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  1. Partner to Gridcoin, owner Quez His post about this is here: Post to steemit:
  2. As Mr. Wood point out it may not be correct as it can´t read all coins if they go to a change address, site also read in a different way then other blockexplorer so coins need to be staked to show up to that address. why gridcoinstats report only one of my address? It would show those addresses that have coins and have staked, to see correct value in balance use wallet. why my transfer from poloniex in the wallet is not present in the blockchain? As site point out it not log all coins to each addresses what they hold, this will change when your coins are used in staking a block. Until then you would need to use wallet. This is only related to site and not Gridcoin network. why in the neural network is present an address that not present in gridcoinstats? It show that address that is sign to your beacon with your CPID, this would be a main address that make the link to which wallet rewards will get to. Reward in POR could get to this address but if you have coins that are mature in another address it would choose that instead of main address. Wallet use a new address if needed or choose to send to a change address also when transaction or vote occured.
  3. Off topic, not related to blockexplorer, for support use subforum. If you lost wallet.dat you would need to delete beacon and send a new. Your beacon is attached to old wallet addresses so new would not get any coins from boinc rewards. Suggest to look up in user appdata folder for walletbackups that wallet created. You would also need keypairs from config file. For win located at %APPDATA%/Gridcoinresearch/ Read more in support threads to more info.
  4. You could join pool, no starter coins needed. You would need a good amount to be able to start solo.
  5. Getting 0 CPIDS in NN GUI and instant crash when click on sync. NN do get hash files and subfolder with quarumhash in it. debug2 have several lines to can not find \AppData\Roaming\gridcoinresearch\NeuralNetwork\CPIDS Remove NN and syncdpor2 did work. CPIDs back listed but projects not, might change to next superblock. After restart new sync there are several sub for CPIDS, Magnitude, NeuralNetworkCPID, Projects, Quotes, tbetags, Whitelist. For whitelist subfolder contain file for each project and COL in it. EDIT: after full sync no crash but project still remain empty in NN.
  6. terminet3: No, no changes do to how many is online with mag or not. It is calculated from NN from stats it get to each CPID. Read FAQ for more info.
  7. You will need to check if project allow these devices could also be server issue at project as it give you 24h time out. Remove or re-add project would not help, check status and info at project website.
  8. To have workunits is critical to be able to make any reward mechanism to to work. No workunits is big problem because that means you get reward daily without doing anything. In long term no other user cold get a share off it and users will drop out as RAC getting to low. Effect off this will be big cruncher left to share magnitude that is given to that project. This has happens before and could happen to any project. First when all users go below 100 RAC project will be delisted auto from NN. Why we vote in/out is also do to other main causes like be able to read stats from project. So if project lock it we can´t we would not be able to read stats. Other things that project have NCI flag or been Alfa or even experimental. Application that could harm a computer or compromise user data is not an option so those project would not be listed. Many project are pure testing and could effect users computers very badly.
  9. Q: my gridcoin client has been syncing for hours but is still out of sync, is that the norm? A: Time is up to connection and hardware, could take 10 hours up 2 days to sync from 0. There are several ways to download blocks and one way is to click on Rebuild Block Chain -> Download Blocks to get closer to sync. Q: i read somewhere that i need a starting balance to stake, does it affect the sync? A: No not at all. This only effect staking. Q: also, do i need the gridcoin client running if i dont intend to stake but just mining using boinc? A: No. For solo it+s fine as long you stake before beacon run out of time or change. For pool users reward is in tx in chain and they won´t be effected at all. - am set up to mine solo instead of pool Good call, new users would get more benefit to use pool then solo at start.
  10. If choose build in "download blocks" you can´t abort/cancel it. Only way is to force close process and you do that this will happen your blockchain is now broken and will show this popup. To fix this you need to remove blockchain and start from 0 blocks or download block again. The file is located in user appdata folder in folder Gridcoinresearch, filename is blk0001. :: Do NOT delete wallet.dat or gridcoinresearch.conf :: Shortcut: %APPDATA%\Gridcoinresearch\
  11. It looks to be a great guide, no need to send pdf. New users are in need to bigger balance to be able to stake a block today so we advise to join pool to get starter coins for doing solo. So hold your coins as few coins would not help. If they would like to go solo they could buy at exchanges. We are in bigger need to support in translation between Russia to English, we got an increased rate of users to irc which we can´t help as they don´t understand English. I have linked your guide to one user and think he used that, some are still in need for answers. You welcome to irc, click on chat in wallet to get there or freenode irc with irc client.
  12. 1. In Neural Network also with command in console execute beaconreport. 2. If another address show up or been generated by wallet itself are not relevant to which beacon are locked to. Wallet could generate a new address if needed, only that this address would make NN aware to which wallet it should connect to. So let´s say you you have to low amount of coins to stake wallet would look for another address to send generated coins to or it will generate another address to put reward in. 3. First beacon was send with S93puZUK9zxTiArmTzve9ZkG4TReK9NT6s so you would notice this was your main address and would be attach to old beacon. Right now a new beacon was send around 2 weeks ago. If you didn´t resend to new beacon then you wallet did. As this was done it picked a new address and would be new address to beacon. Line at NN: e87aa0e3e5883617b68779047b251f79 175 1028571,43 2017-06-26 06:00:00 S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw True 97 From beaconreport: "e87aa0e3e5883617b68779047b251f79" : "S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw", 4. 6 month 5. Show that you are the owner to which mail and CPID that is used. 6. Address was tied at same point when new beacon was send. Addresses is only unknown for user to the time you get coins to it. This is a step to validate and link your wallet to beacon, reward from beacon could be send to any address that it is linked to. Therefor it also tied to wallet.dat as this wallet hold this address. Do not focus or be afraid if a new address get created to your wallet. There is a wallet.dat that have that address as your wallet send a new beacon with that CPID. So again focus to use same files that you used before you start to send coins around. As it is today you have send most of it to S93puZUK9zxTiArmTzve9ZkG4TReK9NT6s. When you got correct wallet.dat and coins do not show up you might need to use command repairwallet in console if wallet show wrong amount, it search and coins appear after restart. So look for help before change a wallet that are attach to a beacon. And read changes when a new wallet version get out. Beacon v2 was released at Sep last year and this made changes to how beacon works and keypairs was added. So today you can´t send a new beacon if CPID already have one. And later version of wallet now send beacon when needed which make users not aware that they got new beacon if user do not see transaction or look up beaconstatus. These actions are to make beacon more secure to users not make it more complicated so therefor wallet handle more and more without users need to use commands. Effect would also be to lock beacon so users need to rethink actions that effect wallet and keep backup. About article It look great you explain step to step to start boinc and how you setup Gridcoin wallet to get reward. Thanks for all work with guide and marketing. However i can´t read fully as it need a payout and translate is poor with google translation. From i could read i saw one thing and that was DROP it should be DPOR. Things could change if would be great if you keep it updated. I have no knowledge to Russia so another one might be able to assist to help. You are always welcome to ask at forum if it anything and users could help you. One thing is good to know is that need fair amount GRC to be able to stake in solo as network and difficulty keep change it would be impossible to say a minimum value to it a few coins from faucet would not be enough to start with.. So i advise new user that can not invest in GRC to first try to also get some startercoins.
  13. 1. A user would never lose any coins. Would like to make clear that nothing will be lost. This guide may not work to DPOR users do to beacon v2 that make this not possible as new beacon can´t be send when user feel like it. When beacon is send it locked to that CPID and GRC address until time running out. Lost it would never be research saving called RSA hold reward in chain until beacon time is out. Those coin that reach to an address would be saved in wallet.dat as this file would hold keys while coins would stay in chain, As chain remain intact from all wallet it can´t disappear, only do to user could lose keys if wallet.dat would be lost or corrupted. 2. To make this simple revert back to how it was setup with same files you used before instead off digging in old files that might have wrong GRC address. as you have send coins to new address the specific address that is attach to beacon would be empty. If it is empty you would net see it. So you should first send a small amount to S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw this the only address that is relevant for you to keep. After sending use the latest wallet.dat before you started to send coins around. Address with amount send would show up in coin control in that wallet. 3. To prove ownership to CPID you should use in console: execute proveownership
  14. Might need to update that wiki because this would hurt you that have a beacon. This would be possible to investor wallet not a wallet that are attach to beaconv2. Your beacon was send out around 2 weeks ago at that time it was linked to specific GRC address: S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw. As long as you have a beacon active you would need to hold that address in wallet. So if you generate a new wallet and send coin to that you would lose this address as this is attach to old wallet.dat. When you attach your CPID it does not find it and error will be CPID INVALID. You can´t advertised beacon while there is a beacon active. To move wallet to another computer you should backup wallet.dat and Gridcoinresearch.conf and after first start at new computer shutdown and overwrite with backup. That way you would have all addresses and also keypairs to beacon. Find the config that hold keypairs and use old wallet.dat and you should be fine.
  15. To all rest in thread about no reward: If you have magnitude & CPID show in overview it is fine, and you would get reward one day when wallet manage to stake. It is only about time when this happens. if you get message about investor or CPID INVALID this would be an issue for you, if so do not use diagnostics as it is mostly broken. It would be something else so click on chat and we help you.