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  1. Missed Upgrade Deadline: So I have been out-of-action for a bit, and yesterday upgraded my wallet. Today I see on the forum that I really needed to upgrade before the fork. I am staking atm but what is the likely fallout from me not upgrading before the deadline?
  2. So I have been out-of-action for a bit, and yesterday upgraded my wallet. Today I see on the forum that I really needed to upgrade before the fork. I am staking atm but what is the likely fallout from me not upgrading before the deadline?
  3. Mine just took over a day. I thought it was a wallet crash so am restarting to see how it goes. Its all fine now I redownloaded the blocks.
  4. Half your luck @Erelas I have been waiting 3 days to be approved...
  5. Is it possible to get an invite to the Gridcoin slack? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. All is good again now. Not sure what the problem was.
  7. Diagnostics: Unable to Connect to cpid.gridcoin.us I have not received any GRC since march and although up-to-date (win10, 64bit) it appears to be staking OK. I am in NN. Diagnostics says unable to connect to cpid.gridcoin.us, no cpid rac, clock off by 24981058 minutes (it isn't). It also says outbound TCP 32749 fail - although I have opened it). Any hints? I am a bit out-of-date but have not seen any obvious fixes in the threads.
  8. Some visualisations of GridCoin data and projects can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/pw24u2q (tabs across the top to see different worksheets) . It is still a bit rough. But this might help new researchers identify appropriate projects based on Traderman's helpful advice above. Of course the first priority should be your favourite science :-) Please let me know if you see any problems with the data or viz's. I will update the data and viz more or less regularly depending on interest. Feel free to encourage development by flicking a few GRC my way :-) GRC address: RzZkzEEVfTq3avoEMkNQUibi5rVxjw9G3L
  9. Jes but nothing happend... see https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/44269-not-registering-cpid-so-investor-only/ In this situation, I found replacing conf file helped. It worked after replacing it.
  10. Since upgrading to or shortly after this when I upgraded to the new BOINC, I am listed as an Investor with no magnitude or CPID. Everything looks OK in my .conf file as far as I can tell. This is the first time I have had this trouble since joining in November 2015. My wallet is on windows 10 64 bit. I have other hosts with BOINC managed managed by BAM. My CPID starts with 55d5b..... i'd be grateful for any guidance on this. Cheers.
  11. We are working on fixing the pool backend. You are very welcome to start solo mining as the newbie boost is unexpectedly active right now. I did not have the time to write a guide for solo mining yet (because fixing the pool is obviously the priority), but in general its easy. You just remove BAM usage and all projects from your machines and then use your own CPID. I can recommend using BAM for an own CPID, especially if you have more than 1 host. Here is a guide: http://grcnation.com/en/bam-boinc-account-manager/ Quez Thanks Quez. Helpful as always! cheers
  12. I cheated and bought some GRC. But am getting about 30 a day per host now. cheers
  13. This Pool has been a blast. Thanks to you all for establishing and maintaining. Now I have a 5k+ GRC balance I thought I might revert to solo mining. In the intro post it says: "I want to start solo mining but I am member of a pool. What can I do? We will provide a guide for you to setup everything for solo mining, so you can go back to your old CPID, just with more starting GRC." Have I missed something or is it not available yet? Also, any thoughts on whether it is wise to bail out yet - or is it better to wait a bit longer in the pool? Cheers
  14. Hey Saracenis; 30 per day. I wish :-). I get 1 on a good day, 0.001 from a host on a bad day. I too kinda follow the guide, and my hardware is nothing shabby but nothing special. I have finally been able to trade some bitcoin for GRC so might stake solo soon I hope. I have one host dedicated for that until I see some action (mag 55, 27 days estimated...) then I will jump from the pool.

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