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  1. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Hi folks. I just checked gridcoin.us on firefox for android (latest build) To my taste, upper frame was too large and the compare table wouldn't fit the screen (like frame breaker style in the old days). Tilting screen to landscape would not help with the table issue. (Good rework by the way, i am curious about looking at it on my home screen)
  2. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Hi guys, I hope you are doing well today. :) While I read erkan's post about the missing projects in the last superblock, I was thinking about about what could trigger a missing project in the superblock. Most likely, I guess that as the procedure of data collect from the various projects stay the same all the time and the missing projects usually vary (a bit) every time with some projects more or less included in the superblocks, and on theoretical base could happen to any project at any time, I assume that the requested data file might not have been available while the superblock got generated. As the superblock can be produced anytime all around the clock, it might be likely to occur when some projects are in "internal updates" in order to update their own user stats (and badges). I am thinking of the project of WorldCommunitGrid which, if I remember right, does this twice a day every 12hrs. If the superblock is produced exactly at the time of the update, I can very well understand this not being included in the superblock. While I assume it would be technically doable to have a "mirror-file" as backup file for each project data if the original is unavailable, in order to get the previous update from this mirror-file, I also could imagine this said mirror file to be a potential security issue, so I personally prefer to have missing projects in the superblock rather than having a superblock with all the included projects but with the possibility of this being able to be manipulated. So, in the end, I am fully Ok with missing projects in the superblock every now and then... they will eventually be included again and user paid retroactively anyway. Luckily, right now, I am staking multiple times a day but we want to keep in mind we will be switching to V8-staking in less than 2000 blocks (in about 50-60hrs from me typing right now). I will continue to stake "often enough" (time will tell how often) but others might not. Of course, I could be totally wrong. ;) All right, I'm going to have lunch, have a great day and some incredible crunching. :) PS: I also remember having listened to a very interesting interview with Valter from TN-Grid and was wondering about what happened to his project stats. 7 out of his 10 top daily contributors are part of our team (includes our pools). This is amazing. It truly shows how the effect of our coin can impact especially the smaller research projects once they get whitelisted. :) We need to get the buzz going!
  3. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Hi folks! :) I was reading about different opinions on steem about the V8-issue. So, as most of those users are here anyway, here's my 50cts about that: 1) If it serves security, then it's only beneficial even it it comes with downsides. Security always has to come first. Because if the blockchain is insecure or can be manipulated to prevent others from staking, this definitely can lead to some kind of abuse (reminding me of DDOS-attacks onto websites). In our case, it could have put a damp on our grc-value, enabling a win on a tader's platform (like stock-option manipulation) In general, everything must be done so that the blockchain remains secure. Otherwise we need no blockchain. Because as you know, there are people on the planet that are trying to find every possible breach in every notable cryptocurreny (or wallets) if there is some important amount of digital money to be stolen. But I guess this is no news to anyone here in this forum. 2) I understand that starting block 1010000 the mag will not be taken into account for staking and I read here that you need 10k-20k in order stake daily. Personally, I am no big fan of pool mining. Why? Because it does *not* serve decentralization and you have to rely on other people (pool op's) in oder to get paid. I do not like that idea and if I had to join a pool about 2 years ago, I might not have done so. I prefer to fully mine on my own. But on the other hand, I understand that pool-mining is somewhat a must if you want to mine any of the bigger coins anyway, so if pool-mining for all the noobs become an indirect requirement in order to get paid, then we need some of our big heads here to get our "pool issues" settled very FAST because I assume, only a small amount of people will invest into the required amount of GRC in order to stake on a 2-3 day basis. As of me texting, this would require about 300€ of investment in order to buy those 10k of GRC and 150€ for 5k. From the perspective of most Boinc-crunchers (at-home gamers/researchers crunching a couple of hours a day!) that is A LOT OF MONEY and we must admit, it needs some real flippin' commitment from them to invest that much into (how they see) a new coin with nearly no reputation outside its own mining team, as the GRC-train is only starting to roll. So I guess most users might not take that financial risk and go for the pool instead. (*If* they wish/choose to hassle around with pools!) 3) As from the last sentence in point 2, I assume there *will* be a steady run on the pools from +-90% of all the new joiners, so get the pools going! As I'm not even able to handle wordpress, I for sure will not run a pool. And remember to put the required (pool-)info on top news on Gridcoinstats.eu as well as gridcoin.us otherwise we'll be flooded with questions like "Why am I not staking?" 4) I noticed that even the 2 active pools with superhigh mags are at most making +- 100-200 grc a day on some major whitelisted projects... so I guess, the price of GRC is set to rise. Or at least, it should. I have no idea when this will happen, but it's very likely it will happen at some point. And as this will happen, it is even *more unlikely* that people will join GRC by just crunching on their own because their initial investment into GRC would go up as well. If we want more users to join in, we need a simple "1-2-3 pool setup" on frontpage right now, because V8-staking is just around the corner. Thanks to all here trying to improve this coin and thanks to our dev's for another version of our wallet. Have a great weekend. ;) -From the strategist at UnitedNetwokers-
  4. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    @LennStar Re: My info says ??? ***** I upgraded 4 wallets on windows without any issues using the upgrade button. Initial block loading a bit slow, but that's on my end I guess. Looks like great improvements have been done to our wallets. Thanks to the dev's. :) EDIT (added txt): Ahhh, OK, I get what you mean... you mean the build info 43.5 is missing at the "About Gridcoin" option. Indeed, I have this as well. But the wallets themselves are running fine so far.
  5. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Only 75 blocks to go. :D i might miss the party because i'm at work. :D have a cup op champagne! :D i will do so when i get back home later in the day.
  6. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    As usual, thanks Rob for this great work on our wallet. I upgraded without any issue using the integrated upgrade button and it's running smoothly on my W10 pro 64 V1703 so far. :)
  7. German Thread

    Die Zahl der Auszahlungen richtet sich nach der aktuellen Zahl an GRC in deinem Wallet. Je mehr GRC, desto öfters wirst du ausgezahlt werden. Da du laut der Stats-Seite nur knapp 5GRC im Wallet hast, dürfte das dauern. Willst du die Wartedauer kürzen, musst du Poolmining machen. Poolmining ist allerdings nicht wirklich mein Ding. Ich würde einfach Solomining weitermachen, und die Wartedauer eben aussitzen. Bei mir hatte es zu Beginn aus recht lange gedauert bis die ersten Coins reinkamen. Inzwischen laüft's sehr gut. Was den Superblock betrifft, so dürfte normalerweise etwa ein Superblock pro Tag anfallen -> https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/about.php Was die Strompreise betrifft, ja da hilft nur die Flucht in den tiefen Ostblock, nach China, oder sonstwo.... aber in Westeuropa... "naja". Desswegen sollte die Profitabilität in einem Land mit hohen Strompreisen also nicht an erster Stelle stehen. Siehe die Gridcoins als Dreingabe an die du für's Boinc-Crunching bekommst welches du auch ohne GRC sowieso getan hättest(!). Und warte einfach ab bis der Gridcoin eine Bewertung von 10k$ erreicht. :D :P Viel Glück ;)
  8. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    If you want to avoid pool crunching, buy yourself a 100$ worth of GRC on an exchange and send it over to your Boinc-link GRC-wallet, because with only 2.14grc in your account right now, you ain't gonna stake much. That is your problem right now. :)
  9. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    The required quorum amount goes up along with sync number while we *just* stay below the required quorum all the time... Note: My NN-report shows the hash 6bce* is loosing on popularity percentage (it dropped from 86.69% at 16h27 UTC to only 68.61% now at 17h20 UTC) Very interesting....
  10. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    As of me texting we have 8eec* hash reaching popularity of exactly 50.00%
  11. [Community Input Needed] Gridcoin website redesign!

    Hi guys... I just had an issue trying to downloading the wallet for Windows from download.gridcoin.us It was temporary BUT I see no reason for this to be... because I'm on 30MB-Fiberoptics on this computer. So far, I had to restart the download 4 times in order to download the complete file without getting stuck at some +-20%. (You can tell by the time it is supposed to take to DL that 17MB-File) To me, that's enough to mention something not running smooth enough... because if you have to try to DL a file 4 times before it finally works, you really *must want* to have it. (It maybe could put off some gridcoin beginners?) By the way, I also suggest if when redesigning the site to maybe implement re-captcha to enter before DL a wallet file (no matter which kind of). Since gridcoin.us is listed in Arizona-US, maybe a mirror service would be nice for the wallet download? (these are just plain ideas....) :) Have a great weekend.
  12. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Hmmmm yeah.... as far as I remember, I ignored that poll because it did not include the option "IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY".... but I agree, I was a bit like.... "huh? What's this poll?!" As for the Superblock issue, I hope, we get this fixed, because instable SB's or missing projects is obviously not really the best publicity we can get. But that's Ok, no need to say the dev's know this by themselves, and I'd guess, they're quite invested as well so it's in their own interest to fix it for that the price goes up. I'd say, let them do their work, keep in mind they do the work in their spare time, and have a daily watch for new Wallet-Versions. :)
  13. VGTU

    I can't create an account at their project. :( << Invalid email address: you must enter a valid address of the form name@domain >> I will send VGTU-admin Vadimas Starikovičius a notice via FB.
  14. German Thread

    Ach so, ja gut. Ich gratuliere zu deinem Einsatz beim asteroids@home :D (ich schau idR nicht immer gleich nach, wer wo mit welchen Resultaten unterwegs ist...) Soll sich das Internet ein Beispiel an dir nehmen :) Aber zum Chip-Problem, mir ist folgendes aufgefallen, schau mal hier: http://wuprop.boinc-af.org/results/compar_cpu.py?fabricant=Intel&type=Xeon+5600&modele=L5630+(Virtual+Machine) L5630 unter Linux / VM bekommt zumindest unter Worldcommunitygrid-FaightAidsAtHome units zugewiesen. Dürfte beim L5640 also auch funktionieren. HT abschalten zu müssen ist natürlich n'e Mist-Lösung, das ist mir klar. Ich würd in dem Fall auch mal mit boinc 7.0.65 versuchen. Wäre zwar sehr wunderlich wenn's klappen würde, aber man weiss ja nie. V7.0.65 wurde ja schon im April 2013 veröffentlicht, aber der Prozessor wurde auch schon im März 2010 vorgestellt. Wie gesagt, das würde ich jetzt in dem Fall mal testen und zwar in 64bit, nicht x86. Dass keine Daten bei WUprop auftauchen hat wohl damit zu tun dass dieses Boinc-Projekt nicht sonderlich verbreitet ist und bisher noch niemand Stats bei WUprop reingereicht hat für den L5640. Auch Boincstats spuckt was aus.... und zwar für SETI: Auf Position 188 wenn du diesen Link besuchst: https://boincstats.com/en/stats/0/host/breakdown/cpu/0/2/100 (wie's um die anderen einzelne Boinc-Projekte steht habe ich jetzt nicht individuell nachgekuckt, ist recht zeitintensiv...) Ich wünsch dir viel Glück dass du das hinbekommst :) Müsste irgendwie machbar sein.
  15. German Thread

    Du machst mir Angst... ich hab jede Menge L5630 in den USA bestellt :D :D Aber mal ehrlich... ich schätze, das liegt definitiv an deinen Boinc-Einstellungen, und nicht an der CPU. Ich schätze mal grob dass du entweder Linux oder Windows laufen hast. Check mal deine Steuerung- & Berechnungseinstellungen. Wenn du nur bei 1-2 Projekten eingeschrieben bis, dann könnte es natürlich auch sein dass der Feeder auf der Serverseite gerade trocken ist... kannst ja diesbezüglich mal die Meldungs-Logs auslesen. Falls dem so ist, schreib dich testweise bei n'em zusätzlichen Projekt ein, setz die Ressourcen runter, so dass dieses Projekt nur dann laüft wenn deine ersten Projekt gerade "trocken" sind. Auf jedenfall gilt für mich, wenn deine "anderen x3650" alle laufen, gibt's defintiv keinen Grund dass es mit deinem "neuen X3650" (Sockel 1366!) Probleme geben sollte. Wenn du zufällig Boinc V7.7.2 (als Beta!) geladen hast, solltest du zur Version 7.6.33 zurückkehren, denn 7.7.2 ist nicht so ganz ohne Probleme. Wenn es tatsächlich ein HT-Problem sein SOLLTE, dann kannst du im BIOS dein HT immer noch abschalten und ohne HT crunchen. Aber aus eigener Erfahrung kann ich sagen dass ich mit HT noch nie irgendwie Probleme hatte... macht für mich daher keinen Sinn dort nach dem Fehler zu suchen. Kannst ja mal später posten ob du's hinbekommen hast, respektive woran's im Endeffekt lag.

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