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  1. Well, Gridcoin was indeed worth approximately 5 times more at the peak in June :) Other than waiting for the next peak, there's not much more that you can do. Pool feels are very small, switching to solo makes very little difference.
  2. Checked your host, I think you are doing OK, 30-35 GRC daily is an expected payout with your RAC. Of course, it's a little bit disappointing seeing those FirePros behind 7970s, but professional GPUs are often underutilized with BOINC apps. Users reported similar situation with Titan Blacks: http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/forum_thread.php?id=4171
  3. Looking at those numbers, I would say that host 736335 is most likely running 6 tasks in parallel. All top hosts are running many tasks on one GPU, in order to increase BOINC output and earn more BOINC credits. For more details, you can study this Steemit article (look under 3. Run multiple BOINC tasks per GPU): https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@vortac/gridcoin-gpu-mining-6-obtaining-the-maximum-performance-out-of-your-gpus
  4. Professional GPUs usually require professional applications to obtain max performance. I guess that Milkyway developers haven't added any optimizations for professional GPUs, since they aren't really used for BOINC that often. Generally, if one wants best BOINC performance, safest course of action is to buy hardware which is used by most productive machines on the Top Hosts list. For Milkyway, that's still 7970 (and was for many other BOINC projects few years ago).
  5. It's the usual Monday maintenance. Back to normal in an hour or two.
  6. 1. Top hosts run 24/7, no doubt. In addition to that, they probably run three or four tasks in parallel on every GPU. So, every 130 seconds, they complete at least THREE tasks. 7970 can complete a single task in about 30 secs. 2. True, Titan has better FP64 performance, at least on paper. However, Titans are not visible on the top hosts list. My guess is that Nvidia's implementation of OpenCL is less optimized and that 7970s are yielding better performance in the end, despite lower FP64 specs. 3. There is no simple online calculator, because BOINC computations are much more complex than the usual crypto-mining. Milkyway is a particularly good example, with older cards yielding better performance, something unheard of in the world of Proof-of-Work hashing. From my experience, a single 7970 can achieve RAC of 600k. That's good enough for 230 magnitude or about 40 GRC per day.
  7. 1. Upgrading to Titan is not worth it. You can upgrade to HD7970 at a much smaller cost for equal performance or nearly so. 2. Those hosts you are pointing out, they are probably running three or four tasks in parallel. So their average runtimes are longer, but overall output is higher of course. 3. Modern consumer cards all have very weak FP64 performance, only professional cards get such niceties today. That's why 7970s or even 5870s and 5850s are better choice for Milkyway than a new shiny GTX 1080.
  8. No solution is perfect, but I think what Rob is proposing is far better than we have now. Devs need to be compensated for their efforts, they have done plenty of volunteering already.
  9. I am also getting tired of this erkan business, especially because it's the same old, disgruntled stuff I have already seen before. Knowing erkan's valuable work so far, I was looking forward to some constructive discussion, but his 'secrets' so far are: 1. Whales hold plenty of GRC 2. Someone could DDoS some of the BOINC servers Pretty much obvious stuff, hardly worth so much fuss.
  10. Sign up here: https://teamgridcoin.signup.team Don't worry if you get an error - invitation will arrive to your email anyway.
  11. If I had a new beautiful logo, I would present it on Steemit (making clear it's a draft and work in progress). You would get some immediate feedback, collect some nice Steem rewards and it would immediately become a marketing tool, since investors take such niceties as a sure sign that the community is active and vibrant (and who wouldn't want to invest in a coin like that). Now, other members have been working on a new logo as well, so I guess an official vote will be necessary to choose the final version.
  12. Of course, we get a lot of these "why bother with advertising at all" posts too. The irony is that there are plenty of coins out there, with zero usability or operability, ranked far higher on the coinmarketcap than Gridcoin, solely because of their successful marketing. The fact is, most crypto-investors don't care one whit about BOINC or superblocks, they don't mine anything and if they run our wallet at all, they run it in investor mode (or they just keep their GRC on Poloniex, ready for any pumps and dumps). Now of course, you meant 'smart marketing' with integrity and without outlandish hype. Well, as Quez already said, even that sort of marketing takes months to be implemented properly and truly successful branding takes years. It's not like a spigot which we can open tomorrow and enjoy immediate benefits.
  13. OK, Mercosity typed NO, but that's merely his opinion of course, only official votes count (done through the wallet and recorded on the blockchain). Since voting system is being overhauled, we'll have to wait until it's fixed before having any official votes. That being said, one must admit that our voting system is sometimes hard on the newbs. A newb announcing here "hey, i am going to make this new fabulous video for Gridcoin, it will cost 10000 euros" will receive very little support, based only on that sentence (although he might have Bill Gates himself starring in that video). It's kinda expected to show some drafts, previews and projections first and to start with a small expense. Then, if it works out, you can present more ambitious stuff, and ask for bigger expenses. Basically, one is expected to do some volunteer work first and volunteer work in marketing is not something marketing experts usually do, I guess.
  14. This thread has been the core GRC thread for a long time and it still is in some way, but now we have Slack, Steemit etc. so it's not so popular anymore. Lots of ideas were thrown around, discussion was often heated and we all kinda get used to that. I wouldn't say It's negative though, let's say it's frank and 'openly argumentative'. Obviously, one can't be always 100% frank when commenting Gridcoin on Steemit (lots of readers who are looking to invest and they want reassurance and guidance, not arguments). But here, I guess no holds are barred and that's not bad - better to have a frank discussion BEFORE than regrets and grudges AFTER.
  15. Perhaps we could use gridcoin.io as a landing page for visitors who are coming from coinmarketcap, coindesk etc (i.e. the crypto-related websites)? Having two websites is not necessarily a bad idea, since BOINC enthusiasts and crypto-investors are very different groups of people. According to AdWords and Analytics, gridcoin.us works good enough for BOINC enthusiasts, while crypto bounce rate is now approaching 90% - we do need something different for them (flashy content, with more hype, I guess).