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  1. Just another question: Maybe there is already a ready-made repository which i can use ? I've found this one here, but i don't know if I can use it for my raspi / banana... There is no need for a hurry, because i have a running and staking wallet on a W7 machine :-) thx a lot @ all
  2. THIS is very nice Katiee! TY. I'm missing a TY Button :-)
  3. Thanks, i will follow this Tread. Is is anywhere announce in the Wallet, that there would be an Update-Thread ? Maybe my proposal would be a nice thing to have for the future developments and the Wishlist :-D
  4. Hi all, I'm missing an update notify function from the Wallet that informas the User that an Update is available for the Wallet. I've not found a general Information which is the actual Wallet Version. Is it maybe possible to insert a poll in the Wallet Software, that polls the Update Server and informs the User that an Update is available ? I think it's very difficult for me to get track of the versions, because there is no official Information which one is the actual Version, e.g. not on the offical Homepage. thanks Yours Atratus
  5. I have not yet begun. I will just prepare my work and do the searching that it will be success :-)
  6. I've seen that you have used Ubuntu and not RasPi (etc.) Maybe someone else can help ?
  7. Hi all, I just want to know if there is already a How-To for installing the Wallet on a Headless machine. I have here a Banana Pi and several different Linux Machines and I will get a RPi .-D So my headless' Machines will use less Power than the others. So I want to move my Windows Wallet to a headless Raspberry Pi (2 Model Any suggestions ? And no, the Guide on Gridcoin.us can NOT help me Yours Atratus

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