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  1. 1. In Neural Network also with command in console execute beaconreport. 2. If another address show up or been generated by wallet itself are not relevant to which beacon are locked to. Wallet could generate a new address if needed, only that this address would make NN aware to which wallet it should connect to. So let´s say you you have to low amount of coins to stake wallet would look for another address to send generated coins to or it will generate another address to put reward in. 3. First beacon was send with S93puZUK9zxTiArmTzve9ZkG4TReK9NT6s so you would notice this was your main address and would be attach to old beacon. Right now a new beacon was send around 2 weeks ago. If you didn´t resend to new beacon then you wallet did. As this was done it picked a new address and would be new address to beacon. Line at NN: e87aa0e3e5883617b68779047b251f79 175 1028571,43 2017-06-26 06:00:00 S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw True 97 From beaconreport: "e87aa0e3e5883617b68779047b251f79" : "S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw", 4. 6 month 5. Show that you are the owner to which mail and CPID that is used. 6. Address was tied at same point when new beacon was send. Addresses is only unknown for user to the time you get coins to it. This is a step to validate and link your wallet to beacon, reward from beacon could be send to any address that it is linked to. Therefor it also tied to wallet.dat as this wallet hold this address. Do not focus or be afraid if a new address get created to your wallet. There is a wallet.dat that have that address as your wallet send a new beacon with that CPID. So again focus to use same files that you used before you start to send coins around. As it is today you have send most of it to S93puZUK9zxTiArmTzve9ZkG4TReK9NT6s. When you got correct wallet.dat and coins do not show up you might need to use command repairwallet in console if wallet show wrong amount, it search and coins appear after restart. So look for help before change a wallet that are attach to a beacon. And read changes when a new wallet version get out. Beacon v2 was released at Sep last year and this made changes to how beacon works and keypairs was added. So today you can´t send a new beacon if CPID already have one. And later version of wallet now send beacon when needed which make users not aware that they got new beacon if user do not see transaction or look up beaconstatus. These actions are to make beacon more secure to users not make it more complicated so therefor wallet handle more and more without users need to use commands. Effect would also be to lock beacon so users need to rethink actions that effect wallet and keep backup. About article It look great you explain step to step to start boinc and how you setup Gridcoin wallet to get reward. Thanks for all work with guide and marketing. However i can´t read fully as it need a payout and translate is poor with google translation. From i could read i saw one thing and that was DROP it should be DPOR. Things could change if would be great if you keep it updated. I have no knowledge to Russia so another one might be able to assist to help. You are always welcome to ask at forum if it anything and users could help you. One thing is good to know is that need fair amount GRC to be able to stake in solo as network and difficulty keep change it would be impossible to say a minimum value to it a few coins from faucet would not be enough to start with.. So i advise new user that can not invest in GRC to first try to also get some startercoins.
  2. 1. A user would never lose any coins. Would like to make clear that nothing will be lost. This guide may not work to DPOR users do to beacon v2 that make this not possible as new beacon can´t be send when user feel like it. When beacon is send it locked to that CPID and GRC address until time running out. Lost it would never be research saving called RSA hold reward in chain until beacon time is out. Those coin that reach to an address would be saved in wallet.dat as this file would hold keys while coins would stay in chain, As chain remain intact from all wallet it can´t disappear, only do to user could lose keys if wallet.dat would be lost or corrupted. 2. To make this simple revert back to how it was setup with same files you used before instead off digging in old files that might have wrong GRC address. as you have send coins to new address the specific address that is attach to beacon would be empty. If it is empty you would net see it. So you should first send a small amount to S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw this the only address that is relevant for you to keep. After sending use the latest wallet.dat before you started to send coins around. Address with amount send would show up in coin control in that wallet. 3. To prove ownership to CPID you should use in console: execute proveownership
  3. Might need to update that wiki because this would hurt you that have a beacon. This would be possible to investor wallet not a wallet that are attach to beaconv2. Your beacon was send out around 2 weeks ago at that time it was linked to specific GRC address: S299qBGWrfqjET8kQrcZjsZ91CyHMhYVxw. As long as you have a beacon active you would need to hold that address in wallet. So if you generate a new wallet and send coin to that you would lose this address as this is attach to old wallet.dat. When you attach your CPID it does not find it and error will be CPID INVALID. You can´t advertised beacon while there is a beacon active. To move wallet to another computer you should backup wallet.dat and Gridcoinresearch.conf and after first start at new computer shutdown and overwrite with backup. That way you would have all addresses and also keypairs to beacon. Find the config that hold keypairs and use old wallet.dat and you should be fine.
  4. To all rest in thread about no reward: If you have magnitude & CPID show in overview it is fine, and you would get reward one day when wallet manage to stake. It is only about time when this happens. if you get message about investor or CPID INVALID this would be an issue for you, if so do not use diagnostics as it is mostly broken. It would be something else so click on chat and we help you.
  5. This is not an issue wallet it self have created it when a transaction occur, if you like you could resend these GRC to another address if you like. So if wallet show this address you will be the owner of it and validateaddress could also prove ownership. If use old backup it would not show up as that file would not have keys to coins or address so use latest only.
  6. There is today an issue to get new users in and this could trigger nr 1&2 to show no result for cpids. Please wait 1-2 days. 1. Wallet can´t find CPID form mail or boinc files. First check that same mail is used to all project and then go to debug window > console and type in "list cpids". If any listed cpid and project show up you fine, if not be sure boinc running any work and check if path to boinc is in gridcoinresearch.conf file at %appdata%\GridcoinResearch. Default path to boinc should be written like this: boincdatadir=C:\\ProgramData\\BOINC\\ boincappdir=C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\ Change if needed. The file for most linux would be at and for linux: /home/your_user/.GridcoinResearch/ and boinc would be at var/lib/BOINC/ Restart and new users would need to wait 24-48 hours. 2. related to nr 1, with no cpid no RAC. 3. Ignore result. 4. Ignore result
  7. As i understand we need a popular neuralhash to make a consensus, so if NN get a majority of one neuralhash this could happen. However at this point this looks fine but still no superblock generated. So this might need more nuralhash or it is another limit that not trigger it. We got a superblock but now it´s passed 14 days so it is not valid anymore. It could also be set differently then main but i believe requirement would be lower. The result looks like this today: 29 CPID:s listed, how many nodes with NN active is unknown. Beacon to project looks to be active so that is not the issue. if so They would delisted
  8. To this "client" you have your CPID right now, did you send GRC after start or did you use any backup? As iFoggz mention your beacon are attach combined to CPID and GRCaddress. So this GRCaddress are only available from first created wallet.dat. If you send away and back to first existed wallat from backup after reinstall you will have address in it. Or If send away and back to new created wallet it would not matter if it only show CPID in client. It would be impossible to delete beacon if you have access to old wallet.dat. The balance in existed wallet would not matter but GRCaddress to beacon does.
  9. Same here but no point anymore as there is no superblock created anymore. The superblock have now running out off time. We need the rules for how/when it will be created. This is still unknown for us, but without this DPOR will be shutdown. We also waste power and load to project when we sync our NN without any superblock created. I have 9 devices with win for testnet and i will start them when superblock is back online. Today keep 1 investor running.
  10. Update:
  11. Did also check and those two transactions does not exist in chain not in blockexplorer or my chain. Follow iFroggz suggestions. It could be in wallet.dat file but not in wallet client.
  12. To read files from boinc it would be needed. This is needed in setup when you put in path to boinc, it will check CPID from mail you put in. To have wallet running to and stake you could skip it. Would advise to use it in upgrade or beacon changes.
  13. After search about Paypal i do get this 5 method site and few other links like From BTC you could use those exchange site you have today.
  14. Try again later, i will forward the question here for you: You might get answer at, sorry can´t help you with that.
  15. I don´t run in linux so can´t help you much there. I did put up headless node but that is it. There many other here that could help you for this, but today it should not change how wallet work and commands will be the same to win. New users will have a newbieboost which make DPOR weight a lot higher then normal users, i think it is multiplied to 100. When you have staked it will be removed and it will start probing coin age. After 16 hours these will be ready to stake. These are first parameters to get and wallet would need to be in stake mode and wait. So you are in early stage and will have newbieboost active you can tell from DPOR weight: 1400004, to a normal wallet this is high. DPOR weight will same as total balance in wallet. Compare to NET weight and we see that you should stake daily. Your Magnitude are still but will grow slowly as RAC in team will increase to each project that will be added. If this stay low less then 20 magnitude it might be better to start in pool until balance is high enough to give you higher DPOR weight. I understand many would like to stay solo to get stats in same account, but it would not hurt to earn some GRC first before jump in solo. Other then stats it is very low fee so low that it would not payoff sever cost and maintain to pool owners. So for you keep try to increase RAC and have wallet running to be able to stake. If send coin around or shutdown it could take longer. Is the wallet unencrypted or locked value from getinfo say "unlocked_until" : 0,? Should have a value if it unlocked to stake. Other then that it look fine. As long as you get magnitude and wallet unlocked to stake it is matter of time. Estimated time could look like this: less then 10 GRC and magnitude of 5 = Very long time to stake and may not not be possible to stake before beacon run out of time. User should not be in solo. less then 100 GRC and magnitude of 20 = Long wait time the balance is to low to start with but wallet would stake in some point with low amount of coins in RSA and coin age would need to be high. Interest would be almost as high then total balance before wallet stake it. Estimated time could be up to 2-3 month if Netweight is high. less then 1000 GRC and magnitude of 20 = Except previous here we have better balance but not enough to stake daily as magnitude is not that high, low Net weight and it could take 1-2 weeks to stake but when it´s high up to a month. Solid start 5000 GRC with magnitude from 10 and increasing up to 100 magnitude after 2 sweeks. At this stage the balance with newbieboost will bring very high weight and with POR in RSA you will be competing at both ways to stake, both from POS and POR. You will stake after few minutes up to 24 hours, and with first stake balance will probing coinage again but newbieboost will be gone so at around 5000 GRC in DPOR weight it will take less then 7 days to next. Here it is important time time to have a solid amount in balance as DPOR weight will fall done to 5000. So new users that grab 1-2 from tip of faucets could stake first block after some time but next stake after this the DPOR weight will stay at 1-2. Today difficulty at 8-9 it would be impossible to start. Lowest i have seen a user start with have been 22 GRC. It took over 2 weeks to stake first block for him. So i advise all users to start in pool to get startercoins, 1-5 GRC are to low to start solo with. Earn coins in pool until you have 5000-10000, then you should get reward daily as it look like today. This can change as diff and amount of coins increase by time. For your question what it means. Most is explain in some commands so grab a list and look which would be best to you. To learn by time was great for me as all is not explained in how it really works when i started. Most info that is important are in some commands so if you read wiki you would know what these means and which value is low or high. There are a list at for commands to linux to use. Most experience and best info have been here from threads at forum, there have been great reading but will take a lot of time to read them. Look in to threads like this one: Dpor-stake-weight-calculations Could also read at github and if you like to debug that is the way to go. There many users that could help and explain or link to info at irc/reddit/telegram/github/wiki/main site/forums/pool sites. Take some time and read and you will probably fine a few answers of many. Wiki are great start at.