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  1. Thanks for the advice. I want to join your pool and have send you my details. Ps my cpid i listed in the block now.
  2. Good day everybody. Can someone please send me some coins to begin with? Ps i have still not received the beaken after two days. The cpid is there, but still not listed in the super block. Hope i get the beakon tomorrow. Ps my wallet is synced, encrypted and open. My wallet is adress is: SLqVixc7qfZBnU1UX1gB6zvMvLcdjDXt4B Thanks in advance, and keep mining for science (you monster). Ps it's my birthday! (35)
  3. Good day all! I started Boinc about two days (milkyway@home) ago and like to ask if someone can send me a hand full of coins to get me started. I still haven't received the beacon after 2 days by the way.. Hope it comes in tomorrow with the next block... Thanks in advance. SLqVixc7qfZBnU1UX1gB6zvMvLcdjDXt4B

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