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  1. Howdy All; Since upgrading to the latest wallet,; My outgoing wallet traffic is much higher than incoming, and much much higher than it used to be. I wonder if that is normal? I am running the wallet 24/7, and the 30 min chart pasted below shows 5GB out and 2GB in. I am on 1Gb/50Mb Internet, but that still does not look right to me. But even if the count is the total instead of 30 min, those numbers still look gigantic to me. Regards, Albin.
  2. Repairwallet solved missing coins,; 21:07:48  { "mismatched spent coins" : 12, "amount affected by repair" : 11188.31485149 } ... just wondering what "mismatched spent coins" means. Thank you Quez, Albin.
  3. Cannot backup wallet and missing/stolen(?!?) gridcoins. ... I am on the latest update, and when trying to backup the wallet I get the following message: This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Clicking on OK terminates the wallet. This is with Windows 7 64-bit. Running 24/7 mining with BOINC. Windows was not updated for a while, updates are off. Today, I came in and the computer was off. Restarted and only have 500 grindcoins in the wallet. There used to be 1000 more. I usually unlock the wallet for staking. If the computer crashed while staking 1000 grindocins,. Are those gone or they will come back? The wallet is telling me I am not staking anything now. I wonder if I am missing something or the same happened to others. I do not care much about missing gridcoins. But if this is a bug then it needs fixing if gridcoin is to survive. My cpid is d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b if it is of any help. Thank you all in advance for words of wisdom, Albin.
  4. >Looks like you are owed ~460 and your last payment was on November 14th. >http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/index.php?cpid_dashboard&CPID=d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b >What version of the wallet are you running? Thank you for the link, very nice ... I have updated wallet today, the latest version v3.5.4.4-g-research. Yes, the last payment was 14/11. I take it everything is OK, just payments are less often now. Regards, Albin.
  5. ... is RSA payment working now? Just wondering ...newbie here. I used to get small payments every week. I have no payment for 2 weeks now. Wallet running 24/7, updated weekly. Open for staking, but nothing is at stake. 3331 coins in the wallet. This is for 50+ office-computer installations. Using idle resources for WCG CPU computations. See below for details. Thank you for clarification, Albin. "Command" : "cpids" }, { "Project" : "world community grid", "CPID" : "d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b", "RAC" : 1976.00000000, "Team" : "gridcoin", "CPID Link" : "http://boinc.netsoft-online.com/get_user.php?cpid=d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b", "Debug Info" : "" }, { "PoolMining" : false "RSA Report" : "1449073708" }, { "CPID" : "d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b", "PoolMining" : false, "RSA Weight" : 115.00000000, "RSA block count" : 0.00000000, "Last Payment Time" : "1-1-1970 00:00:00", "Earliest Payment Time" : "10-09-2015 20:41:20", "Magnitude" : 115.00000000, "Research Payments (14 days)" : 0.00000000, "Interest Payments (14 days)" : 0.00000000, "Daily Paid" : 0.00000000, "Expected Earnings (14 days)" : 362.25000000, "Expected Earnings (Daily)" : 25.87500000, "Fulfillment %" : 0.00000000, "CPID Lifetime Interest Paid" : 5.44000000, "CPID Lifetime Research Paid" : 1805.05000000, "CPID Lifetime Avg Magnitude" : 87.65167737, "CPID Lifetime Payments Per Day" : 33.52967735, "Last Blockhash Paid" : "feb080ebe753a1bc26ece1257cf210b26fa4ca54cf8955fb627983e8618a8e8a", "Last Block Paid" : 385087.00000000, "Tx Count" : 14.00000000 }, { "Magnitude Unit (GRC payment per Magnitude per day)" : 0.22500000 } ]
  6. ... for what it is worth: MSI 37.2 yesterday was OK. An update to MSI 37.3 today has put me to the Investor mode (back, again). The new thing is that my CPID is corrupted (?!?), as seen below. This is on Windows 7 64-bit. { "Command" : "resetcpids" }, { "Reset" : 1 } { "Command" : "cpids" }, { "Project" : "world community grid", "CPID" : "d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b", "RAC" : 1976.00000000, "Team" : "gridcoin", "CPID Link" : "http://boinc.netsoft-online.com/get_user.php?cpid=d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b", "Debug Info" : "CPID corrupted (ext cpid) " } { "Command" : "advertisebeacon" }, { "CPID" : "INVESTOR", "Beacon" : "INVESTORS_CANNOT_SEND_BEACONS" }
  7. The same problem here; Following an update to v3.5.2.9-g-research today; I have lost my CPID in the wallet overview, turned into Investor. Although my CPID is possibly OK under debug console. But list rsa command under debug console gives a very long list of nonsense. The wallet is unlocked for everything, with 3000 coins. The wallet overview also says all BOINC projects are exhausted and Magnitude 0. I have run some commands, below, without much luck. What is the next step, wait for another update? Thank you in advance for clarification, Albin. "Command" : "resetcpids" }, { "Reset" : 1 } "Command" : "cpids" }, { "Project" : "world community grid", "CPID" : "d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b", "RAC" : 1976.00000000, "Team" : "gridcoin", "CPID Link" : http://boinc.netsoft-online.com/get_user.php?cpid=d942b39f29225b34a89964d8eb807f5b } { "Command" : "advertisebeacon" }, { "CPID" : "INVESTOR", "Beacon" : "INVESTORS_CANNOT_SEND_BEACONS" }
  8. Wow! ... how is that even possible that becomes a fork after less than a month of running 24/7 without updates. The latest update to was saying it was a "leisure update" ... What is the consensus regarding frequency of updates, then. Every week? Thank you in advance for clarification, Albin.
  9. Thank you, Quez, ... actually, the wallet is ON 24/7, just not updated often. Updated to the latest version (as administrator). Downloaded blocks (as administrator). Now the wallet is in sync but 1000 coins are missing. 2246 coins now instead of 3224 before. All the incoming coins from last two weeks are missing from the transaction log. Have run "repairwallet" as suggested in another thread. Get: { "mismatched spent coins" : 2, "amount affected by repair" : 266.29843372 } ... somebody spent my coins ?!? ... even more puzzled, Albin.
  10. Howdy All; ... all of a sudden, all my coins are on Stake now, is that normal? Balance: 0 Stake: 3224 Unconfirmed: 0 Total: 3224 Number of transactions; 0 Gridcoin Puzzled, Albin.

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