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  1. 99% pre mine coin sold to a few. Now no one wants to buy your 99% pre mined coin. Oh, feel the BERN!
  2. VJG4wdsMJwMLvZvGUTwURqcRjsByPPLhpg Thanks
  3. PX5DBYf7fkB4mg6m2H88DMSjgnn2LFyuYu Thanks
  4. Yes, they have been mining. I'm solo mining right now.
  5. I got the wallet but it does not sync up. Never mind it is synced up now.
  6. I connected to the running pool for 10 minutes but it shows no hashes for me and I got no coins
  7. Block Explorer matches with what they show as the next network block Next Network Block 1,967
  8. it looks like Official Charity Pool pool.compasscoin.net is the one currently mining the coin. Since their pool hash rate is also the network hash rate. Compass Coin are you going to reset the block chain for a fair launch or are you going to let them mine it for hours and then let the rest of us mine it?
  9. Looks like this coin is already being mined. http://blockexplorer.compasscoin.net/chain/Compasscoin
  10. http://poolpicker.eu/ Looking at the Pool Picker chart it shows that hashcows has been the best multi coin dumping pool for the last 1, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days with MiddleCoin running dead last out of the bunch. They now also let you choose which coin that you would like you payout in and the choices are BTC, BC, FAN, HBN, MINT, TOP and ZEIT. I also like the fact that you can choose which coins they dump for you and which ones you can keep. They watch out for any new coin that comes out with potential and they will start mining those coins when they are released like the newest hot coins WC and AC. Which I choose for them not to dump for me since I want to hold those coins for the long term. It seems like I always have at least one miner pointed at hashcows.
  11. Looks like all of the dump and run miners, the profit switch dumping pools and the 10~20 new alt coins a week is taking it's toll on BTC prices and all of the alt coins. Since all of the miners think that the purpose of every new coins to only to be converted into BTC. The miners themselves are killing all of the coins by making it a race to the bottom and with each new Country coin and it's 50% premine are taking a bigger bite out of the BTC values.
  12. Some of his other coins have make it to exchanges and they have not been dumped to death.
  13. Only a fool Dev or a miner would be that dumb and dump the coins for any price since that is short term thinking. Now if he is planning on putting out 30 coins then he is thinking long term so it would be best to be hold or trickle out the coins at a controlled rate. How do you think Auroracoin got to such a high price? The person holding 50% of the coins drove the price up by not selling low. Now a days the miners only want to dump every alt coin they mine for BTC and all if does it is slowly kill all of the cryptos even BTC. If his plans to dump he would be pushing people to 'get it on a exchange'.

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