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  1. I like this coin but PoS being such a long way off really turns me off buying more.
  2. RT @klinthoufy: @BittrexExchange @ramikawach #bittrex maybe it is time to add a #SHA-256 coin. #UNAT is one of those coins that is really w…

  3. hey guys your pool is mining on wrong fork.u are going to have some pissed off people.just thought i'd let u know
  4. yeah mate this is nearly 10% premine.stay clear of coins with that much premine .there is no need for that sort of crap and y devs do it i will never know.this is clearly greed .
  5. try these bro addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=
  6. finally on exchange.i solo mined 995000000 of these and been waiting to trade them
  7. have u read any statement or anything at all before posting this u would know btc withdrawls arent working properly while the new owners rebuild site.
  8. guy pleases stop mining this coin.it well not get listed on any real exchanges
  9. go check their facebook and twitter page mate this coin has huge support.but you are to one sided to go and read the evidence.u make false accusation and just fuking down right bullshit mate.go do some reading like i said i have done more than u will ever do for the crypto community.go be negative somewhere else
  10. u have made no valid points,thats why.Im done with you now .everyone has their own opinion.I will respect yours and just leave it at that.Just dont bad mouth every coin and lables them scams with no evidence.If u dont like a coin just move on. P.S. offers still stands if u would like a million coins,hell i will make it 2 if u really want.That way u can trade them and really see if it is a scam.
  11. wow bro have something wrong uptop .u arent right in the head.and this is not the only forum im on .not really bright are u.and i gave a friend 150 mill the other day who is just starting out.one thing u have done i suppose is gave people a good laugh when they read your dribble.
  12. Not anymore. i have 126 mill left i gave most of them away .that's what being part of the crypto community is.i have help promote alot of coins and proberly gave over 200 million various coins away.what have u contributed to the crypto community?apart from being a negative person and bashing up any coin that u did not get a chance to mine cause u missed launch.i enjoy crypto a lot and enjoy helping the "little miners" out.also gave a lot of coins away for devs from my own funds.once again what have u done apart from complain.
  13. Ok np.How u think there is no chance of selling bewilders me.And for the record about 80% of the coins i have sold so far have been sell orders not buy orders i have dumped on .looks like u really not that interested in crypto.maybe try new hobbie.
  14. lol guys i have fineshed giveaways i gave 7 million away today thats enough

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