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  1. Follow the guides at gridcoin.us and you would also find exchanges there to buy coins.
  2. ODLK

    Big improvement to use eng but is this new url valid to project ODLK? Or Different site and owner and ip, are they working together? database for users are same but anything else different and new url are related to multi-pool site: http://multi-pool.info/ Contact admin before whitelist this project if this is a valid url to project.
  3. No Mining Award

    Reward should not change that should be same. However you would need to backup both wallet.dat and gridcoinresearch.conf to new wallet. The new pc would also need boinc installed to make wallet find CPID. When this is done make sure old wallet never being used to network.
  4. No Mining Award

    He does have: "staking" : false, "mining-error" : "Offline; ", and "mining-kernels-found" : 0, so when wallet get mature coins to stake this should change to at least 1 Pending reward as estimated are "BoincRewardPending" : 672.16421776, and will grow until the time your wallet manage to stake keep it online and able to stake and you will be fine.
  5. DrugDiscovery@Home

    Task would disappears when project admin purge wu data, this is normal and being done to any project. The time when this being done are up to project admins but DD@Home have high numbers of wu so that could result that they purge more often. Most cases this are done when a batch is finished and this happens to any project that they clean out wu and save result.
  6. It´s taken 3 years and been possible to new users to start solo with less then 20 coins in wallet to start and there have been system hand out starter coins but that is gone now only faucets left. In that time magnitude have been helpful for users and there have been newbie boost to stake there first coins to get a start. But we do have a solid pool would use it if i was new to Gridcoin even if i had a boinc account. The only negative is that vote would have less weight and stats to boinc would be to pool. The reward are still the same and work like as a account manager. Pool have no start fee or require anything from users so this is a great opportunity to get a start. grcpool.com is great and we suggest new users to use this as it is less work to setup and much faster. The process is still long for solo and as i see it we would gain more users to Gridcoin this way. Question is why solo is so important to users? If so why not invest into it if so. If no one would buy it would keep losing it´s value and keep getting dumped.
  7. 1. Yes as DPOR weight is gone it would be do to coins weight, but counter you look at is same as before and based on POS blocks only. This could be do increase of coins in network right now that is stakeing. 2. Newbie boost is should be gone. 13 GRC is to low i suggest users to get 5000 GRC before start solo, with 4000 GRC you could stake a block around weekly but still depends in Net.
  8. I have downloaded from gridcoin.us around 5 times and got in all cases, do not think that would change back to old version after this time so it could be related to issue you have that it could not shutdown and change files. How long did you wait this "Waiting to exit wallet" could take some time? Try restart pc before upgrade with msi file and uninstall before upgraded if needed.
  9. screwed setup...

    What i can see your beacon is to old (7 month) so you would need to renew your beacon to start getting reward again. You have moved almost all coins out off wallet and collect 5 GRC from tip/faucet, as there is no coins to stake with you would not get any reward.
  10. Beacon Deletion

    First thanks Quez for helping users to this after RTMoney. In this thread please update post if there are any changes as we try to help users based on info here and pdf. Would it still be a transaction back to users for a success? Getting users that request a delete but there is only a transaction in and none out.
  11. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/sech.me looks fine
  12. no rewards since 2 weeks

    You have moved coins out off wallet and now have low stakeweight, with 127 GRC it would take some time. Magnitude have no effect into staking as it was before. If you have around 4000 GRC it could take around 1 week.
  13. ODLK

    Edit my post an0n . Happy to clear up if there are any question. This was only a answer to jamezz. And i would like to point out that users should choose on there own what is important for them, it was not made to be counted for a whitelist poll at all. What you choose to vote is up to you so suggest to avoid forums and focus on project site to make up your mind to yes/no/abstain. Don´t let my post effect your vote.
  14. ODLK

    "Are you freaking serious people? Science is not only in English @Gunde you should know that better than myself a stupid ignorant uneducated U.S. American let me help the ignorance , this project has SSL so the NO winning side of this is because nobody knows you can auto translate or use something like https://translate.google.com/" Fully aware and this was not do to whitelist and poll at all, This is BOINC in general view and would not count this in poll at all. But now that there are a poll to it it would be up to users to choose what is important to them. It would require several negative things to then this to take that in count for whitelist to Gridcoin. For me i would look for technical aspects to how it would work for Gridcoin when i vote, not because if i like it or have a good goal. Today i can´t tell if would be good/bad as i´m not signed in to project and tested application/task/creditsystem so i avoid any vote for now and if i would vote it would be abstain for now. I did a lot of work to SAT@Home so don´t take me wrong to this it work well but workunit stopped one day with no message why. When they broadcast a news message to people which spreads out globally in every single boinc manager (host) , news sites, stats sites and community like this would get this in russia only. To sites a users could use let browser translate or use external site. It is important that message reach users without these external services to be sure message are correct. This news section is important for users to get info from project admins. There are Alfa/Beta project and experimental that feed users with info about project site/applications and workunits. It could be that you got bad batch of work or bug to it, this happen several times for me that made me purge a range of task or suspend some applications. Luckily most boinc related stuff to manager are in eng so you could get a clue what happen but message from project admins remain in another. Most projects use therefore both main language and ENG in the same post. Communication is first this to deal with to insure message are correct to users and build a trust of external services for users. The effect of that could be that users ignore it or avoid it. If we look at site as it is it support other language as it use IP location and browsers use that. But this only work at site structure and if we look inside forum they do use ENG more then main so they could use it. If the project to hold the main language they do it to care and split main and ENG so forums would be divided in to sections to make it friendly to all. Germans are very good and several of the projects do this and would not let any google translate be required for the message that send out. They could spend a few minutes and translate the way they want it to ENG and it would be more user friendly so do not included that in voting. So this is for me important as a project to BOINC that the communication are good to users no matter which project it may be. I would not let SSL hold it back ether for an yes/no. There would be a range of negative things to make that a "No" for me. SSL are good and thing and any site that handle mail and password should have it, but would not make me stop support them. We have a list that we could use to bring in answers to users use it and get answers from project admins so users would have info before they go and vote. **This is only a respond to jamezz post. What you as a user would vote for is up to you, do not take my thought in to poll**
  15. Feel free to join Gridcoin Community Discord we have an irc-bridge, price-bot, and some more also a BOINC community Discord in test

    Contact me if you have any suggestions or problems to this.


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