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  1. I started up the BTC2 client for the first time about 15 minutes ago ( i've included the current seednode in my .conf), but I haven't had any active connections. I am stuck out of sync.
  2. Seems like a reasonable approach. I honestly thought HBN was dead until I randomly looked at its activity today on coinmarketcap. Glad to see activity is coming back!
  3. I thought this was exciting: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/20648/android-pay-unveiled-google-io-make-mobile-payments-ubiquitous/
  4. It has been awhile since I posted anything here. I think last time I did, I was still mining. Nowa' days I just flip my wallet on every few weeks to get some steaking goodness I still have quite a bit of faith in HBN and hope it continues to grow!
  5. Wow. The OpenSSL fix, numerous staking improvements, UI improvements... I've been looking forward to all of these new features and am very happy with how things have turned out. Great job!
  6. I don't like making excuses, but I'm going to anyway. I really want to test, but I barely have a sliver of free time right now. If that changes, I'll put v1.3 on a separate rig and see how it behaves.
  7. While I was doing some reading on LevelDB (a little later than I should have, I realize), I noticed this LevelDB bug in Bitcoin that affects Mac OS (this bug was fixed for Bitcoin in early December, but I wanted to make sure everyone here was aware of it): Basic issue in a nutshell: http://hackingdistributed.com/2013/11/27/bitcoin-leveldb/ Bitcointalk.org thread for the bug ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=337294.0
  8. It would be nice to plug the information into a wiki. I began a wiki site last week, but I'm not sure when I'll have it up and running (and I'm wondering if the current host site and software are going to be too cumbersome and time consuming to use). presstab: If you are able to incorporate a wiki package on your site, I'll be more than happy to start collecting and organizing HBN knowledge there instead of on a separate site. If you are able to do it, please pick a wiki software that has a very simple and "organic" feel. What I mean specifically is a wiki that allows you to add links to new pages that haven't been created yet by adding some specific markup (e.g., "[[my new wiki page]]") and then lets you click on that link to create your new page. It doesn't have to do anything fancy, but basic wysiwyg editing would be nice.
  9. I just upgraded to and everything seems to be functioning. I finally have a splash screen! FYI for clients at 1.2.2 wanting to upgrade to (this scenario is not the same as upgrading from earlier versions of the client. Look at the main HBN thread for details): - No changes appear to be necessary in the appdata folder prior to upgrade. I left all database/blockchain files in place, unzipped all of the new files into my program folder and started the client with no problems. As always, perform a wallet backup first.
  10. I'm sorry if this is becoming tedious (I will be cleaning this up into a nice to read thread we can pin, don't forget ), but the initial question here wasn't answered. I have no visual indications that my wallet is performing PoS minting and I'd like to know if any are supposed to exist in the current build ( or of the wallet. Using an unlocked wallet with coins I'm 99% sure have >10 days coin age, should I see anything? Here's what I find when calling getmininginfo: { "blocks" : 427110, "currentblocksize" : 1230, "currentblocktx" : 1, "difficulty" : 0.39363670, "errors" : "", "netmhashps" : 52.83302382, "netstakeweight" : 27962, "generate" : false, "genproclimit" : -1, "hashespersec" : 0, "stakeweight" : 0, "stakeinterest" : 0, "pooledtx" : 1, "testnet" : false } For example, should I see a stakeweight > 0?
  11. Thank you Tranz for providing clarity on these issues. I am going to compile all of this information into a single thread once everything is clear and then it would be nice to pin the topic for everyone's benefit. I have a few more questions: So payouts from a block reset coin age for everything in that block because all coins are moved during the transaction, is that correct? If so, how does our wallet decide which coins to use for payment when sending coins? If I have a wallet address that contains 2 blocks of coins at different coin ages (block 1 has 1000 coins that are > 30 days old and block 2 has 20 coins that are 3 days old), will the wallet pick the "youngest" coins for a 10 coin payment so as to avoid resetting coin age on the "oldest" coins?
  12. I would like some clarity around Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as it relates to the Hobonickels wallet. Here is what I know and what I am unsure of. Let me know what I'm missing: Here are the (mostly) easy bits: PoS can only occur on coins that have sat in the same wallet *address* for 10 days or more (this is not the same as shifting amounts within the same wallet). HBN Wallet must be open/running If you are on v1.2.2.0 or earlier of the wallet, you must unlock the wallet manually to enable PoS minting (goto Debug Window > Console > enter "walletpassphrase [password] [timeout to keep wallet open]" (e.g., walletpassphrase mypassword 999999) If you are on v. or higher version of the wallet, you do not need to manually unlock the wallet since PoS minting is performing the unlock under the covers while keeping the wallet locked for user-initiated transactions On startup of the HBN Wallet, worker threads (for the layman, this means processing that is occurring behind the scenes on your computer) are started to perform PoS minting. One thread per coin "chunk" (where "chunk" refers to coins send via a single transaction)? Each "chunk" of coins that has a coin age of 10 days or more will automatically be part of the PoS minting process while the wallet is open (and manually unlocked for v1.2.2.0 or earlier). Chunks as small as 5 HBN can take part in PoS Here are the more hazy bits: How often do PoS blocks get created globally? Is there a set timeframe (like 1 out of every 100 blocks will be a PoS block) or am I way off in my understanding? I understand that PoS minting is proportional to the total number of HBN in the PoS "chunk" relative to the total amount of mined HBN Does this mean you have a chance at getting PoS proportional to total minted HBN globally? (e.g., a chunk of 100 HBN with global mined HBN at 2000000 would give you a 0.005% chance at generating a PoS block) Or... does it mean that every PoS block is split globally among all wallets that are performing PoS minting (e.g., based on the same 100/2000000 scenario above, you would receive 0.005% of the PoS block)? Last question: Is there any indicators prior to receiving PoS coins in your wallet that you are performing PoS correctly? I have coins that are older than 10 days but running my wallet overnight using v1.2.2.0 windows client with wallet unlocked did not cause me to receive any PoS coins (the staked amount on overview screen is still sitting at zero).
  13. Has anyone begun using the Windows client yet (other than Tranz)? If so, please post your experience with it. I am still on On a related note, Tranz, I think your post regarding fixes for was lost in the db restore a couple days ago (or I am showing my inept searching abilities).
  14. I'm still planning on contributing, but with all of the holiday craziness going on (as well as other personal crap) I won't be able to start anything until January. I will probably direct my efforts on the web dev and promotional stuff. Regarding promotion, the quickest bang for our buck would be getting a hobo nickels page on Facebook and put a "Like" widget on the http://hobonickels.info page. Any thoughts on the Facebook page name? It looks like "HoboNickels" isn't used yet, but I'm wondering if something tied to the fact that it is a crypto currency would be better (e.g., "HBN HoboNickels" or "Crypto HoboNickels").
  15. I've jumped on this new pool. It is working well for me so far

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