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  1. same here... its realy boring and wast of time to restor and backup the wallet every month. feels like one step forward two steps back. pls fix it and fix all other bugs its time for stable ;)
  2. Is there a social media share button for the Gridcoin website?
  3. What do you think about Gridcoin with masternodes? is it possible? does it make sense?
  4. jup same here. backup attempt leads to crash. is it possible, that already confirmed coins are now collided after wallet update? it looks like this.
  5. benjo


    a nice idea... i get it as a new block? or he will be accepted later?
  6. Nickname: NA <- why ? someting wasn't detected? --->have you registered with Einstein @ Home? Are you joined the gridcoin team there? Neural Network Rank: 0 / 0 <-doesn't seem to work for anybody ---> am not sure but maybe not for linux Neural Network RAC: 3,695 Neural Network Magnitude: 4 Neural Network Contribution: 0.00% Magnitude Last Superblock: 4 Contribution Last Superblock: 0.00% Current Research Age: 0 <- why is this, I definitely have some research done, because RAC was detected? --->is not directly related Current Research Owed: 0 <- how often does this value change? ---> not very often Einstein is a GPU project dont try to crunch this project with CPU good luck
  7. benjo


    heyho, today i have 4 orphan blocks. can I do something there to fix it?
  8. this morning my magnitude was 40 and rising but now all projects magnitude falling to 1. http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/?cpid_dashboard&t=CPID_Detail&CPID=baa2eefa36081bc3e8b9b8b90ee20d8c i hope that is a issue in the webinterface or possible NN Projects are doubly and triply. i wait for the next superblock to see whats going on
  9. have a new entry in the conf file SessionGuid= what does it mean?
  10. okay, i try new projects... I'm no expert but, for example, Rosetta @ home hat a Avg RAC 1520 not sure but i join Rosetta with Avg RAC ~ 1000 if people with large magnitude join rosetta, the Avg RAC must rising very high? i overlooked something?
  11. Need Help Please My magnitude decrease realy strange although BOINC worked like never before. http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/?cpid_dashboard&t=CPID_Detail&CPID=baa2eefa36081bc3e8b9b8b90ee20d8c I dont know what i have to do to solve this issue. I have noticed that: list validcpids command returns no result is that the problem?
  12. since 10/21/2015 i miss the project informtion in the transaction details and the RAC shows 0. should that be so?
  13. My GRC wallet is spooky Every day i update my GRC Walltet and download the blockchain but it does not help. While downloading the block chain changes the gridcoin process status in the task manager of windows2012 on inactive but the CPU load of the process fluctuate sometimes he catches himself after a long time and work fine but mostly i have to kill the process and restart the wallet. i think that the total amount of wallet fluctuates by about 10% more or less after dowanload block chain but not sure... I recieve this Massage from Boinc Manager http://www.gridrepublic.org/:Notice from BOINC Nachricht vom Kontomanager: unexpected XML tag or syntax 16.11.2015 11:25:31
  14. My Wallet has the last confirmed Mined Interest on 10/21/2015 A lot of Orphan interest incomming on 10/23/2015 since no Incoming interst. Last confirmed POR incomming on 08/11/2015 only one Orphan on 11/13/2015 I've run every update, have no fault CPID... Use Boinc with Grid Republic.

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