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  1. Hi cartman, i'm miracle, please can you telle where can I mining Paccoin?, hère is my mail dunamissucess@gmail.com

  2. Information and Updates

    What: Transmission network maintenance Why: Address errors to prevent more significant service degradation. When: Activity scheduled to start on August 15, 2015 at 00:00 PDT and end by August 15, 2015 at 05:00 PDT. Impact: Engineers will be performing intrusive maintenance on transmission network infrastructure to address circuit errors that have been observed in the region. As this work is performed several backbone networks will be subjected to service outages. DATA CENTER IMPACT: Reduced backbone redundancy, and possible latency increases when traffic shifts to and from redundant paths. No service outages are expected.
  3. P2Pool Source Code Support

    Rebased to latest p2pool source and added coins.
  4. Information and Updates

    Updated the miners tab. It now sorts in descending order by hashrate.
  5. Pool in maintenance mode

    Hi everyone! As you have seen I haven't had the time to help people with questions and problems. I thought I should post an update to let people know I am not currently available to do so. The pools are all fully operational and have been solid for well over a year. There has never been an instance where payment was not made correctly to any miners. I still check on them almost daily to ensure they are running correctly and have notifications set up to let me know if there are service interruptions or problems. I took away all fee's some time ago as the little it was generating was not worth the time or effort being exerted. I wish I could address concerns and questions as they arise but that is not currently possible. Fortunately the cost associated with running the pools is currently being paid for by other investments so I plan to keep them going into the foreseeable future. Nothing is changing. I am simply posting that I am not available to help out miners so don't expect a quick response to posts. Please feel free to continue posting questions and concerns. Perhaps others can participate and assist. I wish everyone happy mining!
  6. no world coin payment all day

    Also, please make sure that your using an address from your wallet...not an exchange or online wallet address!
  7. no world coin payment all day

    I'm sorry for the delay in response. I am unsure of what happened. Please realize that the hashrate of the worldcoin pool is so low that it may take more than a day to find a block. The only thing I can think of is that it took so long to find a block after you stopped mining that your shares were expired.
  8. All pools down due to rebuild of daemon server

    All pool nodes back up.
  9. All pools down due to rebuild of daemon server

    All p2pool nodes back up except worldcoin. It is still downloading the blockchain.
  10. The wallet server is in the process of being rebuilt due to a failed upgrade. It will take hours to re-download the blockchains. Will update this thread as pools come online.
  11. Information and Updates

    The datacenter is (mostly) down with large packet loss! They have been solid for the last 8+ years but lately I'm not sure whats going on with them. Pay way too much for this kind of stuff to be happening Edit: Back up. Lasted for just over an hour. Your miners probably showed multiple disconnects during that time as about 20% of the packets were getting through.
  12. Information and Updates

    Data center outage of about an hour due to planed maintenance. We did not receive notification of this maintenance and the circuit should have failed over but did not. We will be having a serious discussion about this with our account manager. Sorry for the disruption.
  13. Where are my (world)coins? :)

    Do you happen to know of a working block explorer? Was going to check to see if you got payment but don't know of a working block explorer :/ I imagine both addresses received some payment for block 1547736 if it was a valid block.
  14. P2Pool Source Code Support

    Ah, DOGE... The doge p2pool had a bunch of nodes that did not update their coin daemon to the new version so they were finding and reporting blocks on the wrong chain. Because of this and the fact that DOGE is now merge-minable I have taken down my DODGE p2pool node.
  15. P2Pool Source Code Support

    Hi komunorov22, Which pool/coin were you mining? What was your payment address? This thread is for source code support but will try and help.

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