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  1. Thank you for pool.GridCoin.co !

  2. Are you sure your BOINC client is setup correctly for the pool? Do those projects show "pool.gridcoin.co" under the "Account" column? Like this: If not, you need to make sure to remove all projects before syncing with the pool. The pool will automatically add projects with the correct info. Hey. Thanks for replying. The problem is not with adding [email protected] and crunching, but with the points not showing up at my account. I can see some completed work in https://einsteinathome.org/fi/host/12225736/tasks, but seems like there are some errors. Essentially I'm doing work which I'm not getting rewarded for. I've tried removing the project, readding, signing out of the grid account in boinc, which are not helping. Guess the errors are between you and [email protected] Even though this site/code is still 'experimental' http://gridcoinstats.eu/cpid.php?a=view&id=62eff1b34004a91cf0e8de26a0cb2074 seems to indicate that indeed there are rewards waiting for pool.gridcoin.co at [email protected] that need to be picked up. Guess Katiee will have to look into it when she has time That is not the pool's CPID, so.. I'm not to sure where that is coming from..
  3. CMS, LHCb and Theory are not added as default so poolowner would need to add those. I'll be looking into the settings for these and each of the current projects soon when I get some time, hopefully by next week. If someone wants to list each project that needs updated and what the settings should be changed to, into one organized post here, that would be very helpful! ♥ It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to allow each pool user to set their own project settings, the pool has one account on each project, so changing those settings would affect EVERYONE on the pool, there is NO way around this sadly. It is completely out of my control. The only thing I can allow a user to control are the settings that are already currently available on your profile page, CPU/GPU/etc. Those are all client side options that the BOINC WebRPC can control. I guess it could be possible that the BOINC WebRPC has changed since the start of the pool, so I will look into if it is possible to set tasks client side now.. but I seriously doubt this has been changed. World Community Grid isn't on the pool for a reason, they have a completely custom BOINC server build that didn't allow certain features that are absolutely required to function on the pool. I can't remember these off the top of my head.. there should be a post somewhere in this thread that went into detail about it, but I promise you at the time it just was not possible. I had originally thought I would be able to code workarounds specifically for just WCG to fix some of those issues, but I remember in the end running into huge roadblocks that prevented that. However, I will look into this at some point to see if anything has changed. As for the whitelist, I am aware the pool has projects that are no longer on the whitelist, and are missing new projects that were added since the pool started. Adding/removing projects from the pool as they are from the whitelist is a much bigger task to do automatically then I had thought when I originally started coding the pool, I had planned to get that working at some point, but never had the time to finish it. And doing it manually meant keeping up with the Gridcoin whitelist myself, which I had been doing in the beginning but no longer really have the time to do so. I can't make any promises on this front, but it is at the top of my list to fix, whenever I can actually sit down to work on the pool code more. I am really sorry for the slow development on the pool, but I never expected it to become this big, or to be the only one out there. Hopefully at the start of next year, after all the holidays have passed, I will finally have some time to sit down and start working on it again some. Trust me, I wish I could work full-time on the pool and Gridcoin services in general, but currently that is just not a viable option for me.. maybe someday that will change, but until then my real life job and well-being has to take priority. I really hope you all can understand. In better news though, the new payment changes I made a couple weeks ago seem to have done the trick in fixing the issues it was having. Which means I can finally once again set the script to run automatically at a set time. Right now I am thinking of doing it every, Wednesday and Saturday night at Midnight EST, for the time being. Once I see how that goes and update the payment page to display the transactions better, I will try every day, Midnight EST. ♥ Katiee
  4. You cannot use your own BOINC accounts on the pool. Everyone on the pool shares one account, the pool's account, created by me. Therefore the BOINC work done on said account is greater then any one single person in the pool would be able to do on their own; so the pool's CPID gets paid faster, thus allowing the pool to pay EVERYONE faster. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the pool to pay you for work done on your own accounts. "Pool" simply means: "to combine (as resources) in a common pool or effort" "an aggregate stake to which each player of a game has contributed" "an aggregation of the interests or property of different persons made to further a joint undertaking by subjecting them to the same control and a common liability" So in this case, pool users combine their resources (computing power) onto a single BOINC account, causing a greater and faster staking of Gridcoin on one single CPID, which is then shared between everyone based on each individual's host under the pool's account via the percentage of work done compared to all other pool users. This is just NOT possible to do if everyone used their own account. You own your own account/CPID, only YOU can get paid for it, I would have no control over your account at all, and in any case Gridcoin does not support any way to use multiple accounts on the same wallet.
  5. http://pool.gridcoin.co/faq/#how_does_the_pool_work
  6. Sorry everyone, my real life has been VERY busy and pretty chaotic, I didn't get to work on the pool as much as I was planning to. There was a bug with my payment script that cropped up after I moved the wallet node to my new linux server, I tried fixing it sooner but I just didn't have the time to really sit down and figure it out until now. It should all be fixed now though and payments should be going out much more frequently again. I am really hoping to be able to start work on the pool again after the new year, but for now I will still be quite busy with real life stuff, sorry about that. As always, payments can be seen here: http://pool.gridcoin.co/payments/ Tonight's was: http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/?transaction_detail&txid=5599e30e70fb11e1db23047be8d14f378ed1c27c919ac7e57a8dd9dbb100583a Thank you for sticking with me. ♥ Katiee
  7. So I've just recently moved the pool's wallet over to a new linux node, finally got everything working.. but now it seems I've ran into quite a big issue.. It seems I was never given a private beacon key.. it does not exist in the conf file of the old server.. and it hasn't staked a block since 2016-09-23 12:22:40 (http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/?9655d45d3af51d2f904a5a22b48ba7db472f7a13adf79a1c61a93cc29769934d) which I believe is around the time this update was pushed to prod and I updated the wallet. Also not long before the last beacon was sent out (see below) Wallet's debug log is getting spammed with: I've ran these two commands: Version: Installed on: I really need this issue fixed ASAP, I've been working on getting the pool switched over to a faster more stable node so I can push payments on a more daily basis and start working on the next version of the pool.. but considering it's not even going to stake blocks now, the pool is currently dead in the water.. I'm out of ideas here.. is the private key lost forever?
  8. That was always a planned feature. Right now I'm doing some backend work on the wallet server and payment system, after that I'll be looking into changing a lot of the frontend web stuff, so that will be on the list for sure. No promises on when that will come though. But I am alive again and I'll be making some announcements in the coming weeks.
  9. I've made the change in the project's settings. Please let me know if this fixes it or not. Thank you for linking that thread.
  10. I'll make sure to document the issues next time I look over my code and stuff. Yea and you can see the issue I opened about that exact same thing 9 months ago.. https://github.com/BOINC/boinc/issues/1470 What has been done in 9 months over such a simple fix as adding a proper XML parser is.. I mean if they can't do that then what hope do we have that they are going to do ANYTHING? I pointed that out ages ago as well and I'm sure I had even made a post in my pool thread about that at some point. I make sure to take those weak hashes and add another layer on top of them. MANY projects do not do that. The official BOINC project server code still uses that weak password hashing.. It hasn't been updated in years. Even BAM! still uses the weak hashes. If anyone uses BAM!, all your project's passwords are basically being stored in plaintext.. I've warned about this over and over back when I was active. I mean after how all my issues were treated.. I just gave up.. https://github.com/BOINC/boinc/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue%20author%3AKati3e%20
  11. I don't make money from my pool. I'm not entirely sure if I'm breaking even, to be honest. But I never really intended to get rich off my pool. I considered it an investment into the coin and it was a fun coding project for me that I never really figured would take off as much as it did.. That being said.. it did and I do have a responsibility to take care of it, which I haven't been doing for a long while now, for that I am sorry. I would like to continue work on my pool again, however I can't make any promises. However, I do plan to upgrade my wallet's server soon to take care of the infrequent payments that have been happening. With that I will look into making the entire pool more stable. And fix any issues I can. I fear I will have to start over and I still have the same concerns I did all those months ago.. BOINC doesn't handle the type of pool integration we really need. My pool is NOT based on Dazzler, it was written from the ground up, completely. Dazzler shows how to use the BOINC webrpc, sure, but a pool needs A LOT more then just the simple BOINC webrpc features. When developing my pool I spent weeks hacking together what I could from the BOINC webrpc. Many workarounds are needed to get past the limiting factors of the BOINC webrpc. And even tho my pool "works", there are still a lot of issues with it that are just simply not possible to fix.. So.. with all that being said.. I'll say this.. I am sorry for not being around for a long while now and I'm sorry for the state of my pool and never open sourcing it. There are good reasons I haven't done so, I promise you that. Security is a big reason.. but there are others as well.. I was never happy with the how limiting BOINC was and the workarounds I had to do are pretty ridiculous.. to be honest I'm surprised it's held up as long as it has. Give me some time to readjust to things and I'll see what I can do. My first priority is getting the wallet stable and getting those payments out on a MUCH more frequent basis. Then I will look into my code and decide if I can continue working on it, start over completely from the ground up or start an open source effort to figure out if there are better ways to get around BOINC's limits. Has there been any news/updates from the BOINC devs about Gridcoin at all? Any REAL communication with them since I've been gone? Gridcoin has been around a long time and I'm still surprised BOINC has not really even acknowledged us.. I fear a "proper" implementation of a pool may just not be possible without that..
  12. Been working on some server backend stuff, payments should be happening more frequently now. I just executed one.
  13. Gridcoin Finance is supported on the pool. You can check this by trying to attach projects on your profile. All projects in that list will work. In regards to your problems, have you made sure to remove all projects from your BOINC client before re-syncing with the pool? All projects you have attached to your host on your profile page will automatically be added to the BOINC client whenever you sync to it, assuming those projects DO NOT already exist in your client. You do not manually select projects from any other place besides there. If that still doesn't work, or if your host PC is not showing up on your profile page, then please open the "Event Log" in BOINC and post the output from the pool sync. This is all found on the step-by-step guide on the front page of the pool's website.
  14. Why are you using BAM? Where does it say on the pool to use BAM? BAM has NOTHING to do with the pool at all. Please follow the guide on the pool's front-page very carefully.. Maybe you should check out the FAQ too, to better understand how the pool works.

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