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  1. Gunde

    [email protected]

    Project got Greylisted on 2018/02/19 and last update to website 2018-08-07. @krzyszp Do have any info if this project would be back? If project is dead, you could request it to be removed from whitelist.
  2. Yes it is .15 Changed Balance now includes unconfirmed coins sent by self, #1192 https://github.com/gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Research/releases/tag/
  3. Worth mentioning to new users is that "Download Blocks" would not work as they rebuild it. ifoggz is on it to re-write it. This could be announce to users to avoid questions but i could not find it and had to ask. So i do spread the word out. So if don´t want to wait to sync up all blocks use snapshot: https://download.gridcoin.us/download/downloadstake/signed/snapshot.zip Should take less then a day to sync up from 0 with normal hardware and connection.
  4. Gunde

    TN-Grid offline

    TN-Grid is now greylisted.
  5. Gunde


    Poll ends with 54% to remove project against 40% to keep it. @Quez
  6. Gunde


    Yes i would agree on that.
  7. Gunde


    @Timo425 @Dongleberry @noxcivi Peppernrino made the new poll because they added English site so that is the one that got whitelisted "Question: ODLK now has an English page and is SSL. Are we ready to add it to our whitelist?! Please read post in thread, Neuralminer announced to clear up confusion. English site latinsquares is ODLK1 and have SSL. To add old ODLK a new poll is needed to whitelist and votes have been "No" in last poll.
  8. These endless PumpGroups. If your care of how coins works and not manipulate the trading all would be happy.
  9. Gunde


    With all respect for you and project we would like to support those who need it most, project are great and goal is great. To clear out as Timo talk about there are two different type of to export stats as these server hand out separately. ODLK would not be alone to the LHC had 3 diffrent type of website/applications/jobs before and it was fine at start. After time move on at same time we discuss these project they merge them to one so for us it was less problem of share in reward. The specific goal to reward is to even out to each project to make a fair contribution and let users choose project they like and not what gain them more. ODLK1 got in but reward not kicked in yet but later on when more users add up we might be able to solve it if we could combine all users stats to one export link. The problem is simply that have a Neural Network that focus to one link of these export stats. We are open for suggestion and happy to support the project.
  10. If it show wrong GRCaddress it is another wallet.dat and that could be why it show 0. find the wallet that include those GRCaddress on link. In pool or not would not matter to your coins, your issue are to find correct wallet.dat. However if you setup to pool which wallet would it send reward to? old or new wallet? pool would send reward as an transaction and your wallet would be in investor mode as you won´t have any beacon to your old CPID.
  11. Gunde


    We have an ongoing poll for ODLK with (Yes 94.84%). If this got whitelisted which site would we add? old ODLK: https://boinc.progger.info/odlk/team_members.php?teamid=26&offset=0&sort_by=expavg_credit or new: team.gz in /stats/ are diffrent and both sites share exportdata: oldsite: team.gz 2017-12-25 14:35 17K newsite: team.gz 2017-12-25 09:45 9.5K
  12. Follow the guides at gridcoin.us and you would also find exchanges there to buy coins.
  13. Gunde


    Big improvement to use eng but is this new url valid to project ODLK? Or Different site and owner and ip, are they working together? database for users are same but anything else different and new url are related to multi-pool site: http://multi-pool.info/ Contact admin before whitelist this project if this is a valid url to project.
  14. Reward should not change that should be same. However you would need to backup both wallet.dat and gridcoinresearch.conf to new wallet. The new pc would also need boinc installed to make wallet find CPID. When this is done make sure old wallet never being used to network.
  15. He does have: "staking" : false, "mining-error" : "Offline; ", and "mining-kernels-found" : 0, so when wallet get mature coins to stake this should change to at least 1 Pending reward as estimated are "BoincRewardPending" : 672.16421776, and will grow until the time your wallet manage to stake keep it online and able to stake and you will be fine.

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