part is here and it's great, but the broad acceptance to new people and the "value for money" not yet.... but I'm sure, we, at some point are getting there. In the meantime, I am Ok with the value of grc staying LOW... that gives me the opportunity to buy into at great rates. I am not spending my grc anyway.... because.... why and where would I do that? Doesn't make much sense right now. It would be great if we found a company that would buy and use our gridcoin as "their" loyalty program (like supermarkets do, or airline companies do with their miles programs.... or maybe a cellphone provider that gives customers some gridcoins as a reward when the buy whatever). Because coins and points are quite similar when it comes to company bookkeeping with the only difference that the active value of stock of digital coins owned by a company is defined by an exchange while in-house points aren't.... but here's the point: I think quite some supermarket companies (or others) don't really care that much about the value of those points (or coins) because the earning is just big enough anyway... so that the loyalty program installed it is just there being used to maintain the customer's loyalty! And they could brag about supporting science for good! I know a supermarket group where you have to spend a whopping 500€ to get a 5€ voucher... which by the way you can gift to charity as well. That equals a one percent cashback when according to french official statistics in supermarkets the average earning on sold products is +-25%. The issue we have on this scale is that the broad population is not yet walking around with plastic cards like quite famous "Payback-Card" in Germany that in our case would have to come with a gridcoin QR wallet-code and a nice logo on it. Someone would do really well starting distributing and accepting our coin.... no matter if in Europe, the US, India, Japan or South Africa....... Compugeeks, let's get marketing brains going! PS: I'm happy coinomi is up and running now, though I personally will not need it right now. Since it's not in our own hands, let's hope it is and remains 200% secure. We will just have to find a way to advertise ourselves so people are using it there, we are "only one coin" out of +-45 coins there... if we want coinomi users to adopt our coin, we need to stand out. How can we do that? By being the coin for science that we represent.... and by making the mining of grc profitable.... and there closes the cycle. (No forking needed and neither of new crunchers will care about the team requirement, so imo it could just stay if that improves security... just my 50gridcoins)
  14. Hi folks! I must say that I fully back the people at Uscore. Got my first free gridcoins from them back a year ago from them and made a test buy to grab some grc back then as well. Now I still can say... a bit expensive but worth the money! And they said I'd help pay for newbies entering the grc-world. In the meantime I have evolved going on Bittrex etc..... but Uscore offered an easy and nice start to get going with a couple of gridcoins. Folks, always remember that people joining here are not always cryptocoin-experts. As far as I am concerned I give two thumbs up to those guys. I understand some people want a more "precise" border between what is offered by uscore.net/de, and what is gridcoin itself. Actually, that is not a bad idea, because I, as a beginner I had to learn a lot as well about gridcoin (though I had bitcoin background from Y2K). Made me understand the difference between the two lines. But this does not change my opinion about uscore being a GREAT added value to gathering new members here at our community. We NEED to keep an easy entry into the world of gridcoins, and my guess is that those guys are doing quite well on it. It still is a lot of work (and belief into grc) and I doubt they are making any financial profit, although their markup towards the real value might be high (sale of grc on their own website). This of course is affected by the up- and downs of the gridcoin value. Oh, and since I am texting... a last word about suchflex: There have been quite some companies before, that have offered money to (mostly) private users offering CPU power. Many of them have died away in less than 2 years due to lack of customers I suppose. Just google the topic of offerings of peer to peer computing... many links will just end dead. What we need over-here is a company/university (or more!) buying gridcoins at a cheap rate and distributing the coins according to their computing need instead of them going towards "old-school big data". And I suppose this will happen at some point. Might take another 10 years, but I don't care. I will collect cheap gridcoins in the meantime...... Gridcoin finance would have been a good project for that kind of thing (financial analysis for whoever)... I know, Rob doesn't maintain it these days, but maybe "Gridcoin Science" would be a great alternative? But still, we would have to be competitive on the price level because no matter if company or university, money budget/cost matters and will decide what computing company or "service" they will go for. On a side note, I was surprised today to see one dinosaur of peer computing to still be alive... it was started in 1997 and still keeps being active (and so does my account which was not in use for... a decade!) Have a great day and.... crunch on! (And if you're not sure, have some french wine.... that helps!) :D
  15. Nope... I didn't know. That's great news! Thanks for that info. Crunch on!