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  1. Those would only work for bitcoin utopia. If that's the project you were interested in than that's fine. Most truly dedicated boinc builds I've seen use one or more server CPUs and / or GPU array. It really depends on your goals and what projects your looking to support. I am currently running 4 Bitmain U2's on bitcoin utopia, my 4690k on World Community Grid, and my GTX780 on Seti for example.
  2. The email said, up to five days for first payment and after that a payment every 1-2 days. I assume though that these are all guesstimates since it is in beta. I will update as days go by.
  3. Ok I was asked on reddit to do a walkthrough of the process. I don't have any video skills so I figured this would suffice. This is meant for those who are brand new to this whole crazy thing and need a little help. I'm not trying to patronize anyone. I just want as many people to be happy with their setup experience as possible. As of right now the pool is in closed beta meaning you can just jump in. I had to email the admin and wait to be sent a "weak key" to sign in to the BAM profile. WARNING!!! Joining the pool will result in any work you've done before joining the pool to not be credited to you. You have been warned. I'm not going to cover BOINC / BAM setup or Wallet setup as there are plenty of threads about that. prior to this you should have installed: -BOINC manager -GRC wallet -BOINCstatsBAM The email was very well worded and easy to follow but lets walk through it together. Step one. Remove all your projects in BOINC Manager. Projects tab> select a project> click remove on left sidebar menu. Repeat until the screen in blank with no projects showing. Step two. Sync to BAM Tools menu > Synchronize with BOINCstatsBAM copy and paste "weak key" into upper username field leave lower password field blank Step three Pick the project(s) you want to work on This largely depends on your hardware and your preferences. But again, this topic had been covered elsewhere, They will all start automatically so you have to manually Suspend the ones you don't want to work on. Good luck and happy crunching. Mark
  4. <a href="http://imgur.com/C4bnUfM"><imgsrc="http://i.imgur.com/C4bnUfM.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> ASRock Z97 Pro 4 MB Intel i5 4690K @ 4.2Ghz EVGA GTX 780 Superclock ACX 16Gb G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 2400 240Gb Kingston SSDNow SSD 1Tb WD Black 1Tb HDD old school cool ULTRA X- Blaster case Enermax T-40 Twister Black CPU cooler IMO It's the Porsche 911 of PC's IMO there are faster and, there are more expensive, but dollar for dollar I think I'd be hard pressed to beat it.
  5. Just joined the forums and only have about 100 GRC in my wallet. Everyone has been super helpful with my switch to GRC. Thanks in advance. Rz8c26ZPXLAvgcR2Rkj3xNpDhX99YRzGj9

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